BJDs for BJDs

Feb 8, 2020

    1. Sorry if this has been posted before- I wanted to ask about dolls that are small enough to be bjds for dolls! I know merryrounddoll Bunyo and I believe DollLeaves Laura have both been used this way but I wanted to see what other dolls are out there! Tiny, but mature dolls! I think it’s such a cute idea- and feel free to share pictures!
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    2. I still want one for my Volks boy, so I'm going to keep an eye on this thread!:D

      lightlybattered once did a wonderful shooting with a doll taking pictures of another doll. The tiny doll in question is an Unoa Light:
      A moment in the life of the average BJD owner.
      They are difficult to come by though.

      There are also the Xaga Doll tinies from the Red Obsidian line that should fit well:
      Syivia-1, 27cm Xaga Doll - BJD, BJD Doll, Ball Jointed Dolls - Alice's Collections

      If you scroll down you can see a bigger doll taking pics of them.
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    3. Those are all fantastic! I always forget to look in the tinies sections because I assume they’ll all be young dolls haha

      Ohh he’s so handsome! I don’t see male tinies nearly as often as females! Might keep a lookout for this guy
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    4. Maskcat doll has a 26 cm doll.
      I've seen people use figma figures as dolls for their dolls.
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    5. @Milkteeth17, I know, right? He won't be cheap from what I know, but I'm looking forward to him.
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    6. I've never though about it UNTIL NOW! I just want to thank everyone for this. I'm in love and already making plans!
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    7. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, but how about a Picco Neemo?

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    8. Raysvet Dolls / BJDSvetaDolls makes detailed 1/12 scale BJDs 16 cm tall that could serve as dolls for anything from 1/6 to 1/3 scale. She sells on eBay and Etsy, and I've ordered 2 from her so far. They're very high quality and work wonderfully for dollhouses as well.
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    9. Omg so cute!! She’s adorable!

      Ooh how fun!! Will definitely look into that, thank you!
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    10. MonkEyGstudio on etsy also does tiny handmade BJD. Theyre not on topic themselves, but as props theyre great :D
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    11. I've been looking at those! Do you happen to own any as props? Or know someone who does? They look beautiful but I try to see feedback on things like that before I purchase, if I can.
    12. I think I remember a tiny bjd called inkling. I don't remember anything else about it though.
    13. Dollmore Banji is teeny tiny, about 14cm and slender enough to work as a mature character with the wig and outfit. I'd like to getone for Jane eventually, as she's into anime and lolita and I could totally see her with a BJD! She's 1/3 scale, so the Banji would be about like MSD to her. I also considered getting her an 11cm Obitsu as a doll for my doll.
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    14. Do you know how BlueFairy's stocking system works? Every time I check the website, everything/almost everything is sold out. When are things in stock there?
    15. @CaladhielTan
      For some of their products there are a couple of lables with different months, so I'm guessing those are the months that the product is available, but I don't know how accurate it is. Others just state something like "available soon" so I just check in every now and then and look for an change.
      If things are listed as sold out and nothing else, they are probably limited items that are kept on the page for reference, but right now I can't find a single thing on their page marked as sold out.

      Many of their products are probably not things that are kept in stock. Dolls and some of the outfist, it looks like, are things that are made after the order is placed, probably on the same monthly scedual that seems to be used for the dolls. If the item is labled "preorder" that's probably exactly what it is.

      Someone in one if the Blue Fairy discussion threads may be able to give a better answer.

      Edit to add: There is this page with information on how and when to order, but it does not include all their products. Bluefairy International-I will always be here for you
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    16. For those looking for a fantasy character BJD for their BJD:
      Rumpeldoll is currently working on a 20cm mature boy called Jade (they already made a girl of that size, called Abby). They would be to a 60cm BJD what the 60cm BJD would be to us proportionwise (1:3 ratio). They are both crazily adorable :love....and more than a little addictive, I'm afraid. They can wear Blythe clothes, btw.
    17. I think this concept is very cute!