Bobobie/Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls discussion part 2

Jul 15, 2012

    1. Hi, to be honest the sellers that I get my Yu clothes from sell their clothes as interchangeable with LatiYellow/Pukifee so I don't think there's much of a difference in size. My Pukifee and little Yu wear their clothes interchangeably. The Pukifee bodies are just slightly bigger than Yu's. I can't say anything for the Lati yellow as I don't own one but I would assume the body size is similar. Shoe size is a different story. Yu's feet are very danty compared to Pukifee so you might want to compare Yu's foot measurements to small shoes you can find. I got most of my tiny clothes from Nubanded on Etsy and was able to find shoes by them in their shop too. Good luck and happy shopping :3nodding:
    2. Here is my Little Yu in an outfit by EnchantedDaydreams and the shoes are from Nubanded.

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    3. Yeah, I knew they were very closely the same size range, but the reference photo seemed to make them either look a little different (or I'm crazy! lol!) I thought perhaps one seem went higher up between the legs or something, so was wondering if there was any sliiiiight difference / enough to choose one "style" more than the other! Here is the photo I mentioned btw:


      What a sweetheart! I think I've actually seen your little girl on insta, she's adorable!! I love her little shoes and the wig color is perfect!! :D
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    4. Thank you so much TheLostPrincess!! Oh, I've not seen the comparison before. There does seem to be a slight difference. It looks like maybe the legs are longer on the Lati Yellow. I looked at body size comparisons back when I first got Yu and since I already have two Pukifee I thought that they were close enough to fit them and Yu. Of course they are just slightly baggy but that's ok with me since Yu is a little elf tryng to fit in the human world even tho' she knows she doesn't quite look the part. There's also the option of sewing clothes for her yourself or I know some Etsy sellers will give you the option of customizing a size. Whatever you decide I'm sure she'll look amazing
    5. I don't know about Pukifee clothes, but I bought a Lati Yellow dress for my girl and it is quite large but workable on her.
    6. @TheLostPrincess I'm also looking at GuguModa stuff for my sky blue Resinsoul Yu. I'm tempted to go with the Lati Yellow leggings, because according to the measurements I have for Pukifee and Lati Yellow, and measurements I've taken of my RS Yu, I think the length of the Lati Yellow leggings will be better.

      I've got 5.3cm for Pukifee legs, 6.2cm for Lati Yellow legs, and 5.5-6cm for Resinsoul Yu legs. The problem is that both the Puki and Lati measurements are from me adding "waist to knee" and "knee to hip" measurements (IDK why no one does hip to floor....), so there's probably some wiggle room.

      I can confirm that GuguModa's little onesie/PJ things fit RS Yu though! (Pukifee/Lati Yellow size)
      Luna in GuguModa Onesie02
      by Alchemist's Fire, on Flickr

      The thing I'm really stuck on for my little one is a wig. I know she's too small for 5-6" by a long shot, but I'm not sure whether I should be looking for 3-4", 4" or 4.5"...which is also like the hardest size to find D:
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    7. Ah, I'll have to let you know how pukifee sizes fit, then, cos I bit the bullet and got that size!! lol!! But I love EVERYTHING in her shop, it's all so cute! I also got a onesie (currently worn by my pukifee!)

      Was really hoping my lil one would be here by now! Sun said ~50 days (which would have been April 6th :() and I'll be going to a BJD expo on Friday!! Hopefully she sneaks in on time so we can hopefully find a wig there!!! :D <3 Also, what a little cutie you've got! Love seeing RS Yu pics !!! <3
    8. I kind of want to go and get a bobobie elfkin and a resinsoul yu. They're so cute. <3
      I'm not sure what color to get them in, though - they're all so lovely.
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    9. @Epona are there particular colors you're considering?
    10. I think I want to get at least one in green, so I can have a cute little goblin! For the other one, I was thinking I could get them in green as well, or maybe a different fantasy color (probably blue, grey or purple) or just a normal fleshy color. I have a cocoriang rehreh who is a forest troll and I want to get a realfee coco who will be part of this tiny little fae-related group so I've been mulling it over.
      Cocoriang & Fairyland don't really do too much for special colors so the temptation of something special is strong. XD
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    11. @Epona I have a green Yu, so I'm quite biased towards that particular combo, but I think they're cute in every fantasy color! A lot of ResinSoul/Bobobie's fantasy colors look a lot nicer in real life than they do in their photos, if that helps at all
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    12. I second what GracefulWings said Bobobie/Resinsoul colors are very different in person than their stock photos, so I'd recommend trying to find owner pics if you can to get a better idea. I have a white skin elfkin and a lilac moony and while my elfkin Leif matched stock photos with his color, Aspen my moony looks like a very different color so I was a bit surprised at first but if anything I think her skin tone is much prettier in person than any of the stock photos I've seen.
      I do think their fantasy colors are well worth the cost and all the owner pics I've seen seem to show them off better. Bobobie/Resinsoul does fantasy skin right imho, I just wish they'd update their photography to show more of the potential these little sweeties have because most of the stock pics I've seen really seem to not show just how beautiful these colors are.
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    13. Hi everybody! I'm considering getting a BBB Yu (love the head sculpt) but was wondering about the quality (posability and resin) since I already have other tinies (see in my signature) from more expensive companies. Wouldn't I be disappointed in comparison? Also, I'm planning on tan or dark tan, if anybody has any?And what about face up? Company face up is good, or would you suggest blank doll? Thank you for sharing:)
    14. Hey @AnnaDolly! I like my Yu a lot, but she's definitely a little frustrating to pose, especially compared to my Pukifee. I think the resin quality's fine-- I have a dark tan Rong, actually, and she's gorgeous and completely seamless. I think the company faceups are fine in general, but a little generic, and I think they're standardized across resin colors and can look a little fevered on certain dolls.
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    15. Hi! While I haven't gotten my doll yet, I own a BBB Ariel (on a DollLeaves Body) & a Resinsoul Mei. I love their sculpts and the quality really is beautiful! I will say Resinsoul is really great with custom requests (when they are available, of course) and are definitely underrated!! My custom Yu is on her way, I'll definitely post lots of pictures if that helps! <3 :D
    16. Does anyone have both a Bobobie and a Resinsoul tiny? I was wondering how similar they were in terms of size, posability, etc. Are they similar enough that, say, a Resinsoul head would fit on a Bobobie body? I like my Bobobie elfkin a lot, but I was curious to see how they compared in case I ever decided to get another tiny in the future.
    17. Hi all! does anyone know if bobobie/resinsoul is still producing the elfkin sculpt? I'm afraid I have fallen in love with it but I can't find it on their websites :ablink:
    18. @gracego They are! I find the BBB site to be a little bit of a nightmare, try emailing them or ordering through DDE.
    19. Great thanks!

      next question, should I order it on the standard body or would it be worth getting a different tiny body from one of the companies? does anyone know the differences in pose-ability between body sculpts?
    20. I'm thinking of buying yu and dian.
      May I ask for some comparisons of their height with daily life products such as soda cans or coins. I'm still doubting of it by their size