Bobobie/Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls discussion part 2

Jul 15, 2012

    1. My Bobobie Elfkin arrived on the winter solstice, but I just now got to take and upload some pictures of him (more can be found here or in his profile). He's a little moon spirit named Gibby:

      I ordered a 4/5 Leekeworld from DDE for my little guy and it didn't fit him at all (way too big even with a wig cap - though the 4/5 wig cap fit perfectly). I'm curious to see if a 3 would work, but he's just going to have to make do with his fur wig for now.
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    2. I have some little mary janes for my pukifee and I haven't tried them on Aspen yet but I'll have to. I've got some socks so if they did fit alright and not look like she's wearing clown shoes I'll have to order a few more pairs.

      Gibby is adorable! Hope to see more of him.
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    3. Thank you so much! And I got a pair of boots for him that seem to fit pretty well if you're looking for shoes (on the Fabric Friends and Dolls site).
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    4. Ooh thanks so much! I will definitely check those out! Been trying to make my elfkin Leif boots since he arrived and so far in a year and a half all I've learned is that I suck at making boots.:XD:
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    5. Hope you can find or make some boots that work for him! You are far more patient than I am. xD
    6. He's adorable.
      I've had a lantern in one of my closets for AGES from back when I mainly worked dollhouse scale - it was intended as a room for my wizard. I forgot all about it until I saw your pictures of Gibby.
      Now I'm thinking maybe I could make it into a fairy home instead. :)
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    7. That would be so amazing! :D Please post pictures if/when you do!
    8. My little RS Yu kept me company today.

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    9. @KimC what a cutie! Where did you find her shirt?
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    10. Thank you so much GracefulWings :) I believe I got her outfit from Newbanded on Etsy. It' the Pukifee/Lati Yellow size.
    11. I just put in my order for a modded sky blue Yu!! I've been searching everywhere for pictures of a sky blue Yu to no avail! You'll have to share some pics when you've got her all set up! <3

      Hope it's okay to bump this thread! I'm so excited to get my little Yu; any Yu spam (fantasy colors more than welcome especially!) :D
    12. My Yu got here a couple days ago! I named her Zea.
      Isn't she a cutie pie? However, I have a question. Does anyone else's Yu have uneven... idk what to call these... leg slits? Like this.
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    13. She is precious! I'm sorry I can't be much help with you're question about her legs, I've got two Bobobie tinies but I haven't added a Resinsoul to my doll family yet. Congrats on Zea's arrival and I hope you'll share lots of pics.
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    14. Congratulations on your new arrival. Zea's a cutie!!!
      I don't have a RS tiny (yet - I'm waiting on a Dian) but are you sure the problem is with the knee, and not with the hip? Maybe if you rotate the leg slightly at the hip joint the knees will straighten. I've had that happen with other (not RS/BBB) dolls.
    15. Thanks! The issue is her hip, not her knee. It works fine, but looks uneven. I had a picture but the mods deleted it because I didn't know you can only have one photo per post in this section.
    16. I see what you mean now. My BBB Moony doesn't have that issue, but I haven't got a RS in this size yet. I would imagine it's something in the current mold they're using for Yu, though...

      One of my 1/6 RS dolls has a hip joint that keeps turning sideways so the knee is turned in, and I thought that was what you were referring to. I didn't see the link...
      (I solved the issue with a bit of hot glue, and now it's fine.)
    17. This might be a shot in the dark, but does it perhaps help her cross her legs in some way? Or perhaps the mold slipped a bit / used a different one but worked fine so didn't bother switching it out? Not sure, I'll let you know when my RS Yu gets here ! <3
    18. Thank you for the help. As long as she isn't defective it doesn't bother me. You have to look close to see it. I found some owner pics that the legs seem pretty much the same. Has anyone tried clothes meant for Lati Yellow on Yu? The measurements for Lati Yellow are a bit bigger, but I'm not sure if the dress would be too big or just not as fitted as on Lati Yellow.
    19. Hi aliengem :3nodding: I have bought Lati yellow / Pukifee clothing because I have Pukifees too and they fit just a little loose on my Yu but not bad. I bought them from an Etsy seller called Newbanded. I hope that helps :)
    20. Hi friends! About a month away until my little girl is shipped! <3 I'm hoping to start a little wardrobe for her, but was wondering if the Yu doll fits Pukifee or LatiYellow better? Especially when it comes to pant sizes? I found an Etsy seller who sells both PukiFee & LatiYellow leggings & was hoping to see which might be a better fit. Thank you all! <3

      Also, I'd love some Yu spam if anyone's got pics to share! Let's show off these cuties!! :D
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