Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. Wow, she is gorgeous! :)
    2. Thank you <3 She got some new (Smaller) eyes today to keep her from looking too baby faced. I just wish they had double joints!
    3. My Debbie (BC Nia) dyed Easter eggs earlier this week and thought she'd share some with fellow Brava owners. :daisy

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    4. Hello, I love seeing everyones brava..
      I was wondering if anyone knows how often they restock brava Bambis? I really want an Ellen in tan but I'm guessing it might not even be restocked since it's limited :(
    5. Hi @geeonek. I dunno if you're still looking for an answer or not, but I'd guess tan Ellen won't be re-released for a long time. You could always inquire Bambicrony via their Q&A board or buy her secondhand on the MP, though.


      My photo of the day:

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    6. She is so cute!!!BC's make up is wonderful,I have a tan skin Agela,she is my favorite girl doll in my family.

      I'm wondering wether there are some people who also owned Agela,I want to say she is a real angel for me,I still don't know how to post photos on doa,but I really want to share her photo with you.
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    7. I don't know if I've ever seen owner photos of Angela, [MENTION=47220]sagisai[/MENTION]. I for one would love to see a picture of your girl! :D
    8. I saw many beautiful dolls here, and they such different!!! I too want to show you my girl.Because of cloudy weather the girl looks more swarty, than it is actually.
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    9. Hey everyone!

      I e-mailed Bambicrony to ask if they plan on releasing their tan Brava Bambi girls again, and they e-mailed me back with this info. I just thought I'd let you guys know, in case you were interested. :)

    10. Whoooooooo! We need more Brava Bambi girls around here (particularly tan ones).

      I love your girl's big eyes, [MENTION=69120]Jenifer29[/MENTION]. Very expressive!
    11. Hi there! I have a question about these lovely girls. <3 Are they done on a special order period? I checked the site, and they all appear to be "Sold Out". Every single one. :(
    12. Hi @wherethelilacsbloom! Originally Brava Bambi dolls in NS were "basic" dolls and tan dolls were limited to about 15 per run, but in Q3 2015 Bambicrony pulled the line with the intent to update the bodies.

      Last I heard they were working on said new, double-jointed body. I'm unsure when it will be released, though. You could always consider asking them via their Q&A. :)

      I hope this helps, at least a little. :daisy
    13. Aah thank you for the information, @PeppermintPocky ! I think so many of those girls are just darling. :D Hopefully they are re-released sometime this year.

      I see you in a lot of doll discussion boards :D We must have similar tastes in dolls!
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    14. You're very welcome. :)

      And hooray for similar tastes in dolls! :thumbup
    15. Still waiting on re-releases for Brava Bambi. >_>

      I wonder how much longer it will be.
    16. Don't expect anything soon.

      Bambicrony has not been on top of their game as of late. Who knows, though? Maybe they'll bust out some new dolls tomorrow just to prove me wrong. ;)
    17. Your Ellen looks stunning in that dress, @Trullerie. :kitty2
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