Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. She's on hold for meeee! Yay!!! I already bought stuff to make eyes since I'm going to for my own sculpt, but I'm really excited to make her some as well. And sewing and wigs aaand I'm gonna have to start a thread in the project journals subforum, haha.
    2. Congrats Shiloh!

      I'm one of the people who snatched up a Deavon, I got her in caramel without faceup, but on a layaway so hopefully I will have her by the end of July or the start of August ^^
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    3. Same here -- tracking is showing that my Deavon is supposed to arrive tomorrow! :sumomo: Now, the question is . . . do I have a wig that's going to work for her at least short-term, or will I have to wait until the two possibilities I've ordered get here after the Fourth of July?

      ETA: ah, well, the tracking is now stalled since Friday morning, so apparently Deavon is spending the weekend in Kansas City. Maybe Monday!
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    4. I was able to get a pns Deavon <3 I have 2 more months of layaway, enough time to get clothes and things :sumomo:
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    5. Congratulations to everyone who has a Deavon on the way! Mine landed yesterday, and I absolutely love her. The Realistic body is so cute, and it still fits the dresses and tops I have for my Lilas and Millie Choupie (pants and shorts will have to be taken in at the waist for the Realistic body). When I have more time, I'll try my other mini clothes and see what works.

      A quick-and-dirty snapshot of Titane:

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    6. That's Lillycat's faceup -- I love the shimmery eyelids and the delicate color scheme. Thank you for the kind words!
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    7. Cute!! What size wig did you get? I'm unsure what size to get
    8. Titane is wearing a Monique Bubbles wig in size 6-7, which fits just about perfectly (if anything, it's a little loose, though a size 5-6 wig would be too small). I know the Lillycat website says that her head measurement is bigger -- that confused me, too, when I was checking measurements to get ready for Titane to arrive. But the measurement on the website has to be a typo, because Deavon's head is the same size as Millie Choupie's and Lilas's, definitely size 6-7.

      Enjoy your wig shopping -- I don't think there's any style that won't look good on this lovely girl!
    9. Congrats, Cynthia, she's a beautiful doll! I like her dreamy expression.
    10. What size clothes is closest to Deavons? Minifee or slim msd? I finally found a good wig, thank you Cynthia!! And I just finished my layaway, I hope she can be sent soon. I think the doll maker is in the middle of moving right now
    11. If she's close to the other msd bodies, the top will be closer to yo-sd xD
      And the bottoms more msd

      I just paid off my Deavon so hopefully she'll be shipped soon <3
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    12. Oh thank you! And congratulations Im so excited for you!! :D
    13. Congrats Cynthia she’s stunning! Would love to see more photos. Sad I missed out on her :(
    14. I'm patiently waiting for mine to ship <3
      I paid her off Friday a week ago I think.

      She will be a reshell for what my Lyse was and I'm very stoked!
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    15. Oh I can’t wait to see! Is she the beauty that was a wolf type creature? I may be making this up lol

      I want one reallllly bad now to reshell my Ninon Nayeli, I miss her:atremblin
    16. I'm a little new to this, reshelling is taking a character who has a body/sculpt and ..just changing the sculpt but not the character?

      Lillycat emailed saying she recieved my final payment , hopefully she ships her out soon !
    17. Yes that’s right! I’m not much of a “character” collector type so I never thought I’d be really reshelling but I guess things happen in this hobby you don’t expect lol! I miss the “essence” of the doll but not the physical doll itself and I think Deavon would work even better for my Nayeli :)

      And congrats to you!
    18. Yeah she was a caracal! But her name means she-wolf so you're not far off xD

      I'm sure you'll be able to find one :) She will probably come back at some point and they will pop up secondhand for sure.
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    19. Excuse the double post, my Deavon arrived a few days ago.
      But she is wigless and eyeless so have a vague artsy photo ;)
      I have opened her eyes a little bit and I LOVE the new body and hands like woahhhh

      [​IMG]ADAW 25/52 Ghost by Nymrah, on Flickr
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