Carrying your dolls out of their bags?

Apr 21, 2018

    1. I don't bring my girls out often, but on the off-chance I do, I'll usually hug her snug around the waist to my torso instead of bothering with a bag. Safe balancing point, less bulk, and definitely comfortable, if not soothing; good for short trips. A carrier of some sort would work better for an entire day out, of course.
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    2. I tend to carry mine out unless I have more than one. Then the littlest ones get tucked away and the biggest gets carried, out of simplicity. It`s much easier to carry small bags. xD
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    3. I actually don't even own a doll bag yet, so traveling has been...interesting.

      To compensate, I sewed a sort of travel sleeping bag, big enough to stuff her into and cover her face. This is not good for wigs, btw. I learned quick they end up in a ratty mess.

      Lately, I've been putting her in her little sleeping bag and poking her head out. This means I can keep the wig on.

      If we drive, I actually buckle her in on the seat. The seatbelt keeps her snug and stops her from falling. I actually went across the border to Canada this way and the border patrol guard just asked: "What's with the doll?"

      I should probably buy a bag lol.
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    4. I’ve carried many kinds of dolls at events and conventions. Most of my 1/4 and 1/3-70cm just kind of balance upright, facing outwards, in the bend of my arm and clamped firmly against my body...which keeps both of my hands free providing both myself and the doll are wearing non-slippery fabric and I’m wearing a cross-body purse, (which I like for cons anyway). I see a lot of people carry their dolls with the doll kind of sitting fully displayed along the downward curve of their arm and that seems tiring because it’s an un-natural arm twist and it also keeps one of their hands tied up but otoh, it looks really nice for photos because you can see the whole doll.

      I’m more the type to make sure the wig and shoes are firmly on, sling the doll into the crook of my arm and go. My Volks Kun is my favorite carry doll because she’s not strung too loose or tight, she’s well balanced and she’s quite sturdy and chunky with no thin resin parts. Her wig is held on firmly with pitato and I usually have her in tightly buckled shoes.
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    5. I have a hard time imagining what your way of carrying looks like, but it definitely sounds handy. Do you have a photo perhaps? Or a drawing? :)
    6. @Qianna maybe try a big tote bag? You can put him in a sitting position with maybe just his head popping out & facing you plus you can hold the bag against your body easily to protect his head if it gets crowded.

      Yoga mat carriers don’t last too in my experience cause it’s soft fabric, so the straps wear out from the weight of the doll, plus it might squish Lysander’s gorgeous wig unless you carry that in a separate bag
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    7. Oh that's also a good idea! I have to fix a tote bag and try it out. :) I like the basket I have but I have no idea how practical that is. A tote bag might be much more handy. Thanks. :)
    8. Been to doll cons, most of the time the first hour or first two survey of the entire place, my dolls(big or small) were always in my bag. I like keeping my hands free for the stuff I know I be getting from certain booths.

      There after the handy size ones get carried around till end of con while the bigger ones only get a short time out because of their weight.

      I used regular doll carriers and shoe bags...
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    9. I'm going to be attending Resin Rose this August and I'm super excited! Naturally though I've come to the point where I'm thinking about things that probably will be no big deal in the moment lol

      I'm wondering, how do people usually carry their larger (SDish) dolls around during the convention? Ex. like in the crook of the elbow or I've heard of on the shoulder sometimes?

      I know there are carrying cases but I'd like my boy out with me if I can, and if possible is there a way to carry him around hands-free, since I'd hate to set him down somewhere or maybe lose him. I think I've heard of a shoulder doll holder maybe once or twice but I might just be crazy lol.

      How do you carry your biggun around during cons?
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    10. 0/10 do not recommend using the crook of your arm for the big ones. If you want him out but hands free, get a frontal baby carrier. It's safer and less tiring that way.
      I've stood in a doorway for 15 minutes holding my 5.5# EID in the crook of my arm and I was getting irritated and my arm fatigued, and I am not a noodle arm. I can't even fathom toting his heavy @ss all over a crowded, bustling convention, daring to set him down somewhere to rest or look something over. Way too many risks, IME. Even my smaller SDs I wouldn't do it for the safety reasons.

      Also in any case make sure your wigs are securely on their head.
      Source: long-time convention goer to various sized cons, set a few things down and forgotten them on many occasions, had wigs fall off at the slightest breeze because they don't fit quite right, and not a paranoid/over-protective doll owner.
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    11. I would not just carry your doll around with your arms. My hotel room at a convention last year turned into the doll babysitting room because my friends got tired. :lol: Even a one shoulder strap bag can get a little exhausting after a few hours normally, never mind with a heavy doll inside.

      I personally use a locking backpack for my doll, but I have a MSD so that's easier to fit in a backpack. Everyone wheeling their dolls around in a baby stroller is living in 3019. I think that is hands down the best way to do it. :XD:
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    12. @ZennoSaji @Shamshir

      First of all your guys responses both cracked me up :lol: But yeah, I think I've been sold on not carrying my big boy (Jay) around the con lol, I think my little one, a yosd, should be here by the con and she'll be my con-going buddy. Jay can sulk in the hotel room, he'll be fine :XD:
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    13. In another thread, we discussed putting smaller dolls in clear bags/totes so they were still visible but not in hand the whole time, if you still want to show them off.
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    14. Oh! That's a really smart idea. I think I'll probably leave him in the hotel room though afterall since after I got to thinking about it, I realized, he's gonna be really heavy to carry around for more than ten minutes at a time.
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    15. I got a pet stroller to use for my dolls when I start taking them to bigger conventions. It sits higher off the ground so they can be seen more easily and they won't get kicked.
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    16. I have carried a 5+ lb. 70cm doll around an all-day convention without any problems, (‘seated’ in crook of arm with hand under knees or pinned to my body with my forearm when I needed both hands) however I did have trusted friends with me so I also had the luxury of asking, “Can you hold him for a moment while I adjust my shoe/dig something from my bag/visit the restroom?”

      The first time I held an 80cm doll was when a flustered stranger at a con suddenly asked me to watch her IOS Infernale for a moment and proceeded to shove him into my arms. He was very loose and wearing a long slippery robe! I stood frozen holding him with intense care! Probably best not to rely on strangers so completely!

      Weigh out whether having your large doll with you is worth the arm/shoulder fatigue. The doll does make for a good conversation starter, and I know I’ve spotted certain dolls being carried who I already knew from their online presence, and it helped me put a face to forum members I otherwise wouldn’t have met! That’s always cool! But also consider a doll carrier or backpack for those times when you need to avoid him getting dirty or being bumped around in a crowded area. Personally I can’t lock a doll in a car or hotel room without fretting, so if they leave the house they are almost guaranteed to be on my person the whole time.
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    17. I tried bringing my bigger dolls to cons, then I got a pukipuki to travel with! :lol:
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    18. If I ever needed to carry one of my big men in public and have him visible, I would get a frontal baby carrier. He would be far too jeavy in my arms.
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    19. I mad a little harness, like a climbers harness (one leg through each loop & a belt around the middle.) this had a carabiner that locked to my rucksack strap. Worked perfectly and meant he could dangle securely, close to me but without having to constantly keep my arm up. This was for a 70cm doll. I would definitely not carry him an your arms all the time. Even with the harness, my back & shoulders were pretty fed up after 2 days at Ldoll!
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    20. Just had the random thought of carrying bigger kid on one's shoulders- like a small child, where they straddle your neck. Not so useful if they're wearing long skirts, I suppose....