Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. And here is Katherine in a peach puff

    2. I bought a Lati Blue Rei to be my Bambi's boyfriend, but his head is too small. I think his head is even too big for his body, so I switched heads with a bobble headed Leeke Wien hybrid I have. Now she has some extra brothers, but no boyfriend.

    3. Aww, lin, I hope you can find her a BF soon. Hopefully Cuba will work for her. At least she now has two big borthers to look after her......although she looks like she can hold her own.

      Is Isabelle a white skin or peach puff?
    4. She's the floral white skin version. She's not white, though, she's very pale pink white, kind of like Notdolls or Dollshe freshskin.
    5. Aaaaw they all look so cute together! Yeah I feel you pain on the boyfriend hunt for these girls. It took me just under a year to find one for Luxe. I'd recommend a sculpt that uses 16mm eyes when you're looking. That seems to work pretty nicely in my experience. :)
    6. I still haven't gotten around to posting photos of my beautiful Charlotte (peach skin Emily). But I can't believe my luck- I got her a sister who will be arriving in maybe three weeks- a gorgeous peach skin Ellen. Now I need a cute name for her and a new wig and my ladies will be ready for photographing!
    7. Oh, I saw that someone had bought a peach puff Ellen. You will love her second_banshee! If I didn't already have one, I would have snatched her up, too. Yes, please post pictures of her when she arrives. Congratulations!

      Here is something to tide you over in the meantime (I really should take some new pictures)

    8. Thank you Gracie! Yes, it was actually your girl who made me cave- I would live to see more pics of her- she's such a beautiful doll. It was so hard to choose between Emily and Ellen when I ordered my first doll so I'm really glad I got the chance to snap her up too!
    9. [​IMG]

      Yay! Finally some Charlotte for you all!
      I fell in love with the red hair from the site, I think it's quite pretty.
      Charlie says hi to everyone ^_^
    10. Hullo everyone! :)
      I recently bought a J-Na off the MP and have been have posing problems when she cant stand because her knees wont lock in place?

      Does anyone else have these posing problems?

      I restrung her and Im having a little less difficulty but its still not locking right oxo
    11. Congrats on J-Na! :D

      0___0 hmm...I haven't had that problem but maybe you can try wiring or perhaps send her to someone who can sand inside the knee socket to make it fit better? During the manufacturing process some excess resin can be left behind so maybe that's why it won't fit.

      Is it just me or did Bambicrony stop selling their Brava line dolls? 0_0 I was thinking of picking up a brava body for one of my Volks girls. :(

      I'd might as well ask, does anyone know if the peachpuff resin is close to Volks NS (any batch of Volks, older or newer)?
    12. They did stop ono

      I restrung her and I didnt notice anything but Ill go look again.
      I also haven't sueded her yet but hopefully that will help too.
    13. They've stopped for now, but maybe they will be back. I think they recently re-vamped their website too.
    14. I hope that BC does bring them back.
    15. I'm glad Bravas are back! I wish they would add some optional high-heel for her though, and let us buy the larger bust torso without buying a new doll.
    16. I keep forgetting to check this thread!

      fairywhiz, I'm glad you rescued that J-NA from the marketplace. I'd love a J-NA someday. I'd been watching her for a while so I'm glad she went to a good home. When she came out, I remember there was a problem with her posing. Same for Sunday. Aside from what guls recommended, I'm not sure what you can do as I don't have that problem with mine.

      I noticed Bambi has removed the basic Sunday and April. I was always hoping to get a Sunday. I guess not now. They also removed the Bellas. I'm not sure what to think. I wish they would come out with newer sculpts instead of using the same ones that are supposed to be retired.

      Still, I have to say I adore the Emily full-set. I'd love to get her, but $500 for an MSD? My fullset tan and peach Ellens weren't that expensive. The outfits are cute, but not that cute. Especially since I can sew myself. If I could get the Emily with that wig without the outfit, I'd buy her in a nanosecond.
    17. Out of curiousity, I just went back a looked. Apparently, my fullset tan Ellen was that much (embarassed). I guess once you consider the cost of the outfit, shoes, wig, etc., the price is normal.
    18. There'll probably be a basic version released after this. There was an announcement saying that white skin would be available. Though I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a limited edition only option. It'd be nice if they made white skin a basic option.
    19. Yeah for a full set it's a fairly good price. The fullset sold me completely for Ellen. The other two not as much simply because those outfits are easy to make. I'm not so sure finding a doll sized lolita print is as easy! Plus she's put together so well! Bag, bonnet, shoes. *sigh* Though I might do some tailoring on those too big sleaves. XD Make them a little more sleek.
      I'm still uncertain about her being a mini though. I SO thought she was a tiny. Bambi Crony does such cute cute cute mini's. XD;;;
      Does any one have an Ellen they can put up next to a more mature looking mini? Cuz that's all my kids Are.