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BlueBlood Doll Discussion

Apr 5, 2009

    1. These new boys are just gorgeous, never really considered this doll company until now.


      DoA Wiki: BlueBlood Doll
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      #1 tyviris, Apr 5, 2009
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    2. They are incredibey gorgeous; they seem to be quite an overlooked company. I think I first discovered them a few months back bit admittedly I don't recall which doll it was that caught my eye. To me; Silver and Waltz look almost the same I can't see much difference. Draven is the smiley one I think- which makes me laugh as that is my sons name and he can be such a grump :P
    3. Sorry, but who is who in these pics? Okay, nevermind, just found the answer myself, while browsing through their website. However, I'm a little confused now are they selling the complete doll or only the head?
    4. Looking at the cost for shipping and the info posted on their Q&A section, it seems like they are selling heads that are a resin match for Luts' bodies...

    5. $390 seems a bit steep for just a head. And if they are hybrids, I wish they were not all wearing high-neck long sleeves so you can see the resin match better. Shame, I was very tempted by Waltz.
    6. Wow, for a U.S. company, their heads are actually pretty good lookin'!
    7. Phew... 390 bucks for just a head + considering the fact that they are made to fit the white skin SDFs (which are not even available at present and who knows if or when they will ever be available again) seems too much for me. :?
    8. Silver Draven reminds me of Winona Ryder! LOL!
    9. Their previous dolls were indeed only heads, but these guys are full dolls with their own bodies (NOT Delf or SDF). Blue Blood Doll has added clay pictures to their front page:


    10. Message from Medusa:
      "To thanks the customers that had bought my original hand-casted doll head. We will offer you a 10% discount for one of our upcoming new full set dolls. We will email you the 10% discount info once these new full set dolls are available. Thank you so much for your support and for giving me the strenght and confidence to move forward. Thank you!"
    11. Interesting... those bodies look nice. I wonder if they'll be available separately...
    12. looks like a very good alternative for SDFs XD. i find i like the body~~ (though, the big boys lover in me is still wishing it was taller ahaha). i wish it's double jointed!
    13. Looks nice so far, here I am back considering Waltz ^^
    14. Ooh, I like them both. Would love to see more pics. And the bodies look great! I always judge the quality of a sculpt from its hands, and those hands look very nice. :D I also like the detail of the bellybutton, the proportions are pleasing, the musculature is not overdone... I am not sure which of the two boys' faces I prefer, both are really pretty. I think I lean toward Waltz because of his eye shape and cute pouty lips. I hope we will see larger photos though, the ones available are just a little blurry.
    15. I like Waltz a lot! He's got quite a look to him XD But the site says Draven's ears are pointed. I hope we can see pictures of those soon! Elves will be my downfall lol
    16. The heads are 23 cm... 9"? :O Hm..........

      I wonder how well they'd match MNM resin..... *rubs chin*

      Waltz is lovely, I agree. ^^ As is Draven but I'm not one for elves.
    17. And they're available now! With more pics too. :D Ooo, I'm liking Silver a lot more now, and Draven is so lovely in white skin. The body looks really impressive too. I'm definitely considering buying one of these lovelies! *glares at pitiful bank account*
    18. I really like the look of that body! I hope they offer it for sale separately. If the normal resin is a decent match, I'd love to get it for a floating head. Maybe my Peroth head? Poor guy has been bodiless for way too long.
    19. :O

      The new pics look great. I think I actually like Silver best now. Draven's growing on me too.

      I'm glad they are not limited. I think the limited-standard meaning is that they will only release in groups of 50 or 100, but there are an indefinite number of releases? I like the default faceups, but I'd love to see different faceups and/or owner pics for each of these boys.
    20. hmm, I wonder if they'd work on any girl bodies? *likes genderswapping molds*