Box opening videos

Jul 28, 2018

    1. I like to see how different makers pack their dolls, and I like initial first-hand reviews, but I honestly cannot sit through most of them (at least not without clicking forward throughout), and I really do not like the asmr (especially when it's badly done)...
    2. I have always liked to watch unboxings, especially mystery boxes and clothes. Especially if I am considering buying a doll I find unboxing videos/reviews informational. I don't know how to explain it.. I like to see how a doll I want to buy looks in somebody's hands. Sometimes I find video more "helpful" than only pictures. Like somebody said here earlier, it is also nice to see how the company is packaging a doll. I like unboxings with commentary, it is nice to hear review of the overall experience rather than background music.
    3. Thank you for asking this question. I thought I was kind of "odd" for liking to watch these videos. I am glad that there are others who enjoy it also.

      I do love seeing people enjoy first seeing their dolls. I prefer when there is narration instead of just music.

      I go to doll conventions (not BJDs) where in the end there is a souvenir doll that everyone receives. No one is allowed to open her or his box until everyone has a box in hand. Then there is a count down and everyone opens the box at the same time. What fun!
    4. I've been watching a lot of box opening videos lately. I usually prefer the ones without talking, because otherwise I get impatient for them to actually open the box already. My favorite unboxing channel is RoseInTea because the production quality is so good and I love watching them put the clothes on the dolls.
    5. I love box opening videos! I literally just went to watch a few on Youtube after stumbling across this thread before typing out this reply :lol: There's just something really satisfying about watching a doll being unboxed. It's a bit like I can share in the joy of the reveal as well.

      Apart from that, I also like being able to see how big some of these dolls are, as well as what they look like in a 3D space as opposed to just still photographs :XD:
    6. I like to watch unboxings if I am curious to see a sculpt. It helps a lot if I am wondering about how the blank looks in comparison to the website photos. I would be okay with an asmr style but I really hate it if there’s no information, I crave the details lol.
    7. It's a great opportunity to see how companies pack and ship their dolls, for me! I'm still in the planning stages of the hobby so there is definitely an aspect of living through someone else's experience; thus why I probably enjoy when people share their excitement, especially when they talk about the plans they have for the doll. I adore when people include lots of information and details in their videos, even if it's put down in the description box.
    8. I LOVE watching box openings! Especially ones on dolls that I am expecting, or I would love to own! I usually watch the whole thing from start to finish because I love seeing the reactions! I also love seeing what the doll comes with and how it’s packed!

      I don’t mind if they talk or not! One thing I will say, is that angles are important for me, if you’re not showing the box at all then I probably won’t watch it, but if you have either your self and the full box... I love the video already!! xx
    9. I absolutely love box opening videos, mainly the ones where they talk about their plans for the dolls but I also love the asmr ones too.
    10. I personally find them tedious. Most of them aren't particularly well-done, involve far too much side-chatter, and really just don't find them to bring anything to the table that I can't get from well-framed up photos where I can move past or linger on them at my own pace.