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Blue Blood Doll was a company based in the United States of America that made ball-jointed dolls. They were founded in early 2008 by Medusa in order to create hand-casted doll heads. In 2009 they began offering complete dolls.

To date the company provides only 1/3 (62cm) Male dolls. All dolls were cast from Environmental Resin and are double-jointed. The use of Environmental Resin gives the dolls a slightly translucent quality in their skin tone, aiding in making the dolls look more realistic.

Doll lines

  • Standard Limited Edition Dolls - Edition size is generally limited to a total of 100 pieces.
  • Special Limited Edition Dolls - Edition size varies from 2-20.

Doll sculpts

Standard limited edition dolls

  • Draven (Natural Peach Skin, Human Ears)
  • Draven (White Skin, Elf Ears, No longer being offered)
  • Silver (Natural Peach Skin)
  • Valentine (Natural Peach Skin)
  • Waltz (Natural Peach Skin)

Special limited edition

  • Draven, Black Diamond (Limited to 2)
  • Draven, Geisha Edition (Limited to 2, sold out)
  • Draven, Rock Star Edition (Limited to 6, sold out)
  • Draven, Vampire Edition (Limited to 2, sold out)
  • Silver, Kimono Edition (Limited to 3, sold out)
  • Waltz, Kimono Edition (Limited to 4, sold out)
  • Valentine, 1st Anniversary Doll (Limited to 20, sold out)
  • Valentine, The Pilot (Limited to 2)