Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. Why no love for the lolita ladies. I don't understand. XD;;; *covets one she's got*
      Also wondering, is Bambi Crony still slower than most companies? I'm not sure how long the expected wait is with these guys.
    2. I'm still waiting on my White Snow Emily but it will probably be any day now that she is ready to be shipped! ;)
    3. Still waiting for Emily! :sweat
    4. Lol I hope she get's home soon! :D

      I'm still waiting for Luxe to come home from her spa treatment! She's been gone for 4 months now! :( I do get regular update pictures from the's just that she came with so many problems that it's taking a WHILE to fix her along with working around other commissions. I'm not getting impatient since I'm getting regular update. :)
    5. I just ordered my very first Bambicrony girl, a snow white Grace. I really love her face, so heavenly sweet and adorable. I havent felt like this for a doll since i ordered my first bjd! :aheartbea should I stand the wait?:sweat
    6. She's so lovely! Jealous! :D
    7. My snow white skin Emily lolita fullset finally arrived (6 mos. 14 days)! I will post the box opening soon with all the details but for now here she is!

      Please meet the long awaited Snow! :daisy

    8. OMG! She is so gorgeous! :aheartbea

      My Snow white Grace will hopefully arrive today.
    9. Congrats on her arrival, Lady Kanna! She is beautiful.
      I haven't posted here in ages, here's a pic of my Emily, Cordelia:

    10. Lovely girls~ <3

      Also, if I'm understanding correctly, Bambicrony has come under new management? I wonder if this means better organization and doll quality (especially for the tans). It also looks like they just released basic versions of the Brava Bambis.
    11. Oh my God, somebody please talk me out of making a bad decision. I just saw the new Anna, in tan skin, with that perfect makeup..I think I'm going to cave:ablink: With that mature body and golden wig...

      I know Bambicrony has gotten a lot of criticism for the quality of their tan-skinned dolls, but since they are under new management now, I am extremely tempted to order her! Why does she have to be limited?:atremblin It doesn't say when the ordering period will cease (and on top of that, it says she limited in both quantity and time!).

    12. I just fell madly in love. I have to buy one of these tan-skinned beauties. (Especially since I live in sunny South Florida)

      They look smaller (height-wise) than most MSD's. Are they?
    13. No, they're the standard 45cm. :)

      Their tan really is a gorgeous colour. I know some people were unhappy with them, but I love my girl, and thought there was nothing out of the ordinary with her, other than some obvious seams on her legs which don't bother me.
    14. Hello~!!
      I'm a new manager of bambicrony , Park. :)
      I've always been in charge of Bambicrony, since 2012. 09.
      New bambicrony is produced by using a good quality urethane. (Tan, Normal, White, all skin apply.)

      I would like recover the old manager(Yoon) lost credit.
      Yoon Don't has relation with our company.(Bambicrony)

      I will accept everything you want.(complaints, refund)
      If you want feedback, please contact us at any time.
      E-mail, Flickr and Facebook, I would like to communicate with customers.
      [email protected]

      Thank you!! ^-^

    15. My Bambicrony Ellen doll from Yoon came in such TERRIBLE condition that I was completely turned off my the company. Not only were there very obvious sanding marks and BIG areas of marbling all over the doll, the faceup flaked off within 3 days of receiving her because it wasn't sealed properly. I was VERY unhappy with them and Yoon did NOTHING to fix the problem and refused to help me. As nice as the new doll is, I'm very hesitant to order because I've had such a horrible experience with them. I paid a lot of money and got an inferior quality doll. I had to comission someone to fix Bambicrony's mistakes and it took a year and $250 extra to get my doll to the way Yoon SHOULD have sent her.
    16. Park, what guls207 has experienced with her doll's face up concerns me the most. I want to buy Anna, but I need to be assured that her face up will be sealed properly. That face up is perfect and I don't want anything bad to happen to it.
    17. Hello, I am really sorry about that..I had no idea your story.
      I think that it is very wrong to Yoon didn't help you.
      Not easy, but I would like to a recover credit of Bambicrony.

      And new Bambicrony's tan skin is Good condition. We are produced by using a good quality urethane.
      Please don't worry about that.
      And We are very care that on the packaging. Please click opening box video. Her thread is our basic packaging. (Thanks to Cupkik)

      and I sent message. Please check it.
      Thank you for your time.


    18. Hello, Venetica.

      new Bambicrony's tan skin is Good condition. We have a factory of reproduction, and plant management.
      Bambicrony's doll is produced by using a good quality urethane. Please don't worry about that.

      And We are very care that on the packaging. ^^
      If you get a doll of bad condition, it is possible for a 100% refund.
      But not to disappoint customer, we're doing everything possible.

      Thank you :)