Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 1

Apr 11, 2009

    1. Thats the first thing I noticed about J-Na...those knee joints are a bit funky. I thought I'd give hot glue sueding a try too...though it will be the first time I've done it. And you're right, the body is pretty.
    2. Oh, so you've already tried restringing her and no better? If so, then I'm certainly not going to bother with the hassle of restringing. I did glue suede mine already but the knees still want to pop out and be crazy. I do love the look of this body though and it does stand and sit really nicely. So, like you, I'm just going to deal with the knee thing. Would love to find a "cure" though!

    3. She was really tight when I got her and her knees kept popping out backwards. I thought maybe loosening her up would help, but it didn't do anything for the knees popping out and now her legs tend to twist. I think the knee joints just aren't the best-engineered ever. It's not a huge problem, I just don't leave her standing unattended ever because her legs are too unstable.

      Her wrists and elbows actually have a huge range of motion, she's just not capable of holding most of the poses on her own. Hotglue sueding plus tightening up her arms should improve that a lot, I think. In any case she's definitely more posable than my newest doll -- he's a Volks MSD and I won't leave him standing unattended either because his hips are too unstable. ^^;
    4. I tried some smaller size eyes in Mirabelle (J-Na). These are Masterpiece eyes and I actually like them quite a lot. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is interested in trying different eye sizes on their girl.


      This picture isn't crystal clear, but I kind of like the effect. Reminds me of an old fashioned post card.

      I really love this girl.

    5. Do you think restringing will make a difference? I'm tossing up whether to do mine. I wonder if they used a cheaper elastic? I might order some better elastic and restring her. My Rosette won't stand either and the elastic doesn't appear to be wonderful on her. I don't mind restringing, but until now, I haven't ordered many different sizes of elastic. Sigh. Now that my collection has expanded, I'll probably have to get a hot glue gun as well.

      Wow, I love Mirabelle's look. Interestingly, both J-Na and the new girl are starting to grow on me, but until I get Sunday's body working perfectly, I won't be buying another one unless I can find a new body that matches and poses well.

    6. I wired my June & J-Na's legs and it completely fixed the problem!
      Here's some pictures of what I did:

      J-Na before:
      (Her knees always used to bow inwards to stand)

      J-Na after wiring:

      She can even stand with her weight shifted now too:
    7. She might a June head with a non-default faceup on the normal Brava Bambi body. I'm pretty sure the June and J-na heads are the same mold, though, so the distinction is really one of resin colour.
    8. Hi everyone.... it's been a while since I bought a BC. When I left off with them there were numerous complaints about the resin quality and such. But I am always irresistably drawn to their beautiful sculpts and would really like to try one of these Bravas.

      The new Emily looks lovely, too!

      So, any problems with underweight resin or breakage? I don't have a problem sueding them, and I have been known to forgive imperfect posing for a beautiful face. But if their quality is going downhill overall, I might think twice about a purchase...

      I'm hoping you're all happy!
    9. I've never had a problem with BC's resin quality. I bought my sleeping Kumi 2 1/2 years ago and she's still doing great -- I initially had a problem with one part being WS and the rest of her being NS but BC fixed that right up and I've never had any other trouble with her.

      My Sunday is actually probably the heaviest doll I own. I think she outweighs my Volks MSD. I'll have to set them on my mail scale someday and find out. XD Her resin is really nice, very toothy. I had a J-Na briefly and I LOVED the color of the white resin, I wish I'd gotten my Sunday in white in retrospect. Her resin quality was superb as well.

      My only real complaint is that the legs are difficult, much like the legs on the ciao bellas. My Sunday's knees tend to pop out backwards and her legs tend to twist and turn around the wrong way when I pick her up (she may need to be tightened). The body sculpt is so pretty that I really don't mind, though. And it looks like at least one person has had a lot of success improving the legs by wiring them.
    10. Looks like Brava Bambi Emily will also have a Lullaby head! :)


    11. I think Emily does look like one of the smaller Bambis. Which is a good thing.

      So my J-Na was kind of driving me nuts with the whole crazy knee syndrome. I did glue suede her and it didn't help with the knee thing that much. So I decided to try the wiring thing. Since I had some on hand, I used pipe cleaners doubled. It totally worked! No more crazy knees! Now she poses perfectly. Just thought I'd share that and thank you to the member here who suggested the knee wiring.

      Winternight - the resin quality is gorgeous on my J-na. She's the white skin. And it's a really gorgeous color. Not stark white. In fact, it has more "color" to it than any other white skin I've seen. It's really quite a lovely shade.

    12. I have to try wiring my Sunday came on Monday and she stood right out of the box! I was really surprised.

      I agree...the resin is so beautiful. My Sunday is the Peach Puff (normal skin) and I didn't realize that my J-Na is Floral White until I saw her with Sunday. They are both so beautiful. I really want Emily to make a threesome also.
    13. [​IMG]
      I love:aheartbea this little girl so much that I went a little :sweatoverboard today. This is the Sunday doll I adopted from Jay. This picture is no good, it doesn't do her justice because she is really totally gorgeous. So anyway I put a tan Emily and Judy and a floral white Emily and Judy basic dolls on layaway. Cost as much as my mortgage!. I have been waiting to feel buyers remorse but so far nada:lol::doh

    14. I so agree with you!!!! These dolls are just so amazingly beautiful in pictures and even more so in real life. I'm so enthralled by my two girls everytime I pass them, I have to stop and look at them. I totally want the FW Emily along with the Tan Emily I put on layaway and would love to have Judy too!!!! *_* I HATE white skin dolls but J-Na's white resin is so, so lovely!

      I can't wait for your box opening!!!! :lol:
    15. Yaaaaay I literally refreshed the site all day when I was at work. I fell in love with tanned emily as soon as I saw her so bought her as soon as she became available!!!
    16. I really meant to buy an Angelregion Dana on their Christmas sale, but seeing the Emily she was just too perfect to pass up. The color of the tan, the look, even the's exactly perfect for my current doll's daughter. XD Awesome. The 3 month layway even more so.