BJD makers threatened by China-based counterfeiter / trademarks

Apr 26, 2018

    1. Is there anything we can do to support the companies affected by this? Such an awful stunt to pull, I really want to be able to do something :(
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    2. i am sorry if posting this subject is against the rules. i was really trying to single out the specific counterfeiter, and not recasts in general. if need be i can request the thread to be deleted. surprisingly were all being civil to one another here, which is a really good thing.
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    3. As long as this thread is still up and running, I'd like to gather information about which doll companies this turd is screwing over. Of them, note which companies are already aware and fighting. This way, fans like us can contact the rest, ideally with evidence like links and screencaps, and warn them hopefully in time to fight back. A chart on Google Docs for people to read and share would help.
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    4. maybe if one starts a go fund me for the rights of their company we can donate a couple of bucks here and there.

      Chinatrademakoffice search
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    5. This are the currently names mentioned in the process

      Fairyland, AprilStory, AileenDoll, Sadoll, RSDoll, Lillycat, Myoudoll, Withdoll, Linachouchou, Irrealdoll, Monodee, DollPamm, LeekeWorld, LittleMonica, IBJD, DollMore, PeakWood, SoulDoll, Dollsh, Rosenlied, DollTown, DollSoom, Idealian, Luodoll, LustBJD, Marina Bychkova, Dollshe Craft, Kreme Doll, DollNdoll, Chicabi Doll, Pukifee, Freeple, Peak's Woods, Iplehouse, Realfee, DolkBJD, Monochrome, Code Noire, Bambicorny, Neo Angelregion, Alchemiclabo, Dollbom, chicabonita, RamCube, DearMin, Napi, Cocoriang, Migidoll, Dara, Sadoll, RSDoll, Bluefairy.
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    6. Besides fighting the trademarks perhaps people could file fraud complaints with to cause him some trouble. ICPEN is the International Consumer Protection agency. He is engaging in fraudulent business transactions so perhaps there's some leverage there.
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    7. This is horrible! I really hope someone stops him!
    8. I heard about this recently, whats happening is one of the worst that could happen, but thankfully so many people are spreading this around. I know some companies are already getting a lawyer and/or teaming up to combat this. Just an overall crappy situation that should've never happened..
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    9. Guys, some people have been asking luo in his store and he says its fake news! I'm so lost right now :?
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    10. @flornosertao I don't think its fake news... You can look it up in trademark databases yourself...

      So Luo is taking the Trump approach XD? Wow.
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    11. @flornosertao

      I highly doubt it's fake news since people can search up the trademark filings. To me it seems like he's hoping people will believe him as he plays dumb, so that he can try to get away with it more quietly if people believe it's fake.
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    12. Ok, my two cents worth. This is where the conscientious community must stick together. This guy can call those recast sculpts his, I suppose. He can, apparently, file for trademarks. Does that make the poor quality recast a real Iplehouse or Loong, or whoever?
      A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. A fake will always be a fake.
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    13. Well, but cxxxxBJD - luo is not the only luo recaster... Also, luo is a pretty common name.
      Its kind weird he would do that anyway, its dumb, anyone online can find out he is not the creator of those things. So why would he do that? Not trying to defend him, he is still a recaster, but maybe there is something more behind this all... Maybe not, maybe he is just "pulling a trump card", I don't know, I just want this over...
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    14. This isn't a thread to promote Luo and his illegitimate products. This news is actually quite big so I think it should stay here as a informative topic and not be closed. If it gets closed, what CAN we talk about? I mean the doll community is not all cotton candies. It's pretty sad if we just ignore the negatives and only talk about the positives in life.
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    15. it appears he's not just trying to circumvent ebay's rules, a dealer/shop on Taobao received notice from Taobao that they have "violated Ligui Luo's brand Little Monica"...
      (https ://

      that's a pretty compelling (and appalling) reason "why".
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    16. I think that the moderators are quite aware of this thread. I believe the rules are pretty specific, for a reason. I hear people being very abusive and angry and swearing. I think that is worse.
      This needs to be sorted in the courts. Very few of us are familiar with the Chinese trademark laws. Laws only keep honest people honest. Those who break the law don't care about it.
      I do not support recasts. This forum and community taught me about the Art in the dolls. Those who care about the art will not support recasts. Stay strong, all of you!
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    17. I think the issue is he's not just after trade-marking in china. I heard he's tried to trade mark a few things in the US and a couple of other countries too... In any case, a lot of dealers I use are based in China, like ACBJD I think is in China. I'm quite worried how this is going to impact them and the little doll companies they deal for.
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    18. "罗礼贵死了算了" summing it up nicely
      if my google translate-fu is working, the implications are something like "i'd rather die than allow your thievery/you're dead meat buddy" in response to the claim
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    19. Yeah, its for china, eua, australia and european union from what I saw in the discussions.
    20. i've been alerting my favourite companies and i just got a response from dearmine:

      in addition, yesterday i got a response from roserindoll :
      i have also contacted bluefairy, myoudoll, bunnybunny, dollsbe, flower&junior, and daydream, but have yet to hear back from any of them, which is reasonable, since there's a lot going on. x_x
      but i will keep this updated to the best of my ability.

      update from flower & junior!
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