Black Cherry Doll

Jun 14, 2014

    1. Thank you! I haven’t seen any heat-complaint posts from Russia, but since everywhere else is boiling (here too), I think it’s probably safe to say that they are too. I hope your girl comes soon!
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    2. She’s so adorable!! The proportions do look good!
    3. The weather here is absolutely perfect for summer, at least in Moscow.)
      But the heads are cast in Korea, and I think it is the monsoon season there.
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    4. Oh that's not good news. I thought she had a casting service there in Russia. I will hope weather gets better soon for everyone. This has been an awful summer world wide.
    5. I have seen several of the heads in Haru's photos on Flickr (his company is in Korea) and I believe the ones I ordered were from Haru, although I'm not sure, as I ordered right away and I received some heads already in stock. Anyway, I've definitely seen the Aishat heads on Haru's Flickr, and more recently, what I think is a sleeping Xiao Yu sculpt (how cute)!
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    6. I had no idea BCD used Haru! I’ve been following his instagram for ages, but never saw them posted there as far as I can remember. And sleeping Xiao Yu? Right, I’m off to Flickr, this I have to see!
    7. @Wennie - I don't know if Black Cherry always casts through Haru, but definitely some are! I've never seen them posted on instagram either - the only reason why I found them in his Flickr is because I was specifically looking for them.

      Here are some links in case anyone else is interested:
      Kaorin & Aishat
      Aishat (2nd)

      And here is what I think is the sleeping Xiao Yu sculpt:
      The 1st casts.

      I own one doll (Rosen Garden Hana) that was definitely cast through Haru, and I own three Black Cherry Doll heads, which seem pretty different in texture (the Rosen Garden Hana is very smooth and shiny and the heads are matte in texture). But I ordered the heads right away in her latest preorder, and I think they might have been cast in advance (?). Either way, they are beautifully sculpted and whoever casts them does wonderful work.
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    8. I got confirmation that Black Cherry does have her heads cast in Korea. She didn't say Harucasting, but if she's used him and loves the results she most likely goes back.
    9. What eye size works for Kaorin? I was thinking of ordering soft glass eyes from Oobiedoll for her.
    10. I'm curious about eye size for Kaorin as well. I wonder if she can wear 14mm or not :?
    11. She has 14mm eyes with 6mm iris on this pic, so I think 12 mm or 14mm with small iris.)
      Her eyes are small but the sockets in her faceplate are pretty wide.

      [​IMG]IMG_3816 by greenwolfy, on Flickr
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    12. Thanks :)
    13. She's stunning @Byakko love her face, and that wig is perfect.
    14. I hope you are right, animemom!

      Black Cherry mentioned something about casting Xiao Yu in tan someday, which I think would be lovely. I'm very drawn to pale skin most of the time, but I do want variety, and I think she would look very nice with light brown skin and dark hair.

      Do you know what hair/eye colors you want for your girl?
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    15. Not yet, I was told by artist that she would match Dollstown fresh skin best so body has been ordered. I tend to make fresh skin girls especially red heads with green or brown eyes. We'll just have to see. I asked artist if one of the heads was indeed mine and shared link to photo, but her answer only confused me as translation didn't say it was for sure. She only said it was from an order she placed. Not if I was in it. So it could be a lot longer then I hoped.
    16. I'm sorry about the confusing answer!

      If you ordered in normal skin and her casting company is the same (I think it is), then I can confirm that the fresh skin is very close. I have a Dollshe body in fresh, and a normal Black Cherry Aishat head. The head is just a tiny bit darker and less creamy/yellowy than the body. With blushing and clothes I don't think much difference would show.

      Here's a photo (bad indoor lighting, I'm afraid)
      [​IMG]P1180365 by StellaMarigoldArt, on Flickr

      And hooray for redheads! I hope to make my fresh girl a redhead at some point (with brown eyes!).
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    17. Originally I wanted to go for the Dollstown 17 yrs girl body, but 1. I'm afraid the neck will be too big for Kaorin, and 2. I dislike the new version a lot, and I doubt the old one will be available when I have the funds, but Black Cherry was kind enough to offer ideas for what could match. According to them, Dollzone pink normal should match alright, so I think I will go for that unless someone here discovers a different match for a body slightly taller.
      I would have preferred a 61-62cm height for Kaorin, but I can settle for less. I'm just stupid excited for her :D
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    18. Black Cherry just verified for me that one of the heads in photo will be mine. So doing happy dance here as at least one of the several dolls I have ordered and paid for will be here and finished by Christmas. One down and eleven to go.
    19. Great information! Thank you Byakko for eye info.
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