BJD makers threatened by China-based counterfeiter / trademarks

Apr 26, 2018

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    1. @asunai This is GD and until the admin/mods decide it's off-topic, people are free to discuss it. Especially since this will potentially impact legit companies around the globe.
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    2. Yeah like I said important information... .Really...devastating information sadly :(
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    3. @asunai They'll probably let people vent for a bit and then close the thread. It's a safe place for people to vent about this ordeal, and people can add info as updates come along. I hope it all gets sorted out sooner than later...
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    4. I think it's a really important thread, because we don't use it to write "Recasts are bad and pro-recas people are bad", but to discuss about really unusual situation which affects all of us. And we can think about what we could do to help companies and give them our support.
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    5. Honestly, whilst this display of sheer brass is blatant and slightly mind boggling, it doesn't surprise me in the least. Recasters don't give a toss, their entire business model is built on ripping other people off, it shouldn't shock any one of us that eventually, they'd start to find a way to play at legitimising their pathetic thievery.

      At this point, it's down to the companies themselves to get out there and start defending their product en masse. The simple approach would be for them to group together and pool their resources to ensure that the recasters are just nailed to the floor legally, but for whatever reasons, very few of the real companies seem to have been that concerned about the situation up until now. Perhaps this'll be the thing that spurs them into finally sorting the entire situation out once and for all. I imagine if they crowd funded it, they'd get it paid for in short order!
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    6. Ugh. This is so horrible. I just watched it earlier. Someone did say that companies are finding out and filing lawsuits. Before I bought my first doll, I was looking at recasts bc of their prices but thankfully I signed up here and watched youtube videos about how doll companies are usually just a few artists and that recasts are indeed stealing works of art. That broke my heart bc I have a band and I thought about people using my songs without me knowing but passing it off as their own :evil:
      Point is, everyone that buys recasts after knowing the consequences and the fact that it's stealing has helped embolden this guy. I get that people don't want to pay a lot, but then just buy cheaper dolls. Save up for the more expensive ones! Don't steal someone's artwork bc you don't want to pay for what it's worth.
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    7. Isnt this topic forbidden here? I mean, recasts + drama...
    8. lol i made a thread about it yesterday, and the mod took it down because "it was about recast". same thing here, but not removed LMAO.

      But this problem should be addressed, so people could know what's happening with bjd community
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    9. If this idiot manages to obtain the rights to any of those dolls in question, this hobby is done for. If ever there was a relevant thread for this forum, this is it.
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    10. Well, this talk is going on many social media, I understand its something important to talk about, but its against the rules here so why are people bringing this inside? If I exception was about to be made because of the gravity of whats happening, we should wait for mods to do a topic about this or something.
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    11. BUT this is a problem that w
      I guess they're trying to spread word around here, but otherwise what happens to this thread is really up to the mods if they want to delete it or not
    12. Since your thread was deleted, wouldnt you feel its unfair if another about the same thing was keeped?
    13. I don't mind it. Maybe it's cause the problem has gotten out of hand and this person's thread is probably timed correctly(?) lol
    14. If you don't want to see it discussed here and think it's against the rules... Report the thread. It's that little grey triangle on the right. <_<
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    15. I see :kitty2

      Thank you (?)
    16. If this isn't something anyone who loves BJD dolls and the artists who create them SHOULD be talking about, then I don't know what is, frankly. Pretty soon there will be no BJD hobby if this guy gets his way, and then Den of Angels will serve no purpose at all. DOA is the biggest community of doll lovers on the internet and if this thread being here means that some of the smaller companies (who might have missed it on Instagram or Tumblr/wherever) get to hear about this situation in time to protect their rights then that has to be a good thing. We aren't talking about Recasts at all here, we are talking about an individual trying to completely hijack this hobby and hold it to ransom
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    17. I've been watching this on Instagram since last night and it's so disturbing. I think we should try to call them counterfeit or bootleg dolls instead of recasts as it could help steer the conscientious newbie who might not know what a recast is towards legit dolls.
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    18. Please, don't misunderstand me. I don't mean to dismiss this whole deal. I just think that a member opening a topic about this creates precedent for members to talk about recast problems when they think its a community emergency, which can be very relative since recast are overall a bjd community problem. Because of this I think a "official" topic by moderators would be more fitting to a rule exception like this.
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    19. i totally get you, we need a admin to make an actual post on this... i'm surprised they haven't already. i hope they do so i can delete this one
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