Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. I think it's time to post pics of my other Brava girls too.

      So, this is my Emily. I think she is so cute in bonnet :)

      [​IMG]Madelyn by Trullerie, on Flickr
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    2. What a cutie!!
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    3. Aah these girls make me wish so much that they'd open up sales for them again. :3 There are two sculpts that I really adore.
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    4. @wherethelilacsbloom - I really want that too :pout:
      I'm so curious...:XD: Which sculpts do you need?
      I can't get enough of them so I desperately want to fill up my collection with Anna and Angela and buy them expensive dresses :drool
    5. The sculpt I want most is probably Angela, followed by Emily and Nia. <3 They are so sweet!
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    6. Indeed, they are. :cake:
    7. I forgot to share my latest picture of Debbie (Bambicrony Nia) here... hope no one minds the spam!

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    8. @PeppermintPocky I like Debbie's style :) Her colours remind me of marshmellows *yum*
      Here is Krystal, she is a modded lullaby Ellen:
      She turned out a bit more mature than I first envisioned.
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    9. Krystal is beautiful! :D I love her dress and how it compliments her accessories. :daisy

      And my Debbie thanks you---she loves marshmallows! :XD:
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    10. They showed a photo of a New body in ig
    11. They will re-open Brava line in september!
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    12. Hello ! ! > _ <

      Do you know that Bambi Crony has a new BB body?
      Too pretty! Which one is better? They both seem pretty ...!

      Head is a new meringue!
      So cute!!

    13. I ordered Meringue with Bella body :)

      I've been eagerly waiting for her release since BC put a photo of her prototype head on Instagram months ago.

      Can't wait to get her home!
    14. How exciting, @babytarragon! I hope you can post some photos of her when she arrives. :kitty2
    15. I'm waiting for a tan event.. :3 I reaaaaally want a tan Angela on the new body.
    16. I'd love to see your tan Angela! That is, if they ever decide to hold another tan event. :XD:

      I'm tempted to buy a Nia, but not sure how I feel about the new body. I'd be more inclined to buy the head separately, but alas, there's no option to do so.
    17. They offer their Belezza heads separately from time to time, so I'm sure it can happen with these girls, too. Though, perhaps, not for a while, as they (understandably) probably really want to promote their new bodies.

      The new body doesn't look like it'll have the most variety when it comes to posing, but it looks cute, and I wouldn't mind having one.. It's just that the sculpts I want most are a WS Myoie and a Tan Angela - neither of which are available right now. >_> Of course, I love several of their head sculpts, but it just feels like those two are more important to me right now. Maybe I'll get my wish next year! <3 They definitely had a Myoie head on one of their instagram teaser photos, so I'm sure she'll be offered for sale sometime soon.
    18. I ordered this new girl BonBon Sugar today. I chose the mint dress and bonnet option.
      I hope it's ok to post her here because I'm not sure if she really is a Brava girl. She is almost the same size, though. And she can share the same clothes and shoes. Her body is different and she got a slightly bigger head.
      And I'm so in love with her big eyes:love
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    19. This is the doll that I have been in love with for few years. Her name is Charlotte :)
      She was a limited edition from halloween event few years ago :D

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