Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. Yay I got the photo to work! Sorry it's a bad photo I was excited and haven't had a chance to sit down and take good ones yet. Also you cant really tell in pics but she has freckles!!! I love freckles they look so great on her! She's easily my new favourite doll though, and I already want 3 more lillycats. I'm very sad I missed the Millie preorder, how long do you think before she'll stock more dolls?[​IMG]

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    2. @Raetic: Congrats on your cute Constantine! Unfortunately, I don't have good news about Millie Choupie. Lillycat usually releases sculpts by pre-orders, and there can be month and even year gaps in between them for a specific sculpt. She does sometimes hold flash sales to sell leftover dolls, so you might get lucky! In the meantime, I would definitely keep an eye on the MP. That's probably your best bet.

      Also, she's mentioned that she's going to end sales of her existing sculpts soon and work on a new line with a new aesthetic, although I'm not sure if we have details or a time table yet? Does anyone know more? Haha, don't panic until you hear from someone more well-informed than I am XD
    3. She sometimes has a few extra in stock, because she must order a specific number from her casting company (f.e. if they only do cast no. of 50, and she has 47 orders, she'll have 3 extra). You could message her if you're feeling lucky, see if she got any extra :)
    4. I figured that was the case, but I hope she'll end up with an extra! And I'd love to check the marketplace for other sculpts but I haven't posted enough yet, I'm still a bit new and a bit shy.
    5. @Raetic your girl is lovely congrats ! I have to wait a little longer for my first Lillycat girl, I ordered my Kitty Jolie with face up. My order status also changed to Preperation in progress Yay !

      Please keep posting all your lovely Lillycat girls !
    6. A lot of you are waiting a Lillycat doll. I want to cheer you up with some pictures of the process of my Ninon.
      Golden Henna Tattoo
      by Marta Morales, en Flickr

      She's blank right now, tan skin is hard to work for me. I hope show you more pics of her soon ^^
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    7. DreamSight this preview of the process of your Ninon makes me very curious to see her finished. These golden henna tattoos are beautiful, I'm sure she will be amazing :)
    8. [​IMG]

      There she is! :D It's such a lovely color. I put her next to blue Ombre for comparison. It's really weird to see them next to each other for me, because character wise, she's going from super bright skin to a smokey dark skin xD They don't even look like the same doll to me almost.
    9. Oh gosh the blue one though *-* They're all beautiful but I have a weakness for blue dolls
    10. Oh my, I just got a 'preparation in progress' e-mail for my Lilas! I didn't expect this so soon, wow. She will have a face-up, so it will still take a while, but I really didn't think Lilas would arrive at Lillycat's studio for atleast another four weeks haha. :D
      Anyone else having news about their dollies? I'm really looking forward to seeing all the kitties too!
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    11. I can't believe my good fortune! I managed to get in on the millie choupie preorder by the skin of my teeth! I found out my car insurance claim from two years ago is finally going to pay me which means I'm more than able to afford her! I can't believe it! Päivä's getting a very cute friend!

      I'm really excited about the new hybrid body! Did anyone else order Millie Choupie at all? I haven't seen anyone mention it!

      @Raetic - your girl is really cute! I am excited to see more of her!

      @DreamSight - wow! That's beautiful - I can't wait to see her completed - she looks gorgeous already!

      @Snow - A;alskd;fasdf I love your dolls so I can't wait to see how you style your newest! I'll definitely be sad to see your blue ombre go though!

      edit: I don't think I shared this here yet! A lineup of my current crew - accidentally largest to smallest!

      [​IMG]Lineup by SmoteyMote, on Flickr

      edit 2: wow that photo is REALLY grainy! Sorry - I'm getting a new charger for my dslr batteries so in the meantime I've been just taking photos with my phone camera and posting them to instagram!
    12. @SmoteyMote I love your pastel 'n fluffy crew, they are all so beautiful! (seems to me that you have a soft spot for french dolls! *wink*)
    13. @Lylyesp Thank you so much!! I'm very happy with her :D
      @SmoteyMote I'm glad you like it, I always loved your dolly and their styles :D

      Anyone knows if Releaserain heeled shoes fits with Cerisedoll v2 body? I found a comparison list with many shoes and appears some brands that fits but one of them is the same brand that a pair I own (from ebay seller) and them doesn't fits on my doll. :(
      So... Anyone has tried the Release Rain high heeled shoes on cerisedoll?
    14. Ahh yeah, I can't seem to help it! Fairyland held my heart for a long time but recently I'm just waaaay too enchanted with Lillycat and Dust of Dolls!

      Thanks! I actually had to sell her - she just arrived a few days ago at her new owner's place. If I had known my insurance case would be settled so soon I probably wouldn't have sold her!

      Thanks! Sorry I don't have any information on the shoes - none of my girls wear shoes at all!
    15. Thanks for the love guys <3
      Smoteymote, I always love seeing your little ladies. They look so good together.

      Also, Lillycat just posted a photo of a humongous pile of boxes, so Kitty jolies will definitely be shipped this week I think :D

      In the meantime I have cleaned Ombre, but found her outfit doesn't go well with her skintone lol. Her wig and undies still look great, so that's at least something lol.
      I've been trying on stuff I have all day, but most doesn't fit and the rest didn't look good lol.

      Here's a terrible flash photo of my 1/4 setup I took last night. Sorry about the flash, I know it all makes them look like nightmare material with the eyes and such lol.
    16. Post more post more!

      I managed to snag some photos today. The chargers came in but..... they don't work too well. I'm going to contact amazon and see what's up with that.

      In the meantime.... some Päivä spam!

      [​IMG]Morning snapshots by SmoteyMote, on Flickr

      I've been starting to think of names for my new girl too (the pale blue Mille Choupie!) I kind of like the name Mille but I also hate naming dolls after their sculpts (personal thing ahah). Since Päivä has a Finnish name I was thinking of following that trend. Some of the names I was eyeing are Eija, Lahja, and Seija (the 'ja' is pronounced like 'ya' - except I don't know if people will realize that? I don't know if it bothers me?) Ahaha.

      @Snow - ahh your crew is great! You should just leave your new girl like that! Right? :D As to the flash issue - try taping some tracing paper or tissue over the flash before you photograph! It will diffuse the light a little and help counter that really harsh lighting!
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    17. @SmoteyMote Thanks! I'm very in love with her. Also I managed to snag a Millie too! I love the new body, and I've always wanted a blue skin doll. And for yours I like the name Seija
    18. She feels so bare though xD Maybe I'll make her some legwarmers and some more accessories. I do like the "just undies" look on her xD
      And I've been photographing for like 8 years now, but flash photography is something I've still not really bothered with xD Mostly because when I did try, I could never get it the way I wanted. And I'm a bit of a quitter lol xD
      This photo was taken with my phone though. But tracing paper would probably work for that too, wouldn't it? I'll try it next time I take a quick night time snapshot xD
      Oh and on the names, I like Lahja and Seija best. I'm Dutch, so to me pronouncing it as ya is the only logical way anyway xD

      Lil photo of Tegeirian. I love Ombre's profile. I really need to faceup/blush her, but I'm so busy xD I even have a meet this Saturday.
      [​IMG]Sepulchral by Nymrah, on Flickr

      Look at how hilariously different my "tryhard" photos are from my snapshots lol. Sometimes it hurts the art degree inside me. Just kidding :B
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    19. That photo is beautiful *-*