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May 24, 2011

    1. This may be a long shot, but does anyone have a Volks SD head and a Blue Fairy body? Could you maybe put them together for me? I'm curious to see the proportions and colors :)
    2. bronzephoenix - I never put Volks head on BF body since there's no way the resin color will match, unless BF misty rose skin. Here is Volks Lorina (NS) and BF Alice (NS).

    3. Hi Turbow! Yes, I see, BF resin is much pinker, isn't it! Thanks so much for the comparison, you're amazing.
    4. Now that there's a new boy(???!?!?) in the BF lineup, I'm wondering why Lunar and Daniel haven't been released as Choice or Special??

      Although it is SO not in the budget right now, does anyone have a pic of a Blue Fairy size and a Tiny Fairy size standing next to each other??? And where do you find clothes for these kids??
    5. peppermintsheep Lunar has been released as special on preorder, she will be available again soon. Daniel is the new boy as far as I know so they are releasing him as special but he'll be preorder only first.
    6. Oh, that "new" one is Daniel?? Yikes, I'm such a dumb daisy that as soon as they have new eyes/hair, I don't recognize them!! ^^;; When Lunar and Daniel move into "Choice", I wonder if they'd allow the kind of body switching that they do for the others-- Daniel might make a cute girl!!
    7. Lots happening on the Bluefairy front! Special/Choice Daniel and Lunar are now available as well as blank/make up heads and boy body in option parts, then we've got the sweet winter limiteds! Diana looks amazing and so sweet, but there's a new sculpt! Sweet winter Henry! He looks adorable, I wish he was Tinyfairy size! :(
    8. Jumping in here so I can torture myself with cuteness. I keep flip flopping on if Luna or Alice needs to come home or not. >_< I really need more girls in my family as I love to sew them frilly dresses of doom. Danial looks like he has lots of potential for different looks too, such a difficult decision. (Like I need yet another boy though, sheesh.) Visiting the website gets lots of "awe!" from me though. :3 (Crossing fingers maybe they'll come out for Dollism Plus because I'd love to see one in person.)

      Turbow - Your pictures just slay me whenever you share, you make every sculpt look so adoptable. :3
    9. Hello MacaronTea! This thread had been so quiet, I for one would love to see more owner photos! (Especially of Lunar, there are so few!)
      Alice and Lunar are both adorable sculpts, but I've liked all 4 of the sculpts they've released so far! I find it helps to look at the blank heads, I spent a long while considering buying one of these dolls but couldn't decide which, looking at the blank heads made me realise Alice is my favourite but since I have no 60cm dolls I haven't found the courage to buy her, besides, all my dolls are in WS so I would want her to be too. I really hope you get one, they're so sweet!
    10. Hello~~
      I would like to share my Lunar and ask some question about the BlueFairy Body~~

      This is my girl~~
      She is in normal skin and having the basic official MakeUp but I have change her eyes to other 20mm eyes.
      ( However I still not feel satisfied with her eyes... Hope in next year DP, I can find her some eyes shit her.

      I found that it is hard for her to turn her head up and down.
      Should I use sand paper to scrub her neck in order to make her neck slimmer so she can turn her head easily?
    11. I know it's been years since this thread has been active, but here's some news! Blue Fairy is discontinuing its current Blue Fairy sized dolls, but they are renewing them and will rerelease them at some point in the future. The order period is March 5 to March 9, 2018.

      Here's a link to the announcement.
    12. something interesting for anyone interested in the SD size at bluefairy~ i offhandedly asked if they were planning on rereleasing the BF line and here's what they told me...! "I think Blue fairy size Release SOON, we making now. :)"
      so... keep an eye out and start stuffing your wallets! xD
    13. Oh, that IS exciting -- I waffled for too long because I couldn't decide between Alice and Lunar, so of course I missed out on both of them. :doh I can't wait to see whether the earlier heads will be back, or new ones, or both . . .
    14. Oh man!!!! How exciting!!!
    15. Whoa!! On Instagram, Blue Fairy announced their “Monthly Special” for June is going to be Blue Fairy Miley!
    16. Ahhh, I'm so glad to see a Bluefairy size doll, but Miley is literally the only one I have already :lol: :doh They do seem to have redone the BF body; it's a "BF neo" body with double joints.

      Hopefully we'll continue to see more sculpts over time!
    17. How easy is it to shop for this size? I don't know anything about SD size, and frankly, the SD/SD10/SD13 sizing kind of freaks me out a little...

      (There's a Diana on Mandarake if you're interested.... ;)
    18. Bluefairies are easy to dress. Basically SD10/13 stuff is fine. I'd say they are a bit slimmer than a Volks SD10, so if you want something form-fitting, you might have trouble. But most stuff will work, and dresses are easy. You can see what my Miley wears on Insta.

      I'm interested in Alice :D But I haven't decided, I might want to just spoil my Miley XD


      Volks SD10 Girl
      • Height: 54cm
      • Head: varies
      • Chest: 24cm
      • Waist: 19.5cm
      • Hips: 26cm
      • Arm Length: 16cm (without hands)
      • Leg Length: 29cm
      • Foot Length: 6.5cm
      • Foot Width: 2.5cm
      Blue Fairy Neo Girl Body Size

      * height : 60cm
      * head : 8-9inch
      * arm : 17.5cm
      * chest : 23.5cm
      * waist : 17.3cm
      * hip : 28.5cm
      * leg : 31cm
      * foot : 7cm
      * foot width : 3cm
      * hand : 4.5cm
      * neck : 9.5cm
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    19. I didn’t see the edit. Thank you!!!! (I already follow your insta... I just don’t post anything orz)

      Maybe if a lot of people order Miley this month, Blue Fairy will put Alice out soon! And I did see the Neo Girl measurements on the website, but they failed to mention head size and eye size. I assume it’s an 18mm eye? Blue Fairy usually puts in a size just one size too big for my liking.

      I’m so excited about BF Miley, I don’t know how I’ll wait until September when they start shipping for June orders!
    20. OMGGGGGGG there's finally going to be a Blue Fairy-sized May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Dear customers,

      Please be informed of the July monthly pre-order as follow
      Order Period: July 8th, 17:00 - July 12th, 17:00 in Korean time (5 days)

      Please make sure to finish the payment by July 12th as any orders of payment overdue will be cancelled without notice.

      *Available types:

      BF - May (New)