Bobobie/Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls discussion part 2

Jul 15, 2012

    1. Yay! Congrats! She sure is a cutie and her color is gorgeous. Makes me even more excited for my little girl as she will be my first 'fantasy' color skin if you don't count white and it seems Bobobie/resinsoul know how to do it right. Gretchen would be an adorable name but I get what you mean about names not sticking sometimes.
      Hope you'll share more pics as you work on getting her just right.
    2. @TwistedRiver I will! I've already made her a little faux suede dress, which looks much better than the MSD shirt I stuck her in initially. I want to give it another try, it's sized a little oddly, but it's a start. And her wig's on its way, so I've got that to look forward to as well.
    3. I brought her home with me for Thanksgiving break, so I've had a lot of time and options to take cute photos of her, here's one of my favorites of the ones I took last night!

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    4. Jumping in because I'm now the owner of a Sky Blue Resinsoul Yu! I got her second-hand from a friend who was down-sizing their collecting. I've no idea how old she is, but I hear she's greyed a lot from her original blue, but that's okay with me!

      No photos yet because I have nothing for her, but she's gonna be Luna the little space elf. Someday she'll get one of those pretty galaxy/nebula-themed faceups with purple, turquoise, pink, etc

      Where the beans do you find wigs for these little guys? 3-4" seems to be a practically non-existent size, and nobody seems to make them either. I also really don't want a faux fur wig for her, I'd really prefer fibre (can't do mohair/alpaca/animal hair due to allergies).
      I would've run straight to ForMyDoll, but they seem to be gone (they haven't replied to their Q&A for at least 6 months, and all their pre-order/custom order wigs have been "sold out" for months...)
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    5. That's a really hard size for fiber wigs. I have heard good things about Monique Gold wigs though. Sorry I'm not much help as my little elfkin and his sister when she finally ships have fur wigs till I have the time/supplies to custom make yarn wigs for them.
    6. DDE has some Leekeworld 3s and 4/5s in stock, if that helps at all!
    7. So excited! Got my shipping notice for my little Mooney Aspen and she should arrive Thursday if holiday mail doesn't slow her up! :dance
    8. Congrats @TwistedRiver ! What resin color did you get her in?
    9. I got her in lilac skin, I think if pictures are anything to go by it will be a nice contrast to her brother, my white skinned elfkin.
    10. That sounds amazing! I love RS/BBB's fantasy colors <3
    11. I do too and I'm excited to see her in person since unless you count white she'll be the first fantasy skinned doll I've seen outside of photos.
    12. Sorry for the double post but its been a few days and I need to share my excitement.:dance Aspen finally arrived today after bouncing around my city for the past few days. Her color does look different in person but the shade she is is stunning. Need to restring her when I find the time (probably after the holiday madness :treecookie) but I have plenty of elastic left over from when I restrung Leif so that won't be a problem. No pics yet since its miserable weather outside and the indoor lighting isn't much better. But there definitely will be some when I get the chance.
    13. Congratulations!! The lilac is lovely, although it is really different in person than in pictures, in my experience.

      And my Fern is excited to see another Moony. :)


      BTW, Monique does have some very nice 3-4 wigs in the 'gold' collection. Most of their wigs have a bit of 'stretch'.
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    14. Ooh Fern is so precious! I love that green! Can't wait till I can get some pics of Aspen, and fix her some suitable clothing. The more I look at her the happier I am with her color as surprised as I was at first by the difference to the photos, it really is so pretty. I ordered a fur wig for her from DDE when I ordered her figuring I can always make one later, but I will definitely keep the Monique Gold ones in mind.
      Now I just h have to wait for good face up weather so I can make a few adjustments to her default face up, mostly just adding a little extra shimmer to her horn.
    15. Fern is so cute! My local group had a holiday swap meet, and I just realized I never posted the picture I took of Gretchen in her new winter gear!

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    16. Oh, that's realy adorable!! Green Christmas elves are the best!!!

      Here's Fern in her winter outfit. It's the same wig, but it had to be tamed a bit so she could wear her hat. :XD:

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    17. Sorry for the crappy quality pic, but I had to share my new girl. When it starts warming up again I'm going to add to her face-up a little, but for now, the company face-up suits Aspen well enough. Even with needing her stringing adjusted I still managed to get her standing and she just settled into this pose.
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    18. She's adorable - I love her pose, she's an elf with attitude for sure! :XD:
    19. Thanks so much!
      Yes she is definitely 'little miss attitude', much to her little brother's dismay.:XD: and she's carved out a place in my heart quickly, that's for sure. Can't wait till I have the time to do more work on her.
      Still wish these little ones were easier to find/make shoes for.
    20. Fern came with a pair of shoes that I think may have been made for Lati yellow. They're slightly too wide for her feet, but they do stay on. (I think they would look better with socks, but I'm too lazy to make her any...)