Bobobie/Resinsoul 1/6 human discussion - part 5

Feb 15, 2014

    1. So... Do we have a pic of all the hands for this size? Tried to get it from Sun but no dice.
    2. Heya, not replied in this thread for a while now! I sold on my Ni to someone more experienced with modding as I couldn't get her eyes to work no matter what. I got a Bei and managed to hit Chinese New Year so it was 45+ days wait. I got her like a week ago, no face-up but with body blushing. Her eye sockets seemed fine from the quick glance I gave her before she was shipped to her face-up artist. Her name is Yue for now.

      Has anyone seen the new Nian? Those are some really subtle elf ears, almost Tolkien-esque.

      @Arashi Uchiha I have those identical clothes, lmao. My Bei has a massive box of Barbie/Azone/Licca/Blythe and even some slightly baggy MNF clothes for layering.

      @babs64 I have absolutely no idea where to find shoes. 1/6 size (5 cm) are massive, 1/8 are too small, Licca/Azone/Momoko are also too small. I might give Azone a shot since they're 3.5 cm and see if I can force her feet in.
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    3. Thanks so much, sorry about Ni not working out but yay for Bei!

      And yes on the clothes for sure. XD Gene has so much clothes, I kind of went nuts when I got him since I knew what size he was.

      I saw Nian, like the day after I ordered my boy. She's definitely on my list I could see a ton of character opportunities from her. >w< So freaking cute.

      Since it's warming up more now I plan to take the twins out for a photoshoot soon.
    4. Blythe clothes fit the Resinsoul YoSD? I've been looking everywhere for someone that sews for Katie (my RS Ni), and there's person on all of Etsy...but there seem to be a ton of folks sewing for Blythe

      Edit: Just looking at measurements, and I wonder if Pullip Taeyang clothes would fit the Resinsoul 27cm...
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    5. Yup, she has middie/neo blythe clothes, whatever that is (idk anything about blythe dolls). Some fit, some take a while to work, depends on the clothes themselves. She also has PKF sized bloomers & wigs. Super cheap doll to clothe overall, I'm pretty sure the most expensive full outfit she has was £10.
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    6. Presenting Ignacious (Iggy for short. He is a Bao). I dyed him myself and spent 10 hours on Saturday painting him. I also made the wig. I will be making him clothes and accessories too. <3

      2018-04-21 23.14.47
      by Heather, on Flickr

      He was born from a volcano and is a fire imp. I tried to paint him so he looks like lava.
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    7. Mirabilis' List of 'How do I dress this thing?!'
      Updated: 02 May 2018

      I looked into my doll clothes and sorted what fits by doll. Note, this is all for the female single-joint body, default for Bei & Ni. The double-jointed body is chunkier and might not fit some of these!

      - Neo Blythe - Might struggle with trousers due to larger feet on Resinsoul.
      - Middie Blythe - Dresses fit, a bit tight on the chest but not much. Make for cute short dresses on Resinsoul.
      - ICY Doll - A supposedly Chinese knock-off of Blythe, some consider it its own doll. Up to debate. Clothes same as Neo.
      - Barbie - Dresses are fine, tops can be tight around the chest, really random. Trousers are fine, but again as long as they're not super tight.
      - Takara Jenny - I assume same as Barbie, I don't have any Jenny clothes myself.
      - Momoko - Same as Barbie.
      - Licca - Fine.
      - Azone - Fine.
      - Pullip - Same as Blythe.
      - Monster High - Forget it. Wigs fit though, as they're the same size as PKF.
      - Action Figure (1/6) - Hit & miss. Some look huge, others are fine.
      - BJD (1/4) - Moe MNF clothes fit as a bit baggy, I use normal MNF clothes for layering/baggy look.
      - BJD (1/6) - I don't have many YoSD clothes, but the few I have fit. Trousers/leggings are usually too wide and short.
      - BJD (1/8) - Wigs. If you want a wig for your 1/6 Resinsoul and don't know what fits, they wear 5-6'', or PKF sized wigs. Some elastic bottoms also fit!
      - **Bunny Bunny - Sold by TTYA. Bunnyx2 is a 35cm doll by nine9style whose clothes should theoretically fit RS.
      - **Bunny Rabbit - Alright, this one requires more explanation. It's only for cheap clothes off Aliexpress. There's a a bunch of £2-3 clothes for this 30cm plush doll that should theoretically fit RS. I have some on the way and will update this accordingly. Update: They do not fit, would make cute dresses for 1/4 though!

      Where to buy this stuff:

      - Your usual BJD shops should have 1/6 clothes in stock.
      - TTYA sells Momoko/Blythe/Bunnyx2. They're also on Etsy.
      - Etsy - Duh. I've been thinking of trying some Curvy Barbie clothes. Best place for PKF wigs.
      - Taobao - You no longer need agents for Taobao, see if the sellers ships internationally. Same warning as Aliexpress applies.
      - Aliexpress - Beware recasters! A lot of shops that sell cheap 1/6 clothes are also recast sellers, venture at your own risk and use your judgement whether you'd be willing to purchase from them. If you're going to Aliexpress, search search search. Lots of shops sell the same clothes at vastly different prices. If you're paying more than £20, you're either getting a very high quality outfit, lots of stuff with it, or getting scalped.
      - eBay - Lots of people sell their old Barbie clothes in bulk! Do not buy stuff from China on eBay, check Aliexpress first. They're scalping you.
      - Amazon - Same as eBay, do not buy from Chinese sellers without checking Aliexpress.

      Note on shoes:

      The bane of my existence, I know that no fashion doll shoes fit, with them being 2.5 cm (25 mm). Shoes for 1/6 dolls are massive at 5 cm (50 mm), when RS is 4 cm (40 mm) foot.
      Update: 44mm shoes are a perfect fit! Might even be too tight for socks. Any 44-45mm shoe should fit! friggin hallelujah

      Shops for shoes that might fit:
      - Juju's Dolly Mall sells all kinds of shoes for good prices and is located in the USA. They do not seem to underdeclare or mark as gift for international buyers, but I doubt you'd get hit by customs if you buy the occasional pair. Postage costs more than the shoes for the UK, which seems to be the recent case for stuff from the USA (wtf happened lol). -
      - Leekeworld Size D Shoes are 45 mm and should fit a bit better, though they vary from $26 to $83.
      - MNF Moe line shoes should fit at 42-45 mm. This Etsy shop is located in Spain, they have a wide selection of Moe line shoes. Shipping to the UK is £5. - Summomo by summomo82
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    8. Thank you for the info @Mirabilis Very useful!
    9. Update: Just received my Bunny Rabbit clothes, they are not a fit. Very baggy especially around the chest, would make a very cute short dress for 1/4 though!
    10. [​IMG]

      Made the twins some summer attire. I think they quite like it. (Gene's not too pleased about his sister stealing his jeans though.)
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    11. Hey guys! Does anyone here owns a Nian? If so, could you tell me what is his eye size?
    12. [​IMG]

      The twins are committed to their favorite job - driving Avalon insane.
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    13. Could I please see a (nude) body comparison of the different yosd bodies?

      Particularly interested in girls with double joints, but seeing all of them would be nice.

      Even just seeing one body on its own would be great - it seems the company photos have completely disappeared, which is annoying.
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    14. I only have Bei for the girls (on the SJ body), but here's one of the photos I took after doing her blushing/sueding/restringing:

      [​IMG]Blushed and Sueded by vicemage, on Flickr

      (I also have some head-swap comparisons with the boy body/Bao head here: Comparison )
    15. Thankyou!
      The blushing adds so much extra to the doll, lovely :3

      Edit, to avoid double posting:
      Do the double jointed bodies still have no hand-hooks?
      And how does the lack of s-hook in the wrist affect the doll?
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    16. I can't say anything about the DJ bodies, unfortunately, but the main issue I've had with the lack of s-hooks was in stringing. Cete's hands are tied onto her strings with strong sewing thread, because she just doesn't have room in her wrists for a hook, and tying the hands in place is a lot trickier than hooking them on. But her mobility with them isn't bad, a little restricted just from design but she's still cute and can manage nice enough poses.
    17. Does anybody know if you can get a less mature chest piece for the double jointed Zi body? I'm hoping to get some of these little ones to add to my collection but I want them to be younger girls. I'm so used to double jointed bodies on my MSD's, I'm not sure I'd be happy with a single jointed one now. Also does anyone have the Bei, Spring or Autumn head on the Zi body? Would love to see them as those are the ones I'm thinking of getting.
    18. This is my Bei on Zi, I've had her for a few years now. While she is supposed to be older (She's 17) with baggy clothes she actually can pass for an immature body. You could also ask Sun for a custom bust piece. I know he's done pretty much every type of custom order under the actual sun so if you really want an immature bust plate for her you could. I actually really like the double jointed body - enough that when I bought my Summer I got him on the Xu body.


      Edit: Actually come to think of it you could probably ask Sun if he could possibly use the Xu bust piece instead. (Asking for the one they use for Ni or Bei won't work, the Zi body is a lot thicker. As in, she doesn't fit Barbie or Live clothes very well. It's hit or miss. She generally fits clothes for Ken better. (I've been trying to find "Curvy" Barbie clothes out of curiosity to see if the new "one size fits most" works for Zi's)
    19. I am getting a Zi body with a flatter bust piece, Sun was perfectly happy to do that ^^
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    20. Thanks @Arashi Uchiha that's useful to know and good to know you like the double jointed body, I'm pretty sure that's the one I'll be going for. Your Bei is very cute, is she light tan? I'll probably end up trying to make clothes for my girls as by the time I've bought them and customs has no doubt stung me I won't have a lot of funds left but have got plenty of fabric here. :lol:

      Ooo that's excellent @astromayhem So it is possible! :celebrateAre you just getting a body or are you getting a head as well? If funds will stretch that far I'm thinking of getting Autumn in dark tan, Spring in normal and Bei in grey, all on Zi bodies with flatter bust pieces. Just need to pluck up the courage to email Sun for a price, see if I've saved enough yet!