Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. I am curious whether Brava bambi heads will fit on a smaller doll body?
      i have been admiring Emily for a long time, but the thing is i am really afraid i will not like how tall she is, i fell and ordered the new one of Bambicrony i love her and the outfit, regardless...

      i was just wondering if it was possible to display the head on a smaller body, incase i really dislike her height?

      haha it seems really silly i ordered her hey, but maybe.. and i didn't want to regret it
    2. I can take a picture of my Ellen's with a Souldoll Apple, a DIM Elena, or a Rosette, but those are the only MSDs allowed here that I have to compare them to. Elena isn't really mature looking and my Rosette is a lot different in comparison to the Bravas so I'm not sure they would help.
    3. In my opinion, Bravas go well with with both mature minis and immature minis. >_< I collect mostly mature minis but I do have some younger looking ones. If you get the large bust option (I don't know which version is included in the fullset), and get her a mature faceup, she'll fit in nicely. They look great with Volks MSDs and SDCs and other dolls with large eyewells (16-18mm). They are a tiny bit taller than minifee though. I'll try to find some pictures if I can (my girl's out for a spa treatment so I can't take new pictures).
    4. Thank you! All I have is mature mini's. The 'cutest' one I have is a dollmore kid and if I didn't love her so much she'd be too young looking. Plus her head is big compared to the others! XD
      Course my fantasy msd dolls don't have that 'look' to them. So maybe she'll have to be a sugar plum fairy or something. XD
    5. Hi everyone! I recently ordered the WhiteSnow Emily, I'm really looking forward to getting her!
    6. Oh, Emily looks lovely in white skin, I can't wait to see owner pictures! I really want an Emily at some point, but I've spent all my dollie money elsewhere!

    7. Keladry-Her ginger braids are adorable on her! &#9829;
    8. So cute, Keladry! I love her!
    9. She has found a new home, though! But I think her new owner is probably going to show her here, too. :)
    10. Aw, what a cute girl.

      I find myself wanting a second Emily too- she's just way too cute in the floral white, but one's enough for me.

      Hey, just a question- does anyone have a picture of a Leekeworld Basic Skin and a Bambicrony Peach Puff skinned doll for a resin comparison? Or any advice on a double-jointed body for these wonderful girls?

      I recently went through a bit of a crisis of not liking my Ellen or Emily very much and realised it's because of their single-joints- So I'm thinking of popping them onto M-line gentle bodies. I've already popped their heads onto a KDF body and they're just a little too big for the slender things, but the wider hips of the M-line look like they'd balance that a little.

      Thanks in advance guys!
    11. Gee, it's quiet in here... how's everyone's girls going?

      My two went outside today and looked like they were having a good chat out in the late afternoon sunlight.

    12. second_banshee-It is quiet here, I'm still waiting on my Emily! I'm glad you shared your pretty girls here, it brightens up the thread nicely! :daisy
    13. How pretty! :D I love your girls second_banshee! My girl is out getting a MAJOR spa treatment. She's getting all her seams and sanding marks taken care of and getting treated to a mani/pedi and a faceup! I'll be sure to spam her when she's back home. :)
    14. Thanks for sharing your girls second-banshee! I've just been too busy to get my girls down from the shelf. I'm in a Rosette swap so they are going to have to be neglected for a bit longer.

      I looked at the Bambi site the other day and was surprised the special Bellas are still available. If I didn't have other things to pay for, I would so get the Emily. I was saddened to see the SD girls are gone because I did want one. I think the problems Bambi had previously coupled with the still stinking economy also adds to the quietness here.
    15. Mmm, that's true, gracie. I guess I hadn't thought about that. And I too wanted an SD sized one.
      Guls, like I said today, I can't wait to see her when she's back!

      On another note- DAMN Bambi bodies are heavier than they seem! *_*
    16. [​IMG]

      Sorry for posting twice in a row AGAIN, but I thought I'd post this comparison I did today of Charlie on a KDF body for you all to see- as you might know, I was searching for a double jointed alternative. As Charlie's body is already on it's way to New York, I thought I should probably get a move on and find something, and Clovy's body seemed like a good idea.

      I think it's a great match- I'll be getting Charlie a KDF body in NS Real from Luts later on this year.

      The white of the resin on Clover is so yellowed that it ALMOST matches Charlie- keep in mind, that white skin IS very yellow and not to be used as a colour compare :)
    17. Wow the proportions look really nice! :D I can try and compare the peach puff resin to all the NS resins I have in the house and let you know if it matches anything I have. I'm hoping for a good Volks NS match, but good news for YOU is that there are several companies (many making lovely double jointed bodies) that also match Volks and would match Charlie! :D I'm very curious if Angell Studio's solid butter would match (and I can test that for you later); they make really nice bodies!
    18. Mmm, solid butter was one I was curious about too, guls but I don't know if they make it anymore? I can only find the translucent butter- but maybe the difference isn't that much?

      I really like the kid delf bodies though- they're just a dream to pose! Do you have any luts lovelies to compare with at all?
    19. Funny you should ask! :D I have a Luts NS 2008 and NS 2010 sample! I think AS still makes solid butter, it's just a little extra ($6 I think) so not too bad. :)
    20. Ooh, can I go and request the NS 2010 one then pretty pleeease? And the AS one- that is one I looked at straight up, but I really like the proportions on the KDF body <3

      You are a darling