Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 1

Apr 11, 2009

    1. oh no... tan emily and judy are adorable! ahhhh. bambicrony, why!~> lol I will have to sit on my hands for a bit today... Has anyone had a dark tan doll from bambicrony before?

      I am tempted, oh so tempted, but I would like to know how it is to remove and add on their faceups again. Is it just a surface tan or does it go all the way through?
    2. I can't wait to see what everyone else does with their dolls! I've come up with a bit of background for my emily. I'm going to do a short style mohair wig in chocolate with kalua lights, and warm beige eyes ^_^ I've decided to name her cocoa! or some variation there of. Just now I have to find a boyfriend for her T_T
    3. I just made my first layaway payment. Two months is a long time to wait. Anybody have any spam to post? Pictures would be nice. Heres one of Leina in her new dress.
    4. I'd like to know it the tan is ON the surface or IN the resin, too.

      Anyway, judy's adorable. <3
    5. I really like Emily. So many other things happening I don't know if I'll be able to afford her. If I can, I'll put her on layaway, but at present, she's a long way off. I'm hoping there will be a fullset Peach skin after Xmas. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
    6. kk, i asked on their board and am eagerly waiting! there are only a few of each left O.O I hope they hurry. :daisy hobbysue~ i am with you! this is a terrible time for them to release such cuties! I just ordered a beeya! ^^;;
    7. I though the bumblebees were so cute, but decided not to get one, especially after I saw a preview pic of Emily. I didn't realise she was going to be limited though. There's a customhouse sale on and I'd really like one of the Ai. It's tough trying to decide which limited doll to get first. Sigh. My only other hope is that because Emily comes with a lullaby head and not everyone will want one, I may be able to get a peach lullaby head and open her eyes later on.
    8. I've received my Isabelle! I posted pics of her in the galleries HERE :)
    9. I now have a tan Emily fullset on the way! :D Because I had 500 points from the Bella Contest earlier this year, and I'd also accumulated points from previous orders, I paid a grand total of $13.26 for her. I can't wait to see her! She really tugs on my heart strings! Besides, we share the same name, so I guess it was fate. :)
    10. Eeep, it must have been nice to only pay 13.26 O.O Congrats!
    11. Oh my, all four dolls are so adorable!! I wish i would be able to get one, but sadly, i'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen....keeping my hopes up (but i'm sure they are going to be sold out since they are so ADORABLE!!)
    12. I want to see more pictures of her!!

      *envy* That is awesome!!

      I can't wait to see all the Emilies when they arrive! I so wanted her, but I went with Judy instead. I hope they don't all sell out by the time I can afford her.

      I was organizing my wigs and I had this yucky cheap wig and I was trying it on all my dollies. I think my Soubrette/Sunday can make anything look good.

    13. She really does! Your girl is beautiful. I haven't tried dark hair I mostly have Leina(sunday) in red hair because she is named for my Aunt who was a redhead. But she looks good in blonde hair too.


    14. Hi everyone ;)

      I've just made my first payment on a full-set Emily limited doll by BambiCrony.
      I'm not sure what sized clothes and accessories from other sites she can wear/fit, since i was planning on buying her more. If i was to buy from the marketplace (which i plan to) then what size should i be looking for in head gear like headbands or rings or belts, and clothing? *_*
      I also wasn't sure if it's best to buy a 7 - 8 inch wig or 8 - 9 inch wig for her since shes an 8.
      If no one can help me should i just mail BambiCrony about it?

      Thanks :aheartbea
    15. It never occured to me to try something this dark on her. Thanks DancingBee!
      She looks like Snow White.
    16. Thank you!

      I really like the first blonde wig on your Leina and she does look like Snow White in the dark wig. :)

      See.....she looks good in any and every thing!
    17. Does anyone know what companies have a dark tan that might be similar to Emily's? I'd love to put the lullaby head on her own body and have twins.
    18. Well I've order a limwha limho tan 44cm, and he has a pretty dark tan, and it looks similar. Once I get them both I'll post a comparison pic, but it won't be till Feb. ^_^;
    19. That would be awesome of you.
      My last layway payment is in Feb, so the timing is fine.
      Thank you! ^^

    20. I'd like to know this too - it seems like several people asked about this but no answers yet:(Anyone knows?