Black Cherry Doll

Jun 14, 2014

    1. My girl arrived the other day :D

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    2. Awww, so cute.) What body is that? The hands looks familiar.
    3. It’s an original type Feeple60 body. Not a good resin match, but the proportions work, so I can live with it :)
    4. I am loving the girl, Xiao. I wrote the artist in hopes of finding out how long would the head take to cast, or if Sept would be better as would be less humid. Nothing so far. Also I see the shipping while not much it doesn't say how it would be shipped. i would prefer EMS. Is it hard to correspond with the seller?
      Thanks for info.
    5. @animemom - Did you write her on Etsy? I messaged her several times on Etsy and she always replied quickly and thoroughly. Maybe she is having a busy time right now? She is also on Instagram - maybe you could try messaging her there as well.

      On each Etsy listing, if you scroll down, there is a note about shipping: "The shipping in the listing is by registered airmail small packet, if you would like Express shipping contact me with your location before buying, I will make private listing with accurate shipping price for you."

      So it looks like you can request EMS shipping!
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    6. I requested EMS with my order and she made me a custom listing to purchase. Like @StellaMarigold says, she usually replies quickly on Etsy, so perhaps she's just busy atm. You could also DM her on Instagram, but I haven't tried that. In general, she's very sweet and easy to work with.
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    7. Thank you @StellaMarigold and @Wennie I just heard from her this morning with a reply and looks like waiting until September would be best. She's backed up with orders so I will write her again in September and as for a private listing with EMS shipping costs added. Thank you blushed does seem very nice to work with, less then 48 hours reply.
    8. I just discovered these beautiful dolls. I ordered kaorin and hope to pair her with a DT body. Will wait to see which color resin matches and whether a 17 or 13 body works better. Hope to see more of these lovely sculls in the future. Thank you for sharing
    9. Weenie. Your girl is darling. Did you do the face or did the artist?
    10. Thanks so much! The face-up is by Blisslacosta/Greenwolfy, the artist you can choose to commission with your order. It's a variance on the face-up shown in the promo pics.

      Edit: might as well spam her a bit more :D

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    11. I tried my Aishat heads (new version) on the Dollshe 2014 26F body that arrived yesterday.

      Personally, I think that the although body is beautiful, it is a bit large for the head (note that the angle in the photo makes the head look smaller than it really is).

      [​IMG]P1180365 by StellaMarigoldArt, on Flickr

      I have a new 26F body coming that was meant for my Aishat heads, and that body is even taller, but we'll see! I'll start looking around at smaller options as well.

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    12. my Nikky head arrived today, and with neck fixer it fit my impldoll idol male body (72 cm neck size 11.5cm). colour match not perfect but looks good :-) im really happy with this beutifull head :-)[​IMG]
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    13. @Anita2006 Congrats! I panicked due to seeing only 3 left of my girl's head so I placed order this morning. Looking at 3 months waiting time, but will be so worth it.
    14. its really nice heads and dolls artist is amazing :-) faces so real and i love them, 3 months im usually waiting my dolls :-)
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    15. Hello all! I’ve recently received my black cherry xiao yu and was wondering if anyone had a picture of the proportions on a feeple60 body...? I’m trying to decide what body to go with for her... my first choice is zaoll but if the feeple60 looks good I’d love to get that.

      Thanks! I love seeing everyone’s dolls!!
    16. Well mine is going on a Dollstown Elf Body, so once she is all here will share. But I am looking at two months for body and three for head. Hopefully someone can share sooner.
    17. I can’t insert it, because Flickr doesn’t let me on my phone, but here is one (original F60, not the Moe one)

      Sorry for the missing hands :P Proportions are good, but the BCD resin is quite a bit lighter than FL NS. I can live with it myself, I think she’s keeping this body since my character was always supposed to have it.
    18. @Wennie your links both in your post and in your signature aren't working.
    19. Sorry, I completely forgot that my account is on private now. Here you go:

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    20. She's beautiful @Wennie I do hope my girl doesn't take to long to ship. Not sure how hot it is in Russia, but most of the world is way hotter than normal for this time of year.