Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 1

Apr 11, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Thessalyrose: here's a couple with my soulkid Miri and (Sunday) Leina


      I can take some others and post them later. These were some I already had on photobucket, but they aren't that good. I really love my Sunday.
    2. Here's my Sunday and my Aru girl:

      The kid delf girl body, at least, is a bit shorter than the brava bambi.

      I have a whole big nudity-heavy comparison set on my flickr, if you're interested how the bodies compare.

      Also, here's Sunday with a Volks MSD F09:

      Sunday's head is way bigger than F09's, but F09 is probably the smallest of the Volks MSD heads, and their features are proportionate, so they look good together IMO.

      I don't seem to have any better photos of her with my Aru and unfortunately I'm very unlikely to get any until after the holidays. @[email protected]

      I know that with previous tanned tinies the dark tan was only on the surface, and the resin underneath was lighter -- you could see a bit where the pouring gates had been sanded down, and such. I have no idea about the current tan and I doubt anyone else knows more than that.
    3. I have a tan sleeping Vin that I got in the last ordering period of the CB's when they offered tan. The color is much different from the old tans, not at all orange. It is gorgeous! Their new tan appears to be just like other tan urethane resins, where it is all the way through, but sanding does cause some lightness. His molding marks are minimal, but they are present. Bambicrony took special care to sand gently and polish well. They also moved the gates so they would be less visible than previous releases. It does get a bit chalky with wear, much like a lot of other tan dolls. Nothing unusual at all. I really wouldn't try to sand them though.
    4. Safira~ I asked this about judy and it looks like those of us who ordered tan dolls will not have to worry about finding other company's bodies to match! :D It looks like they will be selling more tan bodies for a limited time!!! :fangirl: yay for a dreaming judy twin (or emily twins for some of you guys). :starcookie:candycane

    5. I just found this thread!^___^
      are there any owner pics of the new Emily doll (tan or white)
      and does anyone know what their measurements are?

      thank you in advance,
    6. My sunday :D//
      Her name is Yoflet ~ Her nickname is yoffie .


      I want to watch a picture of sunday more~~~:...(
    7. Such beautiful girls!
      I really can't wait for my Emily. X3
    8. Thanks Greeniebone!

      Oh what a pretty Sunday, Jay.R!
    9. Just as a reminder, if you'd like to talk about your particular order or the (seemingly endless) wait, please join me in the Bambicrony waiting room. :)
    10. Hi, I recently found the Bambicrony dolls. I didn't know they made MSD size. I see the wait is long, but what is the quality like? I am surprised that the tanned Emily is not sold out.
    11. Someone on the Ciao Bella talk thread mentioned that they figured out how many of a certain limited mold were left by seeing how many the site would let them add to their cart before saying that there were not enough quantities available, then emptying their cart afterwards. So out of curiousity I decided to try that with the limited anniversary dolls and it looks like there's only 1 Jayna left and 2 June dolls left!!
    12. That is a good way to find out. I will try it with Emily out of curiousity.
    13. A friend of mine received her Emily today, but she says she's disappointed, because the sculpt's ears are visibly out of alignment. :? She has promised to post photos so we can see what's going on.
    14. Can't wait to see pictures. I did the add to the cart test on Tanned LE Emily and it seems there is only one left.
    15. Did anyone get LE Tanned Emily yet? I would love to see pictures.
    16. My Isabelle, her name is Madeleine! Now I need a wig!

    17. Miyu- She is so lovely and looks so sleepy too, I really love her makeup, is it default from the company? Do post more of her she is really unique!
    18. No, the make up is from Rumpelstiltskin :)