Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. I think I will try doing a little stitching! The wefts are sewn in a fairly straightforward manner, and if I do it neatly enough, I should be able to trim some of them away and part of the cap to make room for those dang ears.

      i do love those ears tho
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    2. My Deavon was just shipped!! I forgot to order a wig for her so I have to do that now,and her eyes are being made by lemon jelly shoppe on Instagram ^^ I have 1 outfit for her to wear when she gets here I hope the wig and eyes come soon too
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    3. That's so exciting! Deavon is so cute. What kind of wig and what color were you thinking? What color Deavon did you get?
    4. I got pns Deavon, and got a pinkish wig, it has straight bangs and it should go down to her waist or hips :) the eyes I commissioned I asked the artist for a specific style they have in green+1 other color of their choice for fun, I'm really excited to see what he makes for her
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    5. She's here!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I didn't expect her to come so soon!! That's why I don't have the wig yet. & I commissioned the eyes from lemon.jelly.shoppe on instagram, I'm excited for when those come in c: sweater is by sweetmodaforbjd on etsy, it also came with matching socks
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    6. whoops, wrong thread!
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    7. She's so cute!!!!!! That's so exciting :)


      I keep forgetting this thread exists lol, so here's some pics from my project journal thread of the faceup I did on my ombre and the horns I installed (I also modded her eyes a little more open):

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    8. She's so pretty!
    9. I unfortunately don't own a lilycat as of yet, but the bags the dolls come with are extraordinary in my opinion. Lol I love the fact that it seems the bags change with the different dolls, which is really neat! I think I would really enjoy the bigger bag just bc I could carry more than one doll lol :)
    10. My latest Chibi Moon came in a nice box. So I think the packaging varies with the size.
    11. It does. I asked her about bags for that size when she did her first preorder of Chibi Lana, because it wasn’t stated in the description, and she said she didn’t have bags for that size. I ended up buying the large pink bag from her store because it was too cute to pass up on. :lol:
    12. My Amande chibbi Moon did not come in a box (but my pns Lana I got second hand did come in a grey box). Instead I got this huge msd bag in pink XD. I was really suprised about the packing since I was expecting another grey box. At first I was really worried since there were so much room but the pillows are good and there was wrapping around the doll. I'm glad it wasn't the grey bag since I already have three of those. I also have tiny make-up bag style bag from Lillycat. My dark turquoise Ninon, pink tan Newt and Poulpy I bought in ldoll all came in that small grey msd bag.
    13. Yeah the bags are great. The MSD's come with the grey one by default now.
      The pink one can hold 2 SD's in my experience lol. But the grey one is great if I just want to tote around one or two MSD.
    14. [​IMG]
      Fur test
      by Saija Tikkanen, on Flickr
      After long time (like two years?) Angela finally has a face-up and it's done by Aeterno Aesthetics. Spare eye's that I had didn't look good, so she stole the eyes of another doll, but I think that's okay after being faceless so long.
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    15. Hi everyone) Let me join to the thread with my Jun.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    16. I request more Deavon photos please!
    17. She's quite unfinished but she has her wig now :o I am looking forward to working on her again after a bit of a hiatus.

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    18. congrats, she's soo pretty! I demand more photos!

      oh stunning! that wig suits her so well! can't wait to see her finished :love
    19. Hi everyone. I just got a Lillycat Constantine and am not sure if I should get her a 5-6 wig or 6-7. Her head is just a smidge over 6 inches and I’m afraid maybe a 6-7 would be too big?
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    20. I would go for a 5/6 personally. The older dolls have a very flat back of the head instead of round, so wigs often fit weird. You may need a silicone wigcap.
      And congrats on getting her! Constantine is definitely on my wants list still.
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