Big dolls VS Small dolls?

Dec 1, 2016

    1. Big! Small BJDs don't do much for me ;3;/
    2. I tend to like SD and larger, or Yo-sized and smaller better than the middle sizes. I am not sure why, but the middle range never worked as well for me, even though in theory they are a good balance of all facets. I love the presence and weight of my larger dolls. I love the ease of changing and photographing my smaller dolls.
    3. For me I like the MSD size and smaller. They are easy to carry around and not that heavy at all. My first BJD is msd sized and I love her. I currently own 2 MSD bjds and 1 tiny.
    4. I have larger dolls, but I play with the smaller dolls a lot more! They are just easier to handle!
    5. As fun as SDs are, if I could replace most of mine with identical MSD sized versions I'd dance for joy. But they haven't made smaller dolls with faces and details like SDs until very recently and so few of those are around yet.
    6. I've only seen one SD in person every at an Anime Con, her person was kind enough to let me hold her and I was intimidated both by her size and also she was the first BJD I'd ever seen in person so I sat and held her like I would've a large baby. xD As much as there are a few SDs I love dearly and have managed to make it onto my wishlist, I think that for the most part, anything bigger than an MSD is too large for me. All in all, I think my favorite size would be the tinies, some of that is because of the amount of space for dolls I have, and some of it is also just because of the fact that I've always loved tiny things.
    7. All sizes have their upsides! I think SDs have a cool "presence" in a room and really strike even non-doll people as a huge and beautiful piece of art, but tiny dolls just make me so happy to hold honestly. There's something really enchanting about little tiny articulated people.