Bobobie/Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls discussion part 2

Jul 15, 2012

    1. Please do let me know! I think she sells some things as both Pukifee/Lati Yellow size, like the pjs in the photos I posted, and they fit okay, but I'd love a confirmation on something specifically Pukifee sized =)

      Hope she gets home to you soon!

      Yu is actually a Resinsoul sculpt ;) It's super-confusing because BBB lists their own sculpts as well as Resinsoul's. You'd be better off ordering a Yu through Resinsoul rather than through BBB...Bobobie can be quite a disaster to deal with

      My little one that I posted up above is sky blue with a company faceup (slightly worn/aged). It's decent, since they don't charge much for it, but if you have something specific in mind, I'd probably order blank =)

      Elfkin is Bobobie, but doesn't appear to be on their website. I did find Elfkin on Denver Doll though =)
      Probably a good thing, since BBB can be quite the nightmare to deal with ^^;

      I'll see if I can get a photo of Luna (RS Yu) with a pop can, just for fun xD
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    2. I second that remark about BBB and their lack of customer service. I sent them mails with requests for information on three separate occasions, and I never got a reply.
      Resinsoul is so much easier to deal with - and Yu can be ordered directly from them in whatever colour you like.

      I'm currently waiting for my Dian, and I think I will order Yu as well. I have a Moony, which has the same body as Elfkin.

      My Moony poses better than my Pukifee or my PKF on a Lati body - but I think that's because they're top-heavy with those big heads. I do have to say she was probably restrung with thicker elastic by her previous owner.
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    3. Well, my custom black Dian - arrived this Friday. And I love him!
      I tried to take a picture with a few of my 15 cm crew, to give you an idea of size.
      (Poor boy had to slip on some Kelly pants which were too tight.)


      My BBB Moonie stands up best, but doesn't have nice joints for posing. The duck girl is a PKF Duck on a Lati Yellow body, and she's a reasonable poser. (I also have a PKF Ante, but she's not in the photograph because she kept falling over. 'nuff said.)
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    4. Thank you! I think he's really cool, too.

      Here's another picture - he didn't like the Kelly pants, so he decided to use a peppermint leaf instead... LOL!!


      He's even cuter than I thought he would be - and I'm now seriously considering getting a Yu as well...
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    5. @gracego @AnnaDolly
      Elfkin and Yu, side by side
      Both ordered in 2017 from DDE and Junkyspot. They're kicky (all RS are kicky) but they're super cute and very satisfying to do impromptu photos with. I have never handled a more $$ tiny but for user-satisfaction, I'm pretty happy with my teenies.
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    6. @Epona

      See above? My little ones side by side (Elfkin Fuschia and Yu Chanterelle)
    7. I totally agree. I have a Yu and she is kicky but she is very photogenic and fits in well with my two Pukifees.
    8. Hello! I’m planning on getting a Yu although I can’t decide between normal skin and coffee skin. The decision is really hard because I can’t find any tan skin Yu pics anywhere. I would appreciate any help or pics, thanks!
    9. Ahh that sounds adorable and what I’m looking to get aswell. Although, I can’t decide between coffee and normal skin because there are literally no pictures of coffee skin Yu’s online, haha. Do you think you can send me a couple pictures of yours? Thank you!!
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    10. Oooh! Me! I will try to dig some out tomorrow OwO
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    11. Ahh!!! Thank you so much!!!!
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    12. A little picture of my Yu, still bald :sweat She really should get a wig. Was it 3-4, 4 size that fits?

      [​IMG]IMG_3319 by ManabuLi010, on Flickr

      I found that some of the Dollmore Banji clothes fit. Here she's with the Sweet Rose Banji set. It's from a limited Banji doll but the dress fit's perfectly, it's not tight or anything. I also managed to get a pair of Banji socks and underwear on.

      @Fairytwinkiepop Yes the Yu sculpt are adorable :chibi Skin color is always hard to choose. But personally I'm a fan of the coffee skin. I hope the pictures I sent you help. Here's one too.
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    13. I second the coffee skin! It mellows nicely as well. I've not ordered it for any of my own dolls, but I have for ones I've gifted to younger family members. It's not terribly dark at all, but looks realistic and works well with a variety of faceup pigments.
    14. @manabusama Your Yu is adorable! I think 4-5 wigs fit Yu
    15. I finally caved and bought a in stock doll from DDE; a white skin BBB Eric. Can I just say he’s the cutest thing ever? I’m in love with him!

      Sorry he’s still naked his clothes haven’t even shipped yet!

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    16. He is so precious! I love his purple eyes
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    17. Ahhh thank you. They're much more blue in person but they're great!
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    18. Eric and Erin are so adorable - and you rarely see them anywhere. Those eyes are gorgeous, I can't wait to see what you do with him!

      I caved, and ordered Yu, in white skin. I originally wanted to order two bigger girls, but I figured she might as well hike along - it's not like she'll be adding tons of weight to the shipping charges. LOL!!
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    19. Coffee skin is a risk. I know several people who've had coffee skin that yellowed to a sickly sort of green. I even once saw a coffee skin doll that was already decidedly greenish straight out of the box.
      My avatar doll is a coffee skin Ian (or Lan) and she mellowed to a really nice warm glowy tan. My coffee skin Feng is yellowing much more greyish, though. I'm just glad he isn't really green, but he's not getting that nice warm colour either.