Box opening videos

Jul 28, 2018

    1. I just adore box opening videos! I really like it when the person is in the video and talking during it. Its always fun to see the excitement on their face and hear it in their voice when talking about plans for their new resin babe!

      Im new to posting so forgive me if i quoted this incorrectly haha. But i usually just type in “bjd box opening” in youtube, and you can find hundreds! I really like lavilyday’s box openings though if i were to recommend one channel in particular for fun box openings:)
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    2. For me I don't mind what kind of background noise they have, It's nice to hear someone so happy.
      but um, videos that are drawn out to like 30 to 40 minutes long where it's just one box? Those are kind of frustrating.
      I understand wanting to savor the moment but I think a few cut's in post wouldn't hurt.