Box opening videos

Jul 28, 2018

    1. I prefer photos … It's a personal thing because some videos are real well made and the owners are sympathetic. I find it hard to concentrate on box opening videos (same with video tutorials). It takes too long until they get to the point that interests me and the emotions shown in the videos often seem forced to me. I also find it a bit unsettling to watch how people handle their dolls, like making their joints squeak … :sweat
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    2. I love them! It's so fun to see people get excited about their new dolls. It's also nice to be able to see what size the dolls actually are, and what kind of weight they have. It's hard to figure out how large they actually are just by looking at measurements. I love seeing dolls in human environments, it's so much fun.
    3. I definitely enjoy box opening videos, especially of sculpts I'm interested in, sculpts I'm waiting for, or companies I like.I'll watch most any type, though I do like the ones where the person talks because I like seeing their excitement for their doll.
    4. I love a good box opening. I usually put one on in the background, while I’m cleaning.
    5. They’re so visual, though, don’t you get distracted? My cleaning background/sleeping background stuff has to be things you don’t necessarily need to look at, just people talking.
    6. I usually watch them when I want to find out more information about a particular sculpt that can't be found anywhere else. Otherwise, no.
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    7. I love watching doll unboxings! I normally prefer to hear them talk weather its real time or a voice over, i just love to know what the person is thinking and want to know their thoughts on the doll what maybe they have planned in the future for them etc!
    8. I perfer photos. I have more control since you can't exactly redo a box opening if the video messes up. I always tend to do a video review of my dolls afterwards when it doesn't matter if i have to go back and fix any mistakes I made.
    9. I love box opening videos, especially when the people actually talk and you can hear every reaction and everything. They're my favorites.
    10. For the most part, I prefer images. I'm not one to watch box opening videos unless I am really interested in a certain sculpt, don't have a lot of photo resources, and want to see more. I do think that videos can be helpful for seeing multiple views of a doll in a short amount of time. Some videos are just too drawn out with the (sometimes unrelated) chatter and don't show what I would like to see. It's hard to grab my attention with that. I definitely prefer the ones without commentary.
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    11. I like watching them, as well as reviews of the doll. They help me figure out if I really want a doll I’ve been thinking about.
    12. I LOVE unboxing videos. They are great to help decide if I should buy a particular doll or not. The company photos vs real thing can differ a lot and videos are a great way to see if it still is what I want or not.
    13. I watch them occasionally, mostly during waiting time for my new dolls to arrive. I get second-hand excitement (?) watching the joy on the owner's face as they see their new dollies, it's very satisfying <3 (and temporarily fills the empty void in myself, waiting for my own doll to arrive, haha :sweat)
    14. I like the ones that just have music, I mostly like to just see good close-ups of the dolls they open.
    15. I like the ones im interested in the actual doll however over photos and videos I prefer photos ones. Not sure if its that am deaf in one ear so the videos end up being mumbling echo's but that is just me.
    16. I don't watch a ton of box opening videos, but I do really like it when there is just nice music in the background and the video is bright and well-edited! Personally, I have misophonia and ASMR videos tend to trigger that pretty bad for me, so I won't even click on something labelled "ASMR."
    17. I prefer photos, mostly because the majority of the videos I have seen were not well done. I want to see your doll, not you in cosplay/lolita with your anime/manga collection piled around you with j-pop or k-pop blaring so loud I cannot hear you and the video is centered on your boobs or crotch the whole time instead of on the doll. Nothing it wrong with anime,manga,j/k-pop,cosplay,or lolita ...I enjoy those things too, but I just want to see the freaking doll and I cannot see the doll in the video! Show me the RESIN!!!

      I will watch a nice informative review style of opening if I am thinking of buying that particular doll though.
    18. I only really watch box opening videos a for dolls I'm curious about or ones I'm waiting for. It's nice to see reviews and comparisons as part of the box opening, but mostly I'm just trying to get a preview or feel for an item I'm interested in.
    19. I love watching people open full set dolls and talk about them. I think I just like seeing them get put together and dressed, especially when it's a recent release that I've been looking at. It's also nice to see the quality of clothing from different brands and how well they fit the company images.
    20. If I’m buying a sculpt I seek out box opening videos. I like seeing how big the doll or body is in someone’s hands.
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