Black Cherry Doll

Jun 14, 2014

    1. Here are some more photos of my attempted Dollshe 26F (2014 version) and Black Cherry Aishat hybrid (what a beauty she is!).

      Pros: the head fits perfectly and has a pretty good range of motion, the hands and feet are beautiful, and I like the long and graceful neck and wrists.
      Cons: Personally, I think she is too tall and the posing is rather stiff.

      The body is in Pure Fresh (brand new) and the head is in Black Cherry normal skin (also new).

      Here's a photo (more at my Flickr):

      [​IMG]AishatHybridFullBody by StellaMarigoldArt, on Flickr

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    2. @StellaMarigold Your girl is stunning, such a Goddess.

      Glad I ordered a fresh skin DT Elf body for the Black Cherry head I ordered. Hoping both arrive by end of month.
    3. @animemom - thank you! The faceup was by Greenwolfy (that's her Flickr name) - it is gorgeous! I have the open-eyed head painted in the same style. Her work is amazing!

      Good luck with your DT Elf order! I hope it arrives soon!
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    4. Thanks. I am excited about her arriving. But well bank account is crying these days.
    5. My head is finally on its way. The body should arrive by end of the month. At least I hope so.
    6. I've purchased the Xiao Yu head second hand, and I'm hoping it put it on my Dollzone B60-005 body. I saw a hybrid example of the same body and another one of the Black Cherry heads in this thread, and it actually looked pretty good, so I'm hoping it'll turn out to be a workable hybrid for the Xiao Yu but I can't find measurements. I'll post pictures when I get the head. :aheartbea
    7. Hello all! Looking for advice! I’ve my black cherry xiao yu on dollstown elf body, but I am not completely happy with this hybrid. What do you think about Dollzone girl body 58 cm? Would it be a good option or it is too tall for that head? THANK YOU
    8. @Poppyfleaur I am interested to know about alternatives too. Can I ask what it is that bothers you about the hybrid? Is the head too small or too big for the body?
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    9. There are 2 things- body is not having a lot of posing abilities and hands are too big to my taste. The head looks a bit small, but that is manageable.
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    10. @Poppyfleaur - if you like the size of the Elf body, you might keep an eye on Bimong new 52cm body, which should be released shortly. It looks beautiful and very posable!

      He's making it for his new Dandelion heads, but since the original 7" Dandelion and Xiao Yu heads are pretty close in size it might work for you.
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    11. @StellaMarigold yes, thank you so much for advice, this body is definitely on my wish list. I love bimong dolls and recently bought MSD new body from him. It’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️
    12. Another possiblity is the Dollmore Zaoll body.
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    13. Thank you for advice ❤️❤️❤️
    14. Hey there everybody!! Has anyone ever tried putting a black Cherry Xiao Yu head on a Supia body??
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    15. This is my hybrid on the zaoll body.
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    16. @lenacat26 Ooh that looks perfect! I think Zaoll will be the way to go for me, thank you for sharing!

      @Poppyfleaur Yes I thought the hands looked too big too, thanks for letting me know your thoughts :)
    17. Looks very good, thank you for sharing ❤️❤️❤️
    18. Does anyone have a Bryan? I am really looking at him but I'd love to see owner pics. His profile is perfect, I love all the detail....
    19. I have my ns Kaorin on a Mystic Kids body and it's a perfect fit both head/neck and resin color. I'm not able to attach a photo at the moment, but I have a public picture of her in the gallery section if you're curious.
    20. Which color did you choose for the Mystic Kids body?