Cerisedolls Mini Discussion part 3

Feb 5, 2016

    1. Deavon is my dream.Who knows anything about a preorder on her in the future??? I also like Charly. Will there be a preorder on it?
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    2. Same! I asked Lillycat if there would be a future pre-order for Deavon and she said yes but she couldn't say when. I'm sure she's said Charly will be next year sometime but can't remember :huh?:
    3. Thanks. I'll wait for the good news. Very much like me these dolls
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    4. Same! Her releases are so highly anticipated by me as well!
    5. Hi everyone, I'm still new but I really like the Lilycat dolls. I have seen one but wasn't a fan of the knees but I heard the knees are different so now I'm really interested. Does anyone have a girl with the new knees?
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    6. Welcome! these are some stunning dolls to like, you have great taste! Good luck in bringing one of home :) I don't have one either but someday!
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    7. I ordered Ninon in the most recent preorder and was wondering if I should get her a 5/6 or 6/7 wig
    8. My sister used to have a Ninon (I wish I could've bought it from her!). She said she wore a 5/6 wig.
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    9. thank you! :chibi
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    10. I have the new knees and have previously owned the old knees. They no longer have the issue of slipping out of the joint and work perfectly well :)
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    11. That's great to hear! Do you by chance have a picture? I'm dying to see a comparison of the knees! The old knees kind of discouraged me...
    12. I don't have my old knees version ninon anymore but here's a video I did when I had her:
      @cesspit_ on Instagram: “Cerisedolls knee issue. Gonna tighten strings but not sure if hot glue or wire would be better for this issue. Any one tried either? #bjd…”

      And here i have re made the video with my new knees Amy, the issue is completely fixed with the new knee version body:

      Edit: I've deleted the new video cos I was getting loads of creepy comments where I uploaded it - if anyone wants to see message me
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    13. Awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing that! ^_^
    14. More than happy to help! The more lillycats around the better imo :love

      I reallyreally missed being a lillycat owner for the last few months! Now I have one with another on the way wahoo!

      What's everyone's Lillycat related new years resolutions, and wishes?

      I aim to get my new Amy and incoming Ninon finished this year and if I can get hold of a Deavon that would be great too. I'm wishing for a real skin Deavon release!
    15. The first plan for the year is to welcome my chocolate Newt who is on the way! I am really anxious to see the chocolate skin!
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    16. Oh how exciting! I think Newt is so gorgeous!
    17. Oh that's awesome when is she due in?! I am too! It looks like it will be beautiful :D
    18. I received my chocolate Newt today and this colour is amazing ❤️
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    19. what color is your incoming ninon?
    20. Chocolate! So really happy to see the incoming newts and see some owner pics of that resin colour :)