Big BB Discussion(All Companies)

Mar 24, 2017

    1. How comfortable are you with hot glue sueding, @pixidance ? It should help if you add some sueding to all leg joints but even just where the hip and leg join would help her sit and hold her leg up.
    2. I think when you purchase from a dealer you have to assume the doll may have been on display. I'm sorry to hear about the strange stringing!
    3. It's not something I"ve tried yet. I'll have to look into it, but she's so floppy, I'm not sure if that'll help. She just collapses into a heap when I let go of her.

      On display seems reasonable, for sure. I guess I just didn't expect her to have the velcro. I've ordered an in stock doll from Doll Peddler before and was very happy with it. Since this experience is different, I just have to adjust expectations lol
    4. @pixidance
      It helped me with my LeekeWorld Florence who wouldn't even stand on her own. I sueded all her joints and I definitely noticed the difference when the hip & leg joint was done. It really adds resistance so it doesn't wiggle out of place too easily.
    5. That's great! I'm trying shortening her string, but that doesn't seem to be working well, so I'll give that a go next :D
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    6. Good luck!
    7. So, the Comibaby doll I ordered on Nov 20 arrived today! I can not believe how fast she arrived! Here are a few shots with her compared to my Xagadoll MI Milk, and the Paprika Puff. The light has been garbage recently. Hopefully I can find some time to get some nicer shots. All 3 have company faceups and eyes.

      [​IMG]Comibaby Sleepy Lulu by pixidance, on Flickr
      Here is the Lulu sleepy head

      [​IMG]Big Baby Comparison Sitting by pixidance, on Flickr
      and a sitting comparison

      [​IMG]Big Baby Comparison Standing by pixidance, on Flickr
      and a standing one.

      Lulu is Normal Skin, Milk is white skin, and Paprika is normal skin.
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    8. Sleepy Lulu! I'll be ordering her sometime this month and you're making it harder for me to wait, @pixidance . All three of your girls are adorable. ❤️
    9. Ordered some dresses and they arrived a day ago. very cute, I think I will sew an underskirt so it has more poof.

      [​IMG]20191231_105246 by Kaxen6, on Flickr
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    10. @zekarmisama , she is so cute! I love seeing people get creative with hybrids :D

      I wanted to share my MianMian I received today, I hope she is ok here even though she is anthro.
      (Sorry for the poor image quality, my camera battery died so i had to use my phone)
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    11. Thanks @Cydril ! I was worried the head wouldn't work but I am also like finally I have a ninodoll Bada. I have considered this head so many times over the years, I think it was meant to be.

      Waiting on mohair from Russia to make a new wig for Galaxy. I was tempted by the cheap price (it was like $6 for 1/3 oz) but the slow shipping is like aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh It was trapped in Russia's outbound post office for like over 10 days. =_=

      I got over my fears of dyeing and figured out how not to have a matted mess, and really want to make a gradient wig in rainbow or at least like a 3-color blend to fit Galaxy's name.
    12. I've ordered a 5SD SUPER Kid Tony today from DDE. The dang wig size wasn't listed but I'm assuming it'll be 7-8?
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    13. Most BB's need an 8-9.

      Edit: I found an ebay listing that lists his head circumference as 23.8 which is 9.38 inches.
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    14. Thanks!!!
    15. I like Chicabi enfants but I wonder if I could make a hybrid using a cheaper BB body. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    16. Does anyone have any pictures of Gem of Doll Mococo with the company face up? I'm thinking of ordering her.
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    17. Edit:
      Ok it seems all images from my Flickr and Imgur are broken. :?
      I have posted a WIP of Koi on my IG.
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    18. Koi is looking pretty nice ^__^ I can't wait to see her all finished.

      I'm so being drawn in by these big babies. I kind of want to shell one of my boy characters but I'm not sure whether I want him in YOSD or BB size. I'm leaning towards BB size but not sure if I can haul them around in a purse/bag/backpack like I can with my YOSD. His age is around 7 so normal MSD don't make the cut.

      Can anyone perhaps share their experiences with BB companies? Bonus points if they have a reliable dealer in Europe.

      To sum it up I am looking for a sturdy poser that is available in a mild tan (not too red/orange) and has a sculpt that is a little brooding/absent/pensive. I know face-ups do a lot here but obvious smilers are a no-go. Compatibility with well-known sizes would be so awesome seeing I can't sew to save my life (yet). Working on that, haha~

      Do you advise against getting a BB if I want to drag them around everywhere? What's your experience with going out with them?
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    19. I brought my BB to a convention and he was easy to carry around for me. I weighed him and my MYou BB pear boy weighs about 2 pounds while dressed up. My 1/4 Dollzone boy weighed 1 pound 10 oz, but I find the BB size easier to carry. Teen proportioned 1/4 dolls have proportionally longer legs, I sometimes bang them into things... BB is like the right size to have in the hook of my arm without too much dangling legs.