Brava Bambi (Bambicrony) Discussion Part 2

Aug 19, 2011

    1. She is so pretty, congratulations! :daisy
    2. wrxgal, wow, she is gorgeous! Congrats!
    3. thanks guys. I love her :)
    4. It's been quiet here so why not? ;)
    5. Hi all! Just joining this thread as a total BJD newbie - I only have a newly adopted Lati Yellow to play with while I wait for my Nia (In Wonderland) to arrive! I fell utterly and totally in love with her at first sight and was really upset the full set was not available (dress and all) so Im hoping she still looks close to her images with the wig I chose for her. I might be asking for help in dressing her. I did order the small chested version but Im still interested in getting her some lovely lingerie and hip outfits! ANY help to a total BJD newbie would be appreciated. I understand the BB size is a pretty standard MSD (stands for?) size doll, is that right? Any particular clothing maker who fits them better then others? I did order shoes, wigs and some clothes on the Bambicorny website, but woul love to explore other handmade bands :)

      Please spam me with more lovely BB pics to make the long wait more manageable! <3

      Thank you!
    6. I's give Nine9Style a visit. ;) Their clothes are extremely well made (although a tad bit expensive but very nice). If you are looking for more affordable clothes, try Dollmore or Alice Collection. They have an ENORMOUS selection. :)

      Both bust types fit standard MSD clothes very well. :)
    7. Thank you!! Ill go check it out :)

    8. Please spam us some more! :)
    9. Here are my MSD Bambis. They were all from the old Bambicrony and were supposed to be LEs (yes, it still bugs me that they were brought back, can you tell, lol?) Old photos that are probably still at the beginning of this thread. I never seem to have the time to even look at my dolls anymore.

      My Katherine (my favorite):

      My Peach Puff Ellen:
    10. My tan Ellen in fullset:

      And tan Ellen in an outfit from Nine9Style:

      I have a couple of outfits for my Bravas from Nine9Style and I love how they look on them. Excellent quality and worth the cost.
    11. Not a very good picture, but I happened to find it on my computer. Tan Ellen in another Nine9Style dress that I think I have long ago given to one of my Souldolls. I think I was trying to show how well she poses, so I wasn't concentrating on the dress, but hopefully you can see how nice the details in the clothing are.

    12. Gorgeous pics and thanks for showing the outfits! I really like what I see on the website and will put in an order for sure!
    13. My first Bambycrony arrived today. Brava Bambi the Blossom tan Emily. I'm in love:)[​IMG]
    14. Oh I cant wait now!! <3
    15. My tan Emily I have her just about done :) she just needs a new shirt and some shoes.
    16. Guess who arrived! My Nia is home! Trying to find herself :) sorry for the crappy phone pic - will get better pics soon ;)

    17. Congrats on your arrival, Chinabun! She's so cute!

      Thought I'd share a pic of Cordelia, it's been ages since I posted here:
    18. Thank you kawaii_mon - your cordelia is stunning!
    19. Chinabun your Nia is amazing! I'm sooo jealous!