Bobobie/Resinsoul 1/6 human discussion - part 5

Feb 15, 2014

    1. I have 3 Zi bodies and 3 Xu bodies (with off topic heads). Their bodies fit Barbie and Ken clothes. I avoid tight waists on Barbie clothes and too broad shoulders on Ken clothes and do well with stretch fabrics. I have 3 boxes of clothes, so much fun. They also live in a plywood house I designed that is scaled to Barbie.
    2. Welcome!
      Yep she's Light Tan, I just love how RS does their tan resin, it's such a warm color.

      I make most of Vala's clothes myself, the most I really spend money on is for shoes for her haha XD And her jeans are ken pants since she's a pain sometimes. I wish you luck!
    3. Well I did it I emailed Sun and and he said I can have Pixiu's bust piece instead of Zi's and I've got enough money saved for the three dolls I wanted so I've ordered them! Now for the waiting.

      @Mahgiep Sounds like you like the bodies then :3nodding: That's useful to know about the clothes, thanks. Your house sounds like fun!

      @Arashi Uchiha I will have a light tan doll one day, just haven't quite decided which one yet, still choosing between another MSD or maybe another of these 1/6. I have 2 more 1/6 on my wish list, then just need to decide which tan doll to get, then I will have the full set of 12 Resinsoul colours. I said I was going for the full set when I started collecting them and I've nearly done it. :wiggle
      Yep shoes and probably wigs will be the biggest expense for me with these dolls I think. I can't make shoes and I don't think I can make wigs, although if the customs man is too cruel I might end up having to have a go. :lol:
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    4. With my 1/6's with the exception of Gene they both wear Liv doll wigs and I found shoes pretty cheaply on ebay. My trio of yo-sd's all their shoes were about 6 bucks combined (1.99 a pair)
    5. Wonder if Bobbie NS matches Dollzone normal pink? I have a plan for a 1/6 doll
    6. Hm, I'm not sure it would. BBB/RS NS is pretty peachy. You could ask Sun for a custom resin match though.
    7. Dollzone is a fair bit paler - and more pink based than BBB's more orangey normal.

      Body blushing, or even blushing a head, can make a huge difference though :)
    8. [​IMG]

      I need to photograph Vala more and get her some new clothes. I feel like I neglect her sometimes. So here's a pic of my favorite Earth elf modeling an MSD shawl I made. (Wanted to see how big it was on her and how I'd have to adjust the pattern to fit her. Yeah, this thing is way too big for her but it looks so snuggly and cute)
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    9. The Xu head - what wig size does it need?
      It's listed with the same measurements as Bao but I'm fairly sure it's slightly larger.
    10. My new dolls arrived today after a long wait! :) It took 7 weeks for them to be dispatched after my order was confirmed and then a further week for them to get here, although 3 days of that were spent in customs, waiting to be cleared. Thankfully I didn't get any charges this time so I'm happy. I don't know how anyone waits 6 months or a year for new dolls I'd be going crazy, this has been bad enough!:lol:

      Here's a quick phone photo, not the best but didn't have time for anything better today.

      [​IMG]IMG_20181005_210728 by DragonHeart, on Flickr

      Bei decided she was having the blue boots already!

      I love them, the resin colours are awesome. Bei and Autumn have a slight problem with their right feet however, they don't move freely, they are quite stiff and only move a small distance left and right. I'm not sure if it's because they are strung too tightly on that leg or if the s hooks might be rubbing on the resin inside the leg possibly? Hopefully it can be fixed or they will both have slight disabilities as I'm not sending them back! I'll just have to learn how to restring them I guess! :aeyepop:
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    11. Give their elastic a bit of time to relax. After a lot of playin and pulling, they'll loosen right up. Gene's legs are pretty tightly strung too.

      Vala's being the responsible shortest young adult and watching out for the little ones while they play. (and interacting nicely with their brother despite their differences.)

      (Vala's the same height as them but she's actually 17 - it's unintentional but it's right in line with her literature self who's also the shortest)
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    12. Hello everyone! I'm looking into getting a Zi body fora hybrid and I was just wondering if you guys thought the double jointed body would work okay for a small MSD head. I was planning to mod the limbs a bit longer.
      I have several 29-32cm dolls and had wanted to get a doll more in that range.
      Do you guys think Zi would work for that with some mods?
    13. Thanks @Arashi Uchiha. That might work with Autumn as her right leg is strung a lot tighter than her left one. With Bei I think I'm going to have to buy a needle file and do some sanding, as there is definitely a lump of extra resin inside the leg that the s hook is catching on stopping the foot from turning more than 90 degrees. Looks like your trio are having Halloween fun! Love all the props and especially love the orange dress.

      @Nyxy Zi has a 14cm head, my Autumn and Spring have 15cm heads and look fine on the Zi body. If you get an MSD head that's not much bigger than 15cm I think it would work ok on the Zi body without it looking out of proportion. I don't know anything about modding limbs though as I've never tried it.
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    14. Thank you for your help @DragonHeart
      Your dolls are super cute, congrats on their arrival!
      I'm trying to find out how big the head will be (it's off topic here as it's artist cast) so fingers crossed that she'll work!
    15. You might want to look at the neck size to make a hybrid. Sometimes sanding will be needed for it to work, and sometimes it just doesn't fit no matter.... but I hope it does work!
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    16. @mollym thanks! :)
      Part of the mods will likely be to leangthen the neck also so as long as the difference is not too big I can just re sculpt the top of the neck so it fits the head!
      Edit: the head is about 16.5cm. I think I can make it work!
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    17. [​IMG]

      The twins are definitely ready and excited for Christmas. (And Gene can't help but try to peek. Vala... was camera shy)
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    18. I ordered my Zi body! Hope everyone is having a good holiday!
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