Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. Thank you! I think shes awesome!
    2. Chinabun-Nia is so pretty & cute! :D

      I found some time to take a few photos of my Snow! :daisy

    3. So I recently got a Bambicrony tan Emily (again) and I didn't realize they'd made a few changes to the body. I mean, I saw the pictures on the site and I knew about the new optional mature bust, but I guess it didn't click. Either way though I'm happy to have an Emily again!

      This is Fran! :3
    4. Hi there,

      I love seeing all these beauties again :D

      Question: Is the waiting not that long when you order and have paid for a doll?
      I knew Bambicrony when Yoon was the former owner, so I don't know how the company is doing now with service and delivery times.

      For me Nia is a lovely doll so who knows I could bring her home, I had an Emily and Judy in the past.
    5. I ordered back a round December of last year and my order only took a month. The current administration is also very friendly and pleasant to deal with from my experience. :) Sorry I don't have anything more recent to report back. :(
    6. My Nia returned from her face-up artist today and I absolutely love her to bits. Her resin is such a lovely shade and it photographs beautifully, too. :aheartbea


    7. Aw, she's adorable!
    8. Love, love, love this picture! The birch tree makes this look so ethereal especially against her pink hair and white skin.
    9. Thank you, Stella Maris! :)
    10. I was always nervous about tanned dolls, but their dolls are so gorgeous, it looks like their faceups turn out really well ^^
    11. I was always uncertain about tan dolls, too... but the Bambicrony tan is a gorgeous shade and I'm happy I took a chance on my Nia. :aheartbea
    12. Oh, what a beautiful girl you all, I looked through the theme in one breath)))
      I hope someday to settle at a chocolate beauty)
    13. Gorgeous! Love her color!
    14. Wow PeppermintPocky! Nia is fabulous!! :D And I love how you've accessorized her! ~that necklace is so perfect *____*
    15. Hi girls! All your dolls are fabulous! I decided to join you. Let me introduce my Désirée.
      [​IMG]Désirée by natalex_world, on Flickr
    16. Is there something wrong with the Bamicrony website? I'm trying to research their Ciao Bella dolls and the site just runs and runs in between page changes. I'm trying to find out where they are located and what ship charges are, etc., the basics. Are they a good seller? Ordering is going to make me nervous if it takes hours for the site to work.
    17. Cathie, I just tried navigating their website and it worked fine for me~ Perhaps it is the browser you are using? I am using Firefox, and it seems just fine. But to help you out, their address (along with their email, hours, etc.) is always located at the bottom of their website, which is Seoul South Korea. The last time I ordered from them was last year for a Blossom Tan Emily so it has been a while, but it was very good experience. They even have a layaway option which is super nice! As far as shipping goes, I don't think they have an easy calculation tool but you can always just add the items you want into your cart and check the shipping that way. Using that method, for someone who lives in the USA, EMS shipping for one of their Ciao Bella dolls would be around $41, and their Brava Bambi dolls about $51.
      ^v^ Hope that helps~
    18. There hasn't been much going on here lately so I'm gonna throw in some Angela love~ Her name is Lucie. I've had her for a while but have never posted her here.