RosenLied discussion part 1

Apr 27, 2011

    1. Gigi Holy: I love your Miu. For My Doll baby pink wig is perfect. Although, I like them all.

      Therese52: Good to know that pattern fits Holiday. It looks so cute on Bebe. :)
    2. It's one picture per post. She is really cute! I like her a lot better than I did from their photos!
    3. Thanks Nancy! I like her better too! :)
    4. Oliveoil,
      Your Miu is so darling!

      Here is Bebe with 16mm Mako OWL-017 eyes and a Milk Tea Lullaby Poem size 9-10 wig. I have ordered more 16mm Mako eyes in lighter colors.
      I made the pink print dress from another Trentsation pattern for the Kaye Wiggs dolls. The Monique 58cm by 27mm shoes fit but the strap is short due to her wide ankles.

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    5. Pink dress is so cute on her. I like the style. :)
      I buy shoes that fit 16" Kish Season dolls from Debs Adorables on ebay...
    6. Oliveoil, I am going to order some 16" Kish Season doll shoes from Deb's right now! Thanks for letting me know that they fit.
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    7. You are welcome. I like the style too. She has many colors. :)
    8. Oliveoil, I love your Miu, she is so beautiful and sweet looking! <3

      Therese52, what an adorable BeBe! :D

      Here is my BonBon, I bought her as a limited basic in December 2014.


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    9. Olive Oil is this Miu Winter version?
    10. I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten the Roselied surprise boxes before? I ordered 2 Holiday's Child boxes today and I'm just curious about what is usually in them.

      It's so exciting that Rosenlied will be opening up full-choice for Holiday's Child in March! That should be awesome!
    11. Ryoualice Bonbon is beautiful! Is she normal resin?

      I have never gotten the gift pack but it sounds like fun.
      I am curious what changes they made to the Holiday body.
    12. I'm hoping they made a new streamlined jointed system, @Oliveoil! What are you wishing for? I know the pear body is popular right now, too.
    13. I struggle with the knees. They don't hold a pose. Do you have the same problem?
      I love the new Bambi Elf!
    14. I don't have one because of that joint problem. I remember too well my original fully balljointed Volks SD on the old original body. It was such a hassle wrestling her into any pose!! I even went so far as to do suggested modifications into T's, sueded (with moleskin), and wired her. I took one look at this original Rosenlied body and just couldn't do it. I went with a MYou for my first big baby purchase. But I'm so drawn to the faces and clothing of Holiday's Child. And an Elf sculpt!! I'm super excited for that!

      By the way, for anyone interested. I wrote to Rosenlied and asked for more details on the $408 USD Holiday's Child sale and would it include all sculpts previously released, as well as Fairy (Elf) Bambi. (I also asked about the Surprise boxes.) This was the reply I got:
      For Holiday's Child valentine surprise box, you will receive special valentine dress or random items worth of $80 out of any items that is on our website.
      Holiday's Child will be sold for old version of the body.
      Fairy Bambi also be available for the $408 ^^

      So the new elf sculpt is included, as well as all the others it seems. But they do not come with face-ups and are on the old body for that price.
    15. The joints are not that bad but a little frustrating when standing. The knees will go knock knee sometimes. I would imagine the Myou posing is better. Price is also better. $408 for Holiday with no face up is a lot. I have the pear shape Myou on order so will be passing on Holiday.
      Right now I am thinking about ordering Wednesday Milk basic. I loved the LE but was unable to get her.

      Thanks for the info on the event. I probably should order Milk before the event. They may get busy.
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    16. Momo isn't as popular a sculpt but after a wig and dress change, I decided she needs to stay :)

    17. Everyone's dolls here are so pretty! I've been eying a Bambi for the longest time and was so excited that Rosenlied was selling them again. I don't know what they have planned for the new body. Does anyone know if it's double jointed or something?
    18. So quiet here. Have you seen the new fairies set for release soon?