Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. aLol gracie I totally agree with you on pairing up all my dolls! But Luxe (my Ellen)has especially been a royal pain to find a "special friend" for! I tried several boy dolls that just didn't work out (even with larger heads and eyes). The only doll she looked good with was my Volks Sora...Eliza...maybe Luxe just wants a girlfriend and not a boyfriend. XD

      I thought about writing to Bambicrony asking them to cast more male dolls but by the looks of the website, the company may not be doing too well?

      Has anyone tried a customhouse MSD with their Brava girl? I know those dolls are also hard to get a hold of, but I think the aesthetic might work really nicely (I only have CH tinies).

      Lina, I can try it out for you (as long as you don't mind a tan head on a NS minifee body that is)! XD

      I'm doing a massive photoshoot this weekend so I can try to pair my Brave with almost every boy I have...if any of them look decent I'll share! Honestly, if none of my boys look good with her, I'll just have her paired up with my Sora...they both look SOOOO cute together IMO! >_< Luxe's character was supposed to be straight, but sometimes you just have to let them be who they want to be! :D

    2. This is true! Your girls look adorable together.
    3. Thank you!
      I was doing a photoshoot of my boys when I just happened to place Luxe next to Orion (BBB sprite/MNF B-line hybrid WS) and it was...magic!

      Lol I think these two look really good together too! (Sprite is normally a girl sculpt but there are many boys too).

      Even on the minifee body, he's taller than her and they look pretty good together IMO. :) I'll try Luxe's head on a MNF girl body later tonight or tomorrow. :)
    4. Awesome! I will be very interested to see.
    5. Yes! I think Luxe and Orion look perfect together!

      I have quite a few CH SD's, but nothing smaller from them. It would be interesting to see one together with a Brava. I think it could work since the CH heads are large and their eyes are pretty big, too. I think CH is trying to do better so maybe once the money tree sprouts again, I'll try one.

      I wanted a Bambi SD so bad, but I can't really order one right now. I did notice that the person who won one in the contest put it up for sale right away after getting it. Sad. I would have given it a nice home and not sold it for profit. I do hope Bambicrony is okay. I love their dolls and would hate to now be able to get anymore down the road.
    6. Thanks gracie! :) It's funny that I nearly gave up on those two but something as simple of just placing them next to each other won me over again! :)
      Yeah it's really sad to see BC not doing so well. I think their sculpts are really nice. I'm lucky that I even got an Ellen. I was pretty close to missing out on her (I think there were like 15 tan Ellens left when I ordered her). I totally missed out on Emily and Katherine. :(
    7. Alright! As promised I have pictures of a Brava Bambi head on a Minifee body! :)


      Ok so we obviously have to try and ignore that it's a tan head on a NS body! XD
      The proportions aren't that different from a Minifee since their heads are almost the same size (maybe a touch smaller, but the eyes and face are about the same size (at least for Ellen and June, I haven't seen any other Bravas in person). I did have to remove the neckpiece. The head just sits above the neck, the minifee neck is just a tiny bit thicker than the Brava head's neck opening so if you are looking for a more permanent hybrid, you may want to mod the neck or use a silicone disc I have this same problem with Orion so I will have to get him modded). Other than the neck being a tad longer than I'd like (and many people DO like this so it's a matter of preference really) it doesn't look bad IMO. It could work. I don't know about a resin match though, I'd like to think if both parts are WS it could work out.
    8. And one closeup shot of the torso:

      She is on an A-line body with the large bust and model legs.
    9. Interesting! I think the Bambi head is slightly too big for my taste, but I love that Minifee body. I guess I'll just have to buy a complete Minifee at some point, just to see how Minnie's (Isabelle) head looks on it. It's funny...several years ago I sold my Unoas because I decided that mature minis were just not my thing and decided I wouldn't buy any more, but after my Brava arrived, I immediately began imagining a world around her; boyfriend, girlfriends, etc. I am hopeless I suppose. At least I haven't broken my rule about buying any dolls over 70cm.
    10. Lol yeah I doubt I'll do a Brava minifee hybrid, but I think Bravas and minifees can look pretty good together. :)
    11. Here's my girl Zara

      Zara by KHOLO_OD, on Flickr

      I've had her for more than a year now and just got around sharing her pictures <3
      I've also got the problem of posing her! I can't seem to get around getting her to pose no matter how many times I restring her (;A;)
      I've also tried hot glue sueding on her, it did get her to pose her head,hands and feet way much better but she still won't hold D:

      can anyone give me some tips on how tight the elastic should be? she's my first bjd so I'm still unsure of many things *sigh*

      but I still love her nonetheless <3
    12. Hi! My Fiona wants to share the photos with the rest:


    13. Lovely new photos of Zara and Fiona!

      The elastic on my doll is tight enough that she can stand by herself. Bravas aren't the best posers, but I work with her until she does what I want.
    14. I saw it yesterday and I'm glad they are still producing the dolls. I was a little concerned about them. They only mention the Ciao Bella dolls for the event, though.
    15. O_O That's weird because a few days ago they definitely had Ellen and Emily and another doll on there too so there were seven dolls listed total... @[email protected]
    16. I have mixed feelings. I'm glad people can get the dolls they want, but my tan Mae and tan Ellen were supposedly LE. The Mae head was only available during the sale last year and Ellen was supposed to be limited to a specific number. If they are offering them again, than they weren't really that limited.

      I was just going to try to sell my Mae, but I guess that is off now. I would never sell my Ellen, but I guess I feel that if something is supposed to be limited, it should be, well limited.

      I'm glad Bambi is still going, but they should concentrate on new things instead of bringing out dolls they weren't supposed to be making anymore. Still, Bambi is selling Katherine through Nine9 Style even though they don't call her Katherine.
    17. Yay! My Emily is home. And when I get home from work I will have to post some photos of her- she's a real beauty.

      I agree with the whole problem with the tan dolls being re-released- I don't think it's fair. A lot of people will be upset about it- I hope that it works out for everyone :(

      Renam: I got my Charlotte yesterday and I have the same problem- no matter how I restring her, I can't get her to stand without some kind of help. I really could use some re-stringing advice too, guys! Just on the string tension. I get the feeling I've strung her too tight, but I don't want her to be a 'noodle girl' like when I got her though!
    18. I had the same problem with my Sisley... Back when I bought her, they said that she was a limited sculpt and only available for a very short time. So I sold another doll to be able to afford her, and later she was added as a basic sculpt.

      The only difference between my Sisley and the basic Sisley is the body. The limited Sisley had the one-piece torse. But I was under the impression that the head sculpt itself was supposed to be limited when I bought her. I was a bit miffed when the basic Sisley came out, if only because I could've avoided selling that doll!
    19. It looks like they'll only be available as fullsets though so in this case, it would technically be a different limited especially if the face up and outfits are completely different from the last batch.

      There isn't much information about the event on the website right now, so maybe we'll have a clearer idea of what's going on closer to the actual event date.