Calling All Experts .... ISO Dollstol info

Jun 5, 2018

    1. Hi all! I hope I'm in the right place, please forgive me if not. A few weeks ago, I came across two BJD for sale on the facebook market place for $30. Labeled "drawing model dolls" :ablink: I thought it too good to be true so I impulse bought them and now I'm trying to find out more info on them! They are two Dollstol sculpts, I believe the LE Lucy sculpt and Soon Sim. The only information I was able to find was on, a screenshot of Dollstol's website with measurements on the dolls. (screenshot was from 2009!!) They are 42 cm.

      I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything on them. Thank you in advanced!
      ps - i'll add pictures of them when I can!:celebrate
      edit * I have referenced DoA forums from the last 10 years, but the info in my opinion is VERY limited. Just wanting to see if there's anyone out there who can shine more light on these dolls!
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    2. Thank you! I've been running through databases and forums, I just wanted to also see if I could find someone who maybe owns a Dollstol who has more info/up to date info I guess? Idk...But thank you!
    3. Ah, it wasn't clear in your first post that you had actually done any searching on DoA, just on the Wayback Machine.

      Just a thought, but you might want to put "Dollstol" in the title of your thread, to catch the attention of people who actually know something about the company. :sweat
    4. I will edit it now! this is my first ever thread so thank you for the help
    5. A quick google search gave me the DoA wiki page and this discussion thread. It seems they were pretty obscure even in 2008, but maybe you can post in the Dollstol thread or PM someone in it for more help.

      ETA: Forgot to add a link to the Flickr group!
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    6. Thank you! I thought about posting in there but the other users haven't been active in a few months up to 5+ years so I just figured I would try a new thread for more active users? But thank you for the suggestion, I'll see if I can get that thread active again!