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Update [BJDivas] Dealer for Loong Soul, Charm Doll, WITHdoll, MigiDoll & Telesthesia/Dragon Doll!

Mar 13, 2019

    1. It's great to see the addition of new companies! :3nodding: I would definitely give my vote to Angell-Studio if it is possible in the future.
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    2. You guys are awesome! Now when Withdoll does more elves I don't have to be sad to miss them :XD: Also excited to hear you've been poking Asleep Eidolon! :D
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    3. Oh this is amazing news!
      Have you tried getting into contact with Switch? As far as I know they only have one dealer, FaithZ and that's HK/Asia based. Would be lovely to have someone outside Asia. Though I know they're very strict and keep in schedule, so maybe less dealers means a better workflow for them. But it can't hurt to try? They have lovely stuff and everything outside monthly dolls are limited time. :pout:
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    4. Great suggestion, we'll add them to the list to contact! :D

      Yay! :chibi We'll always try, I'll add them to the list too!

      Adding them too!

      We've tried reaching out a few times to Dollstown already without any responses from them. :( We'll keep trying but they might just not be interested in picking up dealers.

      Yes! We've contacted them once before without hearing anything back but we'll message them again! :)

      I'll add them both to the list! :)

      Aye aye! :D

      We sent them an inquiry just yesterday, hopefully we hear back!
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    5. Cocoriang would be nice as well. They have a lot of cute dolls ^^

      And thank you so much for all of your hard work! Its great to see so many of my favorite companies available through you!
    6. We'll add them to the list to contact! :D
    7. Definitely would be interested in Switch and Rsdoll!
    8. @BJDivas
      (a little late, but I figure you guys are probably still open to suggestions) Xaga Doll would be really nice! And of course Asleep Eidolon as well, but it looks like you are already poking them. I hope that goes well. They have adorable mature tinies.
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    9. Thank you! We're always open to suggestions, you're always more than welcome to send them directly to us through any means. :)