Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 1

Apr 11, 2009

    1. My Isabelle arrived! I absolutely love her. :aheartbea I'll post a picture later, but a few random points while they're fresh in my mind:

      • The packaging and little extras were beautiful as always.
      • I bought 14mm ED eyes with her and they fit well. (Better than 16mm IMO)
      • Her mouth is a little open; I couldn't tell that from her promo pics at all!
      • She's unmarked except for L on her head and LE in the magnetized headcap.
      • Her ears are ginormous and stick out. It's cute though. ^^
      • Like the little ones, she's not anatomically correct and actually wouldn't make a bad boy.
      • No seams! I'd expected needing to sand her, but she's completely smooth.
      • She poses really well, stood right out of the box and sits nicely.
      • But her hands don't move well, I think s-hooks would help a lot.
      • Her big toe is separated a little, so I think she could wear tabi socks.
      • Her feet are small; her shoes fit my Unoa.
      • BC normal skintone is lovely and the resin is nice and matte.
      • Her hands are beautiful, but the resin in between some of the fingers is very thin and I think finger separation would be good for her.

      Overall I'm very happy with her. ^^
    2. [​IMG]

      My Emily arrived last week :)
      She's so pretty! I am curious though, what do you guys think of the bodies? I am really not keen on it. But her face is beautiful. <3
    3. * mimi ! your emily is very beautiful !!!I fall in love.:aheartbea


      This ~ !! my little princess yoffie~(she is floral white skin//sunday)
      I had a sunday and emily(emily also white ...)
      um ... I all like two girls. but .... body is only one ... OTL ....:doh
      I will buy NEW BODY, and I want to take together a picture of a girl within fast periods

      * I want brava's photo~!! more~!!more~~!! :D
    4. Can Brava Bambis wear Dollheart MSD-sized shoes? Mine is wearing some Volks MSD boots now, which are rather big. I'd like to get some other shoes for her, but am not sure what she can wear besides Bambicrony. (I have the red platform shoes though, they're adorable.)
    5. The one pair that I have are big on my Sunday. They might be okay with socks and/or with some cotton stuffed in the toe. I haven't tried that though. My Goodreau shoes that I have fit her, but they are kind of tight and wouldn't fit with socks.

    6. My Emily has finally arrived! Meet my new lovely girl, Mimette:

    7. Finally! They are here!

    8. Oh that's great! I love Jay's faceups. I'm going to do my own for my Isabelle. I can hardly wait for her to arrive. Does anyone know if Volks MSD clothes fit them? They fit my Secretdoll Yomo and if they also fit Isabelle, I can use Yomo for a model to have clothes for her when she arrives.
    9. I have clothes for Volks MSD-size dolls which fit my Emily perfectly.
    10. Just wondering still if anyone's tried Dollmore MSD clothes on them and how they fit?
    11. Dollmore MSD clothes fit my Yomo perfectly, so they will fit also.
    12. My Emily, Mimette, went for a "pony ride" of sorts at a meet this past weekend:
      (Souldoll Chiron centaur belongs to tiarah)

      She also met up with a twin!
      (the Emily on the left belongs to digital_grrl79)
    13. Oh great picture! I love the twins too. My Emily left Seattle this morning, so I will have her tomorrow.
      I am getting excited!
    14. Emily arrived today! I ordered the ED eyes and glad I did. She is lovely. Here are a few pictures. I received the black wig and brown wig (no pic of brown wig). I tried on others just for fun. I think she looks best in curly hair and maybe no bangs. What funny ears she has. I like them. It adds character.
      I really want Sunday. If anyone has pictures of her please post.

    15. Oliveoil, your Emily is gorgeous! I like the third wig best on her. Does she have a name yet? And I agree, I want a Sunday, too!

      It's a tan BC Ciao Bella, I think maybe Elf Cookie? (Not mine, obviously!)
    16. Time to show off my Emily... a month after she arrived :sweat I blame computer problems

      So here is Gwenneth


      I much say I really like her, she's one of the few dolls I have that can stand really stable. And her ears, so charming.
    17. kismett223, your Emily is so pretty. The dress is lovely. Funny you said she is stable...last night mine fell from the shelf, knocked over 3 dolls and a glass of water! :(

      Thanks greeniebone! No name yet. I will post pics today of her new style. I never thought of her as a blonde, but it is a pretty color for her.
    18. Darling girls! I am thrilled to be getting one! Now, what about those ears? I'd love to see what they look like in owner photos.
    19. Beautiful! I love her wig.

      She's gorgeous! I really like the last picture of her.

      Awwwww!! Very sweet!

      Brava's do have some distinctive ears....

      You can kind of see them in this picture...mostly I keep them covered up.