Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. There's also the issue of skin color. Bambicrony has changed its tan skin color since the older versions of Ellen, Emily, etc. were made. Therefore, even if the dolls are released in tan skin in this event or in the future, they will be different from previous versions.
    2. greeniebone, to me the difference in the shade of tan is still pretty negligible. If someone wants a tan doll, they aren't really going to differentiate between the tan from say Christmas of 2010 and Christmas of 2011. Granted there were some tans that had issues last year, but mine were perfect so to me, a tan is a tan really.

      I should have known really, though. When a BJD company means limited, they usually only mean the clothing, and sometimes they just go back on what they have said. If a sculpt can be sold again, they will do it. I only have one LE (from CH) where the sculpt has never been used again even though I have many from various companies that were supposedly LE and never to be made again. With Bambicrony, Mae didn't come with any clothing. It was the head that was supposedly limited and could only be purchased during that sale. I had mucho problemo with Bambicrony will all my orders last year so this is just another reason not to purchase directly from them ever again.

      lina, I have Katherine and I've placed her next to the larger images on the Nine9Style website and while the faceup is different, the sculpt is exactly the same.
    3. Not necessarily. If there's enough of a difference people will care as it will pretty much change the presence of the whole sculpt. The original tans that BC released looked nothing like the tans that were released last year and this year. Imagine Emily or Ellen in that more orangey looking tan-- they'd look like completely different dolls. Also if people are looking to get another body for their heads, if the tan is different, it's not going to work. So, I don't agree with you that tan is tan. Even a little variance can make a huge difference.

      Personally though I do hope that the tan is close to last year's batch. I'd really love to get an Emily again. I stupidly sold mine and am starting to regret it. DX She was such a gorgeous and photogenic color.
    4. taixonay, we will have to agree to disagree. I was speaking more of a whole doll and not just a head. In that case, there would be no need to look for a body to match. Also, in the case of Mae, which is one of the dolls they are reproducing, they were only made last fall, so there would be no orangey tan.

      Just because a doll is made during a specific time period, doesn't mean the tan can't be different. My tan Mae is darker than my tan Ellen even though they were made at exactly the same time. They are both tan dolls and if they were the same sculpt, they would still look exactly the same even with the definite difference in shades of tan.

      I do hope you are able to get your Emily. That is why I have never sold any of my BJDs. I fear I would regret it and then not be able to replace them. I know I've seen them come up in the Marketplace so hopefully you'll find one soon. If you were able to, you would save all that hassle and waiting from Bambicrony.
    5. I can agree with that! Though I too was speaking in terms of whole dolls and then added the other comment about the bodies because that can get tricky as well because it seems that tan isn't a very consistent color to make. But I definitely understand where you're coming from. :>

      I actually had a really good experience with BC when I got my Emily, so I'm not too worried about ordering from the company (but it might be cheaper to get her from the MP). And I wouldn't have sold her either, but at the time I needed the money. XD
    6. I gotta say I'm a bit disappointed that they are re-releasing some of their limiteds again as one of the reasons that made me act up and buy them first was because they were limiteds and felt like they are special because of that :I

      Lucky for the people who wanted a limited though!

      I've strung Zara too tight, tight, a little loose, used hot glue sueding with no hope or cooperation from her part! D:<
      I was going to try wire sueding but I couldn't find one small enough to fit, for now I'm waiting for the elastic I've ordered and hoping it will work, either way I'll try to post an update on her status then

      I've finally took some time to photograph Zara and the Kathrine head I've got floating around

      Brunette stranger by KHOLO_OD, on Flickr

      New pink curly wig! by KHOLO_OD, on Flickr
    7. Very sweet girls, Renam; I love pink hair. I wish BC would have more inter-changeable parts for the Brava girls, like a big bust part you could buy separately and high heel feet. I asked about them once and they said they would consider making them, but they might have just been agreeing with me to be polite. I also wish they would make a smiling Isabelle head. I love my Isabelle, but wish she had an alternate expression; I fear she will never look happy, poor girl.
    8. Renam, you're girls are adorable! :D

      As for releasing limiteds, I'm slightly disappointed because I had to JUMP on the event because there were supposedly only 45 of them. -_- I know some companies are much stricter on re-releasing limiteds than others.

      I have to chime in on the tan discussion. My Ellen came with HORRIBLE seams and just as horrible sand marks. I'm in the process of getting her to someone to be sanded and blushed etc. The whole process is going to cost me about the price of a new body. :( Honestly, if BC's quality did improve, I'd definitely order another body (and I hope the tan didn't change because I'll be looking for a match).

      You know I was wondering...I may be able to avoid all this if Resinsoul dark tan matches Bambicrony 2010 tan. The cost of their bodies would be less than the mods. 0___0 Can anyone confirm if the two match?
    9. They do have a large bust part. I know, because I accidentally got it when they were supposed to ship me the small bust part.

      Also, I know their light tan for sure doesn't match.
    10. Some drive by spam! :D

      Oooh and I finally worked out the details and arranged to get Luxe's body fixed! :D she's getting all her seams sanded, all the sanding marks blushed and restored and a mani/pedi because she totally deserved it after such a rough start! :D I'm so excited! she'll be away for a month or two but I know it will be worth it!
    11. Oh I almost forgot! Luxe also found her boyfriend...Gabriel (Volks Ryu):
      His head is just a tiny bit smaller but you really can't tell because his eyes are the same size as Luxe (they both wear 16mm). I just LOVE how bravas look with Volks dolls! :D
    12. Does anyone think that the tan resin is nice/better quality? (viceversa?) =) Very pretty dolls!
    13. I love my tan girl, I don't have anything to compare her to, but her color is so lovely.
    14. The actual tan resin itself isn't bad at all. I know I was complaining about the crappy workmanship that went into a specific batch of dolls, but if you set that aside, the resin quality is nice and photographs really nicely. It's not as heavy as say Volks, but it's not as light as has a decent weight to it. :)

      I was wondering if anyone has found any good resin matches to any of Bambicrony's resin colors? Like peach puff and the new tan? I like all three of them and I MIGHT buy another body from them for one of my other dolls (most likely WS or peach puff). I was also looking for a good resin match to their tan because I might want to get Luxe's dreaming head her own body! :D
    15. guls, I missed you post until today. Luxe looks perfect with Gabriel. That also answered another question. Someone posted on the Rosette thread about the Volks Ryu matching with a Rosette. Since Luxe looks so perfect with him, I don't think he would work with the Rosette.

      Juliarose, I'm glad you found this thread. There is also another one before this one that would have a lot of helpful information as well.

      I answered your question in the tiny thread, but I'll say it again here and show some pictures. Personally, I like the peach puff better than the tan. I love my tan Ellen, but prefer her in peach puff. It is mainly just personal preference. My daughter loves thet an Ellen and won't let me sell her, lol.

      While I was finding a picture of my tan Mae, I found some of the Bambis. Here is my tan Ellen. She arrived perfect, but a lot of other tan dolls that were shipped out at the same time didn't.

    16. Aaaw thanks Gracie! :D Yeah it took me a while to find someone who would go with Luxe but I'm glad I found him! I'll add to the rosette thread about the other question on the rosette thread. :)
    17. The picture above was taken outside in the sun so she looks lighter than she really is. Here is a picture of my peach puff Ellen so you can compare

    18. Hopefully this is okay, here is a picture of the two of them together.

    19. Eeeee! I just love you peach puff Ellen, Gracie! :D That resin looks gorgeous in natural light! >_<
      Spam away! As long as it's one per post, I'm sure it should be ok (unless I guess if the same member takes up like a whole page! XD