BJD makers threatened by China-based counterfeiter / trademarks

Apr 26, 2018

    1. Really? How blind they have to be?!
    2. THAT is sick. So they are right and we are wrong? What kind of morality do they have, actually?

      Is there any way we can report him to an international organization for copyright infringement? If he goes to jail or has to pay for it, all his trademark requests might be rejected.
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    3. ahh, so like usual then?
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    4. Me too, their always like, “show me proof that recasts hurt the legit companies”, gee wouldn’t ya know it, here’s your proof you twats! :x

      But I do sincerely hope the majority of them see this and realize what giving money to a thief can really do, and ultimately I hope they go legit :3nodding:
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    5. Yup, read that one, too, and following with tears! :(
      He is selling the counterfeit items to many countries.
      I bet the pro-recasts owners import from him, from China!
      Based on that alone, he should be put to jail for selling counterfeit goods on US soil and other countries' soil, too.
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    6. So all these companies now have to spend their well-deserved profits, and then some, to fight this douche. I guess their dolls might go up in price after all this, assuming this doesn't bankrupt them?
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    7. as i saw he recasting just big famous companies so those companies maybe will go for legal rights and will fight for them doll scoulps and gives inafe evidence that this guy was theft or robber :-(
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    8. Show proof that it isn't, then! - Real proof though.
      But they seem to want to shy away from facts. Wonder why......

      While I find it hard to believe that companies would stay quiet about this, that does not mean that they all can afford to defend themselves, unfortunately...
      So let's hope that those who do, will have a positive enough effect to get this guy to, at the very least, pay for it.
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    9. I don't think right now it will cause that much harm monetarily. :( The companies can still sell in the countries where they have their trademarks on, and also export to other countries that Luo hasn't touched yet. The consumers/buyers in the countries where Luo registered are the ones affected, as they might not be able to buy/import from these companies anymore if Luo extended his rights. :( But let's think of it this way: importing BJD is not that hard. If you buy from Iplehouse, and Iplehouse sends the doll by EMS to your house, the post office or custom office might not even look at the trademark thing. It's not widely-known that te trademark is owned by Luo and he hasn't acted anything on it, right? So the post office will still sends it to your house without second thoughts. Right now, the only largely affected country is China. He won't act in the US yet since he is selling counterfeit items and might be tried for it if caught, or he would be banned from exporting to the US if caught. :/
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    10. I haven’t watched the video yet but I have the gist of what’s going on. That is just awful. To have an artistic creation that took time, money, effort and heart & soul to create taken over and undermined like that is sad.
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    11. Sad enough, they'll get their proof when companies start to go under because there's nothing they can do to compete with cheap recasters....
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    12. It shocks me that he once worked for AE as an an artist! They should be aware of what it takes to do everything. He was banned (From what i've been reading from puffypuffers) because of the recasting. This is rotten, it trully is.
      Now the thing is (and i'm already seeing it here) people are going against pro-recasters calling them names and such. That's not the right thing to do either.
      Also maybe companies will make more competitive prices for their dolls? I'm not really sure how much profit they're currently making. I just think that there has to be a balance between the profit and the actual value of the doll, cos there're artist dolls that are more affordable or with better options for payment than "big" companies and maybe they'll have to check and consider that out with this issue aswell?
      By no means I'm saying that this is okay. Whomever wanted to register a trademark, should be able to provide proof of original designs with dates and everything or else anyone could just claim any company like he's doing, which i find completely odd.

      I'm glad of seeing that there're companies already taking action. I'm guessing that at some point, they will have to come to an agreement in between all of them and somehow get registered or acknowledged as they are.
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    13. Uggh, this whole situation is just infuriatingly UGGGGH. I've dreaded a day like this would come. Sadly, patent laws are, well, stupid when it comes to other countries. A good example of this is how the Enegizer Bunny, a battery bunny mascot from Energizer, is ONLY in North America. The rest of the world has the Duracell Bunny, but Energizer trademarked a "battery bunny" before Duracell could in North America. Cases of similar things happening are prevalent in the history of patents, and in some instances there is nothing that can be done in the other country that the patent is established. That only goes for China. In the US, which this asshat Lou is trying to patent terms, that shit won't fly here for long.

      Back to the battery bunny scenario, Energizer was able to get away with this because even though they took the initial idea, they changed it enough so that it could be considered an original idea. The battery type and graphics were completely different. In the case of bjds and these recast, the ass it literally taking a pre-existing item and making copies of it. The companies being copied have proof of their ideas. Even though a doll in general cannot be patented because it is a generic item, a specific doll and it's mechanics can be. But if the idea was stolen, a case can be brought against the thieving party. In the US at least. I have no idea how laws regarding patents in china are handled, so I can't say much for them, but there is hope at least in the US against the asshole trying to patent terms!
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    14. Expressing disapproval of behavior that supports illegal activities and hurts artists = Name-calling ?
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    15. cutthroatgirl, there isn't a possibility to make a good quality doll in a recast (even the "expensive" one) price. And you can make recasts very fast, becuase you do not have to care so much about quality of your dolls, while making legit dolls requires a lot more time. When you want a legit doll with a competetive price, you can buy a doll from a cheaper company, but it will be propably not as good quality.
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    16. I'm pretty sure, as much as this is good info and does need to be known, that this is off topic for DOA...
    17. While you have the right general idea, Cap, what's happening here relates to TRADEMARKS, not Patents. They're different things created for different purposes. (And Patent law is a whole can of worms unto itself. Equally ridiculous in places, and equally complex when you get into international trade.)

      Just as a general refresher for anyone who's curious about Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights and the differences between them:
      How Patents Differ from Copyrights and Trademarks - FindLaw
      Trademark, Patent, or Copyright?
      Difference Between Copyright, Patent and Trademark - Learn More Here!
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    18. Ugh, he has some serious nerve to do this. I had no idea this was happening until I saw the PSP video on it. I'm so disgusted. I have no idea how trademark laws work for other countries, but it seems like some companies are fighting back, and hopefully they can beat him to the punch. But I'm more worried about smaller companies that can't fight this. This is so pathetic and disgusting on his part, I don't think I can convey enough how mad I am. I don't know how anyone can try to justify recasts after this. They gave this guy the ability to do this and screw over the legit companies.
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    19. This is horrible, I really hope the artists and doll companies are able to take action and stop him. :(
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