Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. Hi,
      My BonBon Sugar, named Cottonie has finally arrived :)

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    2. She's precious, @Trullerie! Are those Mako Eyes she's wearing? They look lovely. :D
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    3. Thank you so much!:hug:
      Yes, these are Mako Moon 022 and they look even better irl!
      I love Mako eyes and all my Bambi darlings is wearing them<3
    4. Hello!

      I just discovered that Bambi Crony have an tan skin Brava event this summer.
      You can chose any Brava you want in tan skin! :D

      Isn't that amazing!:aeyepop::love:thumbup
    5. I just ordered one! I'm so excited!! :whee:
    6. Congrats!! :D
      Which one did you order?
      I ordered Angela. I have wanted her for years and finally I can get her. Hooray!!:dance
    7. Congrats to you too! I got Nia. I'm so excited! :XD:
    8. Ahhh, I'm excited for you!

      I've been eyeing Nia, myself. I really want to make a tan Nia boy, but I'm not sure how I feel about the Angel Body. I have a tan Anna from their 2011 release and I'm desperate for a Nia sibling. :love
    9. Oooo :whee: Nia as a boy would be so cool!
    10. My tan Angela has arrived! :D

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    11. What a beautiful, soft tan! Your new girl is lovely <3 congratulations on her arrival^^
    12. Thank you so much for your delightful comment! :hug:
    13. Krystal recently went to a Halloween meet, and wanted to share a pic with her 'tail' on:


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    14. @Saba Such a beautiful mermaid!<3
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    15. She looks amazing! Awesome costume
    16. Thank you Trullerie and babytarragon! She does like to dress up ;)
    17. Hello! Has anyone received the new Xmas Vanilla limited yet? :P
    18. What lovely photos in here :) I ordered myself a tan Heart recently (ish), and am really excited to welcome a Brava Bambi into my collection. Angela is up next, I think. I hope. :) So many adorable heads!
    19. @wherethelilacsbloom Welcome to our Brava Bambi thread! *waves* :)
      I would love to see pics of your Heart while she arrives. She looks so stunning in those company pics :D
      I have a beautiful tan Angela in my collection and she is my favourite girl. I think you'll like her too;)
    20. In case anyone else is interested, I recently purchased a couple of Glitter Girl outfits for my Ellen- they both fit very well :) Due to her long legs the skirts are more like mini skirts^^ Here is Krystal wearing "Sparkling with Style":


      I would also love to see more Brava girls in the thread!
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