Bobobie Tan Dolls

May 5, 2007

    1. Weeeeellll, I said originally that I was allowed only ten dolls, no matter the size. But now that I'm actually starting to approach my limit (the one on the way will be my 7th), I'm starting to think: "Hmm. Tiny Mero is so little, and she was cheaper than an MSD or SD sized doll, too... She shouldn't count as a whole doll!"

      I'm actually trying to convince myself that Tiny Mero, Chocolate and Cookie would nicely add up to a whole doll...

      However, I still have already bought two bigger dolls this year, and that still means that I can't buy Cookie and Chocolate unless somebody gives them to me for my birthday, or a large sum of unexpected money comes my way. (Which seems unlikely -- more like the other way round, as my car needs to be repaired. Damn.)
    2. How would I order Erin in tan? Do I just type it in my order notes thing (I really want to get one after my friend gave me a pile of long blonde Mongolian mohair that she had left over from a bear she made). I also wonder if I can get her faceup with pink lips rather than brown?
    3. I was a "one doll is all I need" but now I have 7 and I still need a naripon (every home should have one Pansy) Orientdoll Sun, Roxy Lucy, a banji either a Limho or a minisup Yan for my Narae and I so want Eric and Erin (for the good value... cough lol ) and yes I have one of Kayes minis in my name NUMBER 22 ... I am figuring the littlies can be "smuggled" into the house more easily. Sometimes its a good thing men dont notice everything lol . This is a terrible wonderful hobby

    4. YES YES .... nice friend :)
      oRDER her and add it to the special requests box
      they are very good

      I ordered Ophelia , then changed my order to Pandora ...they were great

      Ive just noticed were you live ....we are neighbours

      hahahah Tiny resin is taking over the UK
      starting with the West Midlands LOL

      My Erin came with pink lips I suppose they could

      Dennis E.mailed me this morning to check my order ...he hopes to ship them soon

      I need another tiny boy outfit

      Harry refuses to give up the new red/white striped set I made him
      Rolo will have brown and cream
      and I want Orange and black for T.C ....It was lindit ...but I love Terry `s chocolate Orance its Terry O or TC to his friends LOL
    5. the one with the tooth is really a cupcake ^^
      and the other.. uhm browny ^^
      such cutiepies!

      Ooh btw, are you also going to try other colors like pink :D

      edit: I didnt saw that names already were picked :( sorry..
    6. Yes if you can order Erin in tan. :) And you can order Chocolate and Cookie in white or normal, just let me know.
    7. I want them both. I like Nelson for the one with teeth and Martin for the sleeping one.
    8. I have just got my shipping notice for my chocolate boys :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
      its gonna be a megga dolly homecomming this week:aheartbea :aheartbea
    9. Aww, I can't wait to see owners pics of them.
      I'm already planning my next tinies ( :o ), and Chocolat, in white, and Erin, also in white, is waaaay up there on my wish list ;)
    10. Bump to pressure Tinybear for pictures! :D

      I want to see how they look in owner pictures! :)

    11. bumping for pics from tinybear!
    12. sorry too much work ...not enough play time

      got to admit I LOVE the chocolate boys unusual
      and the sleeping one ...LOVE him
    13. Heheh... it's okay. :lol: I'll wait patiently. :)

      Don't work too hard! :)


    14. [​IMG]
      tc and Rolo :fangirl:
    15. EEEEeee they are so cute tinybear :D !!!
    16. They are absolutely darling! I love them both! :)
    17. I have to admit ....I adore TC ...the sleeping boy
      its such a beautiful peaceful face :)
    18. Ooo, they are very cute! :D


    19. i can vouch for how beautiful the tan bobobie's are, just recieved one in the mail this morning, having done a trade with tinybear, and the colour is smooth and even, and a gorgeous milk-chocolate colour. absolutely deligted, and no seams, the colour is all the way through! Big hugs and thankyou to tinybear for being awesome, and Dennis for being so brilliant and making affordable darlings!