Blue Fairies of Bluefairy - Bluefairy SD sized dolls Discussion

May 24, 2011

    1. Have the pre-order pages always had the prices? A nude Bluefairy doll with no makeup or wig is priced at $430, and a fullset costs $610. I love the concept of a 60cm Bluefairy doll, but sadly I'm not enticed by either Alice or Diana.

      I hope that Bluefairy would release a special outfit and look for these preorders to entice more buyers. Also, the faces just dont capture me as much as most of their mini facemolds. In my eyes, Diana looks a lot like Volks Show, which is a doll that I've passed over many times.
    2. Their preorders for the standard choice sets when they release a new line or doll within a line always are just the Bluefairy uniform. From what I remember, the first preorders are a little cheaper than the eventual full release prices.

      They did have the white skin limited Diana sets released earlier this year.

      I think Alice is really cute and may think about getting her once she's released as a standard in the future. We'll have to see what else the right of the line brings.
    3. I'm thinking about ordering Winter Alice, I'm just not sure yet. I know I love Bluefairy dolls and that I would like a SD size doll, and this Alice seems very cute, but I'm not as smitten by her mold as I am by Olive mold for example. Plus there are not yet owners pictures of Alice, which doesn't help... I must decide quickly I suppose :).
    4. marionbearmaker, I agree, Winter Alice is lovely! Otherwise I'm not yet convinced about this size. :D Maybe 'couse I got many of Tinyfairy size dolls it takes time to get used to bigger Blue Fairies.
    5. Dropping by to share a photo of BF Alice.
      She's so pretty!!
    6. Wow, I do agree that Alice is very pretty. I actually prefer her more than Diana. I wonder why Blue Fairies aren't getting popular like their mini and tiny counterparts? I hope they release a boy mould soon. :aheartbea
    7. Waking up this thread a little. ^^ Bluefairy has two new Blue Fairies, girl Ever Lunar and boy Ever Daniel. What do you think? They are sold as Theme special so the fantastic outfits are included! Girl looks a little like Olive and boy seems to be a bigger verion of Louis. ^^ What do you think?
    8. I wonder how the glamorous body differs from the original Blue Fairy body. It appears that the legs might have more shape, and there might be more of a waist as well... if so, probably a big improvement. I wish they'd put up comparison pics or at least nude pics of the new bodies so that their customers could make better informed purchasing decisions. The boy looks quite sharp as well - I think BF is taking their large doll line in the right direction.
    9. They added a nude photo of Daniel but not for Lunar. And although I prefer my dolls to be 60cm or less, I caved and ordered Daniel.
    10. Wow, that's a manly body under that cute babyface! Nice that it's got two torso joints. A possibility for hybridizing if they ever start selling the bodies separately. I'm not that rabid about double-jointed arms, but a pair of torso joints? Lunar marsh, you have got to do some posing pics!
    11. I was all ohhh nice shoulder and wondered if it would work for my floating head then looked down and realized the poor boy appears to not have a penis. And then I was sad.

      But his face is still really cute.
    12. :? OMG!!! I didn't notice! Went and took a look, and even enlarged the View --

      The Tinyfairies are very modestly endowed (and turtleneck style). This fellow does have a slight bulge and some shadow area above and on the far side on the supersize view. He might have something equally modest and under-defined, but there definitely is something there.

      Lol, the pressure mounts on lunar marsh for clarification....
    13. I agree with you, hobbywhelmed, especially since it seems that even with the Pocket Fairys, they don't have any gender neutral bodies. Looks like he has a penis to me. And I'll be happy to provide photos once he arrives of the area in question, plus posing shots!
    14. I love Daniel! I've want a 'big' Bluefairy boy for years and his face is just what I had hoped for. Does Bluefairy take paypal?
    15. Sillypeach, yes, they have that option now. Check-out won't take you directly to PayPal. Instead, you get an order confirmation and BlueFairy will send you an email with payment instructions. Since I ordered on Friday, I'm assuming I'll get the email tomorrow - BlueFairy is closed on the weekends, isn't it?

      Editing to add that I never received an email from BF and had to post in Q&A for payment info. If you use the PayPal option, their PayPal address is [email protected].
    16. What a slow thread! But I guess there's not too many of these guys here. I'm looking forward to finally seeing Daniel in person but it looks like it will be a month or two before that happens. I want to get him something a little more dramatic to wear than the clothes he'll be coming with. And I'm so relieved I'm not tempted by the Bittersweet Olives - and am amazed that there's only a $93 difference in the pricing between these TF limiteds and the BF Ever Yours limiteds. I wish they'd offer the Bitter Olive outfit in a BF size!
    17. Blue Fairy told me that Daniel might start shipping next week!
    18. I know it is probably unlikely, but I figured I'd ask anyway.. Has anyone happened to have come across any pictures of Ever Lunar other than the ones on their site? I'm guessing she hasn't been shipped to anyone yet. I'm so close to ordering her but part of me wants to try and wait for some more photos first :|
    19. Ohh I forgot all about this thread!! I should post a photo of my Daniel and Alice to wake up this thread :D

      Their names are Lionel and Mary <3

      I find the male SD body's shoulders way too large, but otherwise his body is very nicely sculpted and poses well! The hands are the finest SD hands I've ever seen... but there are a few problems with the body: the way his knee joints are sculpted make it harder to bend his legs... I always have to pull the leg to bend them x__x And he falls back too easily from the hip joints! My fingers always slip into the between of the joints when it happens (it hurts like hell!) and I'm scared it will break my fingers someday :sweat... Is there a way to prevent this? Hot glueing his torso joint would only make it easier for him to bend back, I think...
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    20. shibya, they're both gorgeous! I can't wait to for my Daniel to arrive now. How about wiring him? I've tried it on one of my SD dolls with great results.