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Biggest BJD?/Most expensive

Jul 9, 2017

    1. I'm curious to know what the biggest sized BJD is and that the most expensive BJD is? I'm really curious!!!
    2. I'm new to this hobby, so I don't know for sure, but I remember being so shocked to learn about Dollmore's Trinity dolls. They are over 100 cm tall and cost approximately 2,500 USD.
    3. The Conarium dolls would currently be the tallest. They are both 120 cm and cost 2,100 USD.
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    4. There have been several companies to release 1:1 life size BJDs (one was 180cm). Although many don't stay around for very long. Not very practical I'd imagine.
    5. Wait, wow! Which companies released those life size ones? I can totally imagine the damage it would do on anyone's wallet lol! :o
    6. Magical angel had one which was surprisingly cheap if i recall.
    7. They were the company I was thinking of. They don't seem to be around anymore though.
    8. I'm pretty sure magical angel is still active? I mean, they haven't released any new sculpts and they weren't very popular so I guess it seems like they've already closed down, but I think they're still taking orders

      Also the sculpt is called Iris
    9. Life size ball jointed dolls are more common when you get into porcelain art dolls (which are not on DoA, as we are a resin based forum). Then you see one of a kind human scale dolls in the $10,000 plus range.

      The other life size resin doll was D-Storic's 177cm Izi. You can see images of her if you scroll down this thread.
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    10. Here, a video by MsKittyBlue on You Tube of her Magical Angel bjd:
      I have no idea which is the most expensive bjd, $1000 usd sounds very expensive to me (guilty :P) so I don't even want to know how high on price is the most expensive bjd (actually curious now...mmm -_-)
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    11. There was also a life size Chii made by Paper Moon, but that company has long gone now.
    12. I know there is one for over $2000 and woah shes as tall as me

      Jesus! so expensive!!!
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    13. It looks so gorgeous, but i think it is too big. How can use the life size ball jointed doll? Is it sitting in the car if you go somewhere? :)
      I can not imagine to put it into a big bag and go with a doll meet :)
    14. I can see the use for people that make clothes or for people that don't want to pay for a model or are looking for a very specific body