Life-Sized Doll!!!

May 16, 2016

    1. You heard me right, life-sized! I went to Magical Angel's website through DoA's wiki and I found a real-life listing for a real-life "1:1" scale doll! Even Dollmore's Trinity line can't top that! Check the link below if you don't believe me!

      Magical Angel | Iris

      I know that 1/3 scale dolls are really popular in the BJD community, so I was wondering what you large doll fans make of this. Are you intrigued? Terrified? Intimidated? Excited? Unopinionated? Seriously, guys I'm begging to know!
    2. Well there was D-Storic's Izi which was a more pleasing sculpt but far more expensive and of course unavailable now since they're gone. I was excited about Izi. My interest was in Hans Bellmer's dolls and his were closer to full sized. MA's doll isn't that attractive to me but a great idea and I'm glad they're doing it. Yes, one doll to lord it over my other dolls. Some clothing might be cheaper for being human sized. Cons would be storage, though I suppose any couch or chair would do, and of course explaining to people who came over that it's not a sex doll. Also there's no way you're bringing her to a meet-up or convention. Well if you're really dedicated. I like Dollmore Trinity's size though I could go bigger and would prefer it they had more stylized sculpts and choice of skin colors. Also they pretty much leave you with one outfit which is pretty lame considering the in-between size that she is.

    3. I think its cool that they exist in general. I would consider getting a life size child doll, but not a life size adult doll. It would simply be too hard for me to move/dress them etc. Even 70cm resin dolls are hard to handle!