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Big BB Discussion(All Companies)

Mar 24, 2017

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    1. Thanks for creating this thread. <3 It'll be nice to have a place for all of us BB enthusiasts to chat together. <3

      Gonna take the honors of being the first photo spammer, I suppose :P

      This is my Anabelle, a Luts BDF Rose. <3


      I also have some other BB projects in the pipeline. :) While I didn't really bond with my BDF Gabriel, I have found a head that will perfectly suit her body, and I hope to have it here in a few months. I'm also expecting a Rosen Lied girl! Wee! :D

      What BBs are others expecting, I wonder? I know that those MYOU girls are especially popular, and for good reason! They're so cute. :o
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    2. Thanks for joining @wherethelilacsbloom. I am excited about this new size as I think it's super cute! Glad more companies are joining in but I have to say that Myou and Rosen lied are my fave so far. I'm also watching Luts. Kinda hoping zoom will jump in xD

      I'm getting a Bambi that's on layaway right now, the doll that got me into this size. His name is Bijoux. I know they're typically styled as girls but I wanted mine to be a boy as most of them are gender neutral.

      I always love seeing Annabelle @wherethelilacsbloom

      OH and BTW Rosenlied currently has an SNS event where the winner will receive a free Holidays Child Bambi! Here are the details!~

      Rosen Lied
      #3 AnnoDomini, Mar 25, 2017
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    3. Thanks for creating this thread! I am really enjoying this size range!
    4. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thanks for coming by! It is a really cute size! Any favorites so far as far as companies and sculpts?
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    5. Oh im glad this thread is here. Itll be cool to see all the big babies next to eachother.

      @wherethelilacsbloom , I always love seeing your girls. They are so fancy :D

      My Aimerai girl got a new outfit! From MoriTime on Etsy. She has quite a few big BB clothing options.
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    6. I have a Myou Loretta, a Xaga Micoco and a Spiritdoll Basil. I guess Rosenlied Tuesday's Child should also be included in the list. And Dollmore's Illua size fits in well! I don't know if I have a favorite yet. I hope to get then all out and do a comparison shot sometime soon. Here is Loretta!
      #8 nancy_schroeder_ca, Mar 26, 2017
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    7. @AnnoDomini this was a great idea! I've been wanting a general thread where we can share finds that might be good for a variety of dolls in this size!

      @wherethelilacsbloom Love your lovely Anabelle! You get great poses out of her! I can never figure out what to do for poses!!

      I love your chart! Would you like a few of the measurements filled in? I have Disney Animator dolls, MYou Original BB, and Luts BD. Tell me where on the leg to measure, and I can get you the MYou missing measurement, same with the Disney Animators.

      @Cydril I haven't seen an Aimerai owner pic! She is beautiful, and I love the dress by MoriTime! I peruse Etsy regularly for new 'Disney Animator' or 'Holiday's Child' stuff! Mori is on my favorites list too ;)

      @nancy_schroeder_ca I would love to see your dolls in a comparison shot! You have some that aren't as talked about, so I am interested in seeing them.

      This is by far my favorite size doll! I prefer childlike styling, rather than the teen/adult style dolls. My Customhouse Petites always had my heart, until now. I came back from a 10 year hiatus to find a perfect size and style to sew for, and play with ;)
      I have a MYou Sally named Ellowyn, and her 'little' sister, a MYou Matcha is on the way. Matcha is going to be on the original BB body, rather than the pear-shaped one. I also have a Luts Baby Delf Gabriel, named Corinthia.
      Since Petite Ai Gabriel is my favorite mold ever, it was natural to get her in the BD size. I do wish Luts would make them on a sleeker styled body, without the big ball-joints, but it isn't as bad in person as I thought.
      This size is incredibly fun to sew for, and I am trying many different children's styles.
      Here is Ellowyn and Corinthia:
      [​IMG]Ellowyn (MYou BB Sally) and Corinthia (Luts BD Gabriel) by Mollie Bradford, on Flickr

      I have a few comparison pics on my flikr account, which is linked to the pic.
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    8. Oh, I love all of these BB photos! :D How lovely. <3

      Thank you for the kind words, @Cydril . :) Your Aimerai girl is SUPER adorable, too :o You don't see very many of those, but I have no idea why.. Their sculpts are so cute, and their default face ups are absolutely divine as well. I'm oogling their fullset girls right now.. <3 And I love that outfit! I've seen it on Taobao and was previously unsure of it, but it looks so nice on your girl.. Hopefully it will still be available to order next time I start a new Taobao order. :)

      @AnnoDomini - I'm so glad you made this thread after we talked about it. :) It's so nice to get some of the BB fans together in one place so that we can share body comparisons, Taobao finds, etc. And I'm so excited for your Bambi! <3 Have you found some clothes for him yet? Even though my collection is overwhelmingly girls, I do think you have the right of it, with the Bambi sculpt. As cute as she may be as a girl, she's EVEN cuter as a boy. I had a look on Flickr, and I am so completely converted. Hehe.

      @nancy_schroeder_ca - I LOVE Micoco, and she is the Xaga 1/4 BB that I want most. <3 For now, I just ordered her outfit, as I have an Asleep Eidolon BB Cordelia on the way, which shares the same body. However, Micoco is on my list, and I will have her at some point, maybe even this year :) I'd love to see your photos of her. Your MYOU girl is really cute, too! I think their Loretta is my favorite BB sculpt of theirs so far, though I haven't see owner photos of all of them yet :) Their lips are so pouty and perfect.. I'm so glad that this company has grown so much this year. <3

      @whisperwolf - You're always so sweet about my Anabelle. <3 Really. Thank you a lot. :) It's people like you that make sharing photos here such a fun and happy process for me. :) As for poses, I actually have a lot of photos my relatives kids around my house, and I use them for inspiration! School photos, family photos, dancing photos.. It kind of helps me think about how I want my dolls to move and look :) I'm still not as good at original poses as I'd like, but I think I'm getting better all the time! Doll bodies and posing are something of a specialized interest of mine. I'm hoping to eventually review doll bodies and make posing tutorials.. <3

      I love this child-like size as well! Though I am very much a novice when it comes to sewing, I think this would be a great size for me to start off, since I won't have to worry about fitting giant boobies into my doll clothes :P

      @gothiclibrarian - Thank you for this database! It'll be most helpful, I'm sure. Admittedly, I usually let a lot of my dolls run around barefoot, as I do not have nearly enough shoes to shoe them all. :P But for that one day in my eventual future where I do finally decide to shoe my girls, it'll be nice to have a resource that allows me to actually FIT my girls' feet with the proper size. <3

      So, are there any other BBs on you guys' wishlists? I want ever so many! :P

      I have my Anabelle here, of course, and I am expecting an AE BB Cordelia and a Roselied Holiday's Child Miu. :) I also have an adorable head on order for my other Luts BDF body. <3

      Them aside, I am longing for:
      Huajing Doll Youle
      Rosenlied Holiday's Child Ribbon
      Xagadoll Micoco
      Luts BDF Pansy
      Volks Suiseiseki head on a DSD body (just a dream, mostly. :P)

      What about you guys? BB wishlists? ^_^
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    9. @wherethelilacsbloom Thanks! Agree 100% Aimerai is underrated. MoC has had some girls in stock for so long-even at a discount! So sad no one wants to adopt them. I wish they did tan. Id like another Posey in tan. Tan Luts Gabriel is also on my wishlist.

      @whisperwolf , thanks ^^ Good to know the Disney Animators clothes will fit. I had been wondering that. And Corinthia is just gorgeous! You made their clothes?

      Dropping by with one other super underrated BB, Comibaby Peridot. I think the company has two or three head sculpts in this size.
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    10. Thank you everyone for the thanks and for joining this thread! ♡ I'm excited to see everyone's bbs in one set place!

      @gothiclibrarian Ah thank you for the chart! It's really helpful for hybrids and clothing options!

      @nancy_schroeder_ca :OH I was totally checking out Basil, do you have any pictures of him? He looked so adorable! Your Loretta is such a sweetheart! What's her name btw? Oh and yes RL came out with that chubby Tuesday Child body too didn't they? ^0^

      @whisperwolf Aww no problem! Thank you again for stopping by! Your girls get up is so cute! Did you make the outfits yourself? I love their names too!
      Are you planning on anymore BDF or Myou dolls?

      @wherethelilacsbloom Aww that's so sweet of you! Thanks for the advice too! I'm excited for your girl too! Haha I'm glad you agree with my decision for my boy! That's sweet of you to say!

      @Cydril I haven't seen ANY Aimerai girls so this is a treat! She is so sweet and has such a lovely skintone too! Also the comibaby girls are really cute! They have some in Stock on taobao and they are willing to bring them here. I asked about their stock of Mion not to long ago.

      Here's a link for another big bb I hoped to get(maybe)
      Shoushou doll Emily

      As far as my list currently all that's for sure is:
      BDF Daisy
      Myou Loretta

      I'm considering
      Rosenlied Bonbon
      Shoushou doll Emily head
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    11. I made the red dress and bodice on Ellowyn (MYou Sally), but the fox dress is from FairyTaleLOVEit on Etsy. I got some really adorable undies sets from her, as well, for only $4 USD each full set!:

      As to who I would love to add to my collection?
      DSD Nana (or any of the other four sisters)
      Illua Doll
      Comi Baby Lulu
      Aimerai Surgary
      AnotherDoll Molly
      and if they ever come out with a Luts BD Raphael?! move out of my way ;)
      #13 whisperwolf, Mar 27, 2017
      Last edited: Mar 27, 2017
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    12. @whisperwolf So cute! Is that all their clothes in that little trunk? They have such cute little wears!

      Haha if they doll release Raphael I guess you will be first in line ;)
      They might though, if they are actually planning to release the original custom house lineup. Keep your fingers crossed!
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    13. @gothiclibrarian I have some corrections and uncommon additions for your size chart! I'm assuming thigh measurement is the length

      Chicabonita 8 years body:
      Bust - 19.5cm
      Hips - 23cm

      Customhouse Classic Ai (discontinued):
      Height - 37cm with head
      Neck - 8.7cm
      Bust - 19cm
      Waist - 18cm
      Hips - 21.5cm
      Foot - 5.1 x 2.3cm
      Thigh - 7.5cm long
      Leg - 16cm
      Arms - 10cm without hand, 14 with hand

      Chicobricks / AIR Darjeeling:
      Height: 49cm
      Neck: 9cm
      Bust: 20.5cm
      Waist: 19.5cm
      Hips: 26cm
      Thigh: 11.5cm long / 14.5 around
      Foot: 6.5cm
      Leg: 24cm
      Arms: 14.5 without hand

      And comparison photos: Size Comparison Mini BB

      The taller girls make nice big sisters but they are awfully hard to find clothes for. Most MSD clothes I can find that fit them look too short. They've got some dresses made for the Kaye Wiggs girls, but only knits because the waist measurements are so different!
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    14. Yep, that is most of the clothing I have to fit them so far. I'm working on sewing a steampunk look for Ellowyn right now.
    15. I really like AnotherDoll Molly! How long is their delivery?
    16. @whisperwolf Ah a steam punk outfit sounds great! So many nice facets and accessories you could find for it! Be sure to show it off when it's finished!

      @nancy_schroeder_ca Their sitemail says 60-90 days so I guess no more than three months ^0^ Are you going to get her soon? :3
    17. Yes, I intend on keeping this database updated, so if ANYONE has corrections or additions, please do send them to me.

      I do not really use my gmail though, so please send here :D :D :D

      The leg measurement is not going to be standard as I have seen multiple "start" and "end" points used by companies...so that one is tricky...even more so than arm length (which is also problematic).

    18. I'm so glad to have discovered this thread! I think Xaga is another under appreciated company. They are similar in size to HC, so my stash of RL outfits fits Clotho perfectly. They don't show, but she has saddle shoes from Deb's Adorables that fit pretty nifty, too.
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