Big BB Discussion(All Companies)

Mar 24, 2017

    1. @nancy_schroeder_ca If you remember general poseability, that'll still help a lot too. If the body's fully double-jointed, I'm assuming that they're hidden peanuts, but I can't tell from the limited photos.

      @snowgray Yeah, I saw the naked posed bodies and wasn't impressed, so I went looking through the dressed dolls for more variety. Alas. I also don't trust doing mobility mods yet, haha. Thanks for trying though! The boy body looks less odd than expected, actually looking at those photos.

      Also, did Another Doll go out of business? I can't find their store. LoongSoul seems to have stopped carrying BBs too. It's a bit of an unpopular size, I guess. :(
    2. I am SO GLAD to find this thread! BBs are so cute and I've been wanting one for my Iplehouse nYID's daughter for a little bit now, since the BID size didn't mesh well with how old I want her to be.

      can anyone show a BB next to an Iplehouse SD girl? I have no idea what I want to do for a head, but I wanna make sure the bodies at least look like they're from the same universe.
    3. Do you all think a M'You Mousse would make a good companion for a 5StarDoll Tony?
    4. @Valor I see they haven't been mentioned yet in this thread or the BB list, but maybe the Dikadoll BB body works for you? I have two Dikadoll Dobbies now, so I can get you posing pics if you want. Dobbie is their anthro deer sculpt but they also have a few (3 I think) human BB sculpts. Here's a pic of one of mine compared to a Volks girl:

      [​IMG]20200619_202159 by jefvonk, on Flickr

      She's chunkier than an MSD, especially in the thighs, but she fits Volks MSD size clothing (tops, skirts and dresses anyway, I can get bloomers over her hips with some effort, I don't think MSD pants without stretch will fit) so she's slimmer than say a Baby Delf I think and definitely properly double-jointed. Also has mobility thigh joints. Her elbows and knees are chunky but give her a good range of motion, knees have locks so she can bend her knees at quite a few different angles. Torso joint also does what a torso joint is supposed to do, but it's kind of shallow, so if the body isn't strung very tightly (like with my second girl) the chest part tends to flop backwards due to the weight of that massive head. When strung tightly and sueded she poses quite well, but I have to say Dika tends to sand their dolls so thoroughly smooth that especially the hip joints tend to start slipping and turning. Also, I have to be honest here, she can't quite sit up straight enough to sit unaided. I plan to mod the hip sockets on mine a little so they can sit up straight. I'm personally not a fan of the size of the elbow and knee joints and I find her neck a bit long, but that's a matter of taste. Certainly a good doll for the price^^. Hope this helps!
    5. @ShuriTigerH Thank you for the detailed analysis and offer! I don't need pictures, but can the body hold "knees to chest" without popping the joint out of the hip/while stably resting the upper thigh on the lower thigh? The lack of sitting straight is rather unfortunate, given the thigh slits.

      I was actually thinking the body was kind of expensive, haha, but I suppose that's relatively normal for BB size. I'm used to seeing slim 1/4 and 70cm 1/3 prices. :sweat
    6. I had no idea she existed but now I need her for sure. <3
    7. @Valor I have to admit that's not the level of posing I usually ask of my dolls (most of mine don't have mobility joints anyway) so I had to go try it for you and, well...

      [​IMG]2020-10-25_10-34-10 by jefvonk, on Flickr

      This is as far as that leg can go without joints popping out of sockets and it won't stay like that on its own, so I'm afraid that's a definite no, sorry^^;; If you find a body that does meet all your standards, please post here, I'm tempted to get my girls better posing bodies if I find one I like. I personally love the sculpting on the Doll Chateau K-18 body Kid Body- Female K-18 – Denver Doll Emporium but that one might be just a little too slim in the neck for my girls. It doesn't look like she can get her knees to her chest either.

      @AlmySidaKay She's adorable, isn't she^^? I didn't know Dobbie existed either until I saw the one that is now my girl pop up in the Marketplace. Just be aware that her head is 10 inch and she wears 24mm eyes!
    8. @ShuriTigerH Thank you for the picture! Yeah, that's a very specific requirement, unfortunately. One of my first dolls (slim 1/4) can hold her knees to her chest with only a small gap, more or less (looser stringing on one side, I think). I've been spoiled by the mobility of that body. :sweat
    9. Xagadoll BB - IDA

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    10. I agree. Do you think MSD clothes or Big Baby clothes would fit better?
    11. Comparing measurements, she is just a little smaller than my Myou Big Baby in most measurements but bigger than Holiday's Child. It seems she just has a small neck.
    12. I have two Big Babies at this point and am planning another eventually (or may replace one for a different one). And I took a comparison pic of them laying down side by side. Left is a Luts Baby Delf and right is a Myou BB on the pear body. The Myou body is slightly taller! I even switched the heads around and they're not really exchangeable without mods.

      This is August and Elowyn.
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    13. Since my last post here I no longer own the Myou BB but instead have gotten an Aimerai BB. On the right is a Weedy whom I'm still deciding on the name of. I'm hoping to order another Myou BB soon but in Coffee resin.
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    14. Some of you might be interested in the Xaga Doll anime Big Baby dolls!

      This is Crêpes x Ookra (40cm Big baby X-F-40 body)

      LIMITED: 2021.5.1 - 2021.6.20

    15. @Cap'n I waiting on a MYou bb Sandra and have a few questions about the body. Is it difficult to find clothes? And the second question is about shoes. Are her feet regular msd? I’m just trying to figure things out while I wait. Thank you for any help, or advice.
    16. Sanda actually has smaller feet than the other Myou BB bodies and I know someone with one that says they can wear Wellie Wishers shoes well enough. Regular msd shoes are usually too big from what I've found but I don't mind the oversized look personally. Wellie Wishers clothes also can fit but sleeves and pant legs are short and bottoms need to be stretched a bit. As for other clothes, Sasha doll and BFC Ink sized items fit them really well so if you need to fill out a wardrobe those are great to look into. There's a few seamstress on Etsy who make things in Sasha doll sizes. Just be sure that they're not make for the baby line. But for actual bjd sized items, they can fit standard MSD tops no problem. I had mine in SD sized shorts that were a tad big so I had to clip them in the back. They were SD13 though and SD10 might be a better fit. Regular SD length pant legs are too long though.
    17. @Cap'n thank you so much for responding. The BB feet being smaller than msd is a big surprise. From the company photos they look like average msd. Ugh, I chose not to get the fullset as I knew that would be her only outfit forever as I would be too lazy to find something else. I really want to dress her in something cute, but casual. At least I’ve got time to do more research.
    18. @kurogane not sure about myoudoll exactly because I don't own any, but I have an etsy store and sew casual clothes for BB. I can share the link if you are interested.

      I didn't know 1/4 shoes were big for myoudoll, they fit telesthesia and xagadoll quite well.