Bobobie/Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls discussion part 2

Jul 15, 2012

    1. Shoes/boots are a difficult thing for these little guys and gals, I had to make the boots for my elfkin boy since finding the right ones in the right size is tricky. I believe that they can fit into pukifee shoes or the off topic hujoo baby shoes if there is something there that fits the style you are looking for, though they may need socks with some of them, your best bet would probably be to hunt somewhere like etsy or ebay for them.
      Congrats on your Yu (think Yu is adorable) Good luck! Hopefully this helps some or if not, someone else can chime in with some other suggestions.
    2. Hello and welcome bruiseddollie :) I have a Yu and the only place I could find any boots (unfortunately I don't remember them having white) was Nubanded on etsy. Others here might have other options but that's all I could find.I hope that helps.
    3. ooo! I just had a look at their shop and oh my gosh they have some adorable stuff as well as the shoes! Thank you for reccomeding it!
    4. Oooh, thank you! I'll have a look!!
    5. Your very welcome :3nodding:
    6. Warning: The doll isn't wearing any clothes in my picture.

      I got my little Yu today, I ordered through Junky Spot so I got a bunch of freebies too including socks lol. She came in the little yellow bag. I'm going to be sewing some clothes and getting a wig for her soon. [​IMG]

      Click the above if you want to see all the freebies I got with the doll. ;)

      I'm pretty excited about little Yu. My plans are to make her look like our oldest. I already have a doll that I made look like our youngest.
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    7. Awe, she's so cute :) I love my Yu, too. Sounds like you have a great plan, can't wait to see pictures.
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    8. Oh she's so sweet! Can't wait to see how you fix her up!
    9. Well I made her dress. It has purple sparkle tulle on top of purple cotton fabric. One of the sparkle spots ended up in her hand in this picture. Then underneath is black. Then I made a purple bow out of the same cotton material. This dress looks pretty close to a dress my oldest daughter has in her closet and would wear every day if I let her lol. I still need to find a wig for her. I'm trying to find a red auburn straight long wig, the reds I'm finding just don't match that color meh.

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    10. She looks so pretty :) clk89. That purple dress looks darling on her. Hmm...I may have to try something in purple on my little Yu.
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    11. So very quiet in here.
      Yesterday was my Elfkin Leif's first birthday. Since he is the first bjd I ordered, though his wait was longer than anticipated (from Sept to the following May) he was not the first to arrive. I do still consider him my first in a lot of ways though, and since it was his birthday my sis and I celebrated with taking dolls out to the flowers that are finally in bloom and getting a few pics, this is one of my absolute favorites of my birthday boy. :)
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    12. Hey everyone!
      I'm very seriously considering a BBB tiny (I love the green and I wanna make my little goblin girl), and she'd be my first tiny if I go for her, so I was wondering-- what size eyes do these little cuties usually wear?
    13. I believe their eye size is around 8mm but depending on the doll you can usually go up or down a size or two depending on the look you are going for. Which one are you looking into getting? I currently have an Elfkin boy and I've got a Moony girl working on getting made.
    14. I'm thinking probably Yu! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
    15. No problem I remember how hard of a time I had finding info when I was ordering Leif (elfkin) seems that it's still really hard to find info on these little ones despite the fact that they're all so cute.
    16. They're adorable, I'm surprised I haven't seen more of them!
    17. I just got the shipping notice for my green Yu! I'm very excited for my little goblin, I've been calling her "the goblette" while I figure out her name, we'll see what she settles into
    18. Congrats! So excited for you, please post pics of your little one once she arrives.
      Still haven't heard any news on my little Moony, but I'm not really surprised with the wait her brother Leif gave me.
    19. @TwistedRiver I will! I've been starting a doll blog, I'll definitely do a full box opening and review post over there!
    20. She's here! Her box opening is here, I'll post some photos once I've made her her own clothes. She's so cute, I've been loving having her just chilling next to me while I work on things. She desperately needs new eyes, though, I'm only a fan of the ones she came with at one very specific angle